NavyJack – Is Donald Trump’s Presidency a Clear and Present Danger?

NavyJack – Is Donald Trump’s Presidency a Clear and Present Danger?

Over the past 3 months, we have been extremely busy with our initiatives to stop voter intimidation and fraud, infiltrate the violent protest organizations that are raising havoc as the result of the election of Donald Trump and leading reconnaissance efforts into the most violent of the organizations threatening the Presidential Inauguration and the President-Elect himself.

While our reconnaissance efforts are still in-progress, it is time to put pen to paper and tell you what I can about what I have learned and where I see things going. By observing those involved in the various protests and destructive activity, it is clear that these individuals are genuinely fearful of a Donald Trump Presidency. At the lowest levels, the emotions are real and the hyperbole has transcended from propaganda to fact in their beliefs.  By itself, this unwarranted and irrational fear is driving the people to do things they would never have considered doing under normal circumstances. The protests will continue and the Presidential Inauguration will be marred with illegal activities, including blocking access to the guest bleachers and observation points, blocking key roads into the area and if allowed, blocking the Inauguration Parade itself. Several inauguration balls have also been targeted for visits by some of the more extreme protest groups.

soros_indianWhat I can say publicly about our operations is that the higher up you get in each and every one of the major disrupter organizations is that these organizations all connect at the top. Whether it is the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest, DisruptJ20, ANSWER Coalition or Black Lives Matter; they all are financed, led and orchestrated by the same collective of Fascist Globalists. The leaders of these Fascist Globalist organizations have several common attributes:

  1. Their top leadership does not include people of color.
  2. A great number of their leaders are women.
  3. Many are associated with the NEOCON agenda.
  4. They are wealthy.

In the coming weeks leading up to the inauguration, the planning and scheming will accelerate. Many new people will be drawn into the web of propaganda and become drones for collective action against the incoming administration. Following the inauguration, the protest and destructive activities will continue indefinitely. All of these actions will be cumulative and create an environment of risk going forward. I have organized these risks into three distinct threat groups:

  1. No Threat – these are items of pure propaganda that have been propagated to generate real emotional fear into the minds of our citizens. While there is no threat of the listed items actually taking place, the fear that has been generated by propaganda will continue to drive individuals to irrational actions.
  2. Moderate Threat – these are items of real consequence that are based on facts that if left unresolved will pose an existential threat to our nation’s survival.
  3. Severe Threat – these are items of such high importance that if the underlying factors that are the basis of the threat are not dealt with immediately and with purpose, our nation will fail.

In each group, I have listed threat elements from a dispassionate perspective. You may choose to disagree with me on one or more of these elements. I assure you that my analysis is based on a cold, hard assessment of facts. Please take time to review the extensive number of references included in this article.

1. No Threat

Illegal Alien Roundups and Internment Camps

Trump will not be sending out teams of ICE agents to arrest millions of illegal aliens. Many of the illegals that will be deported within Trumps’ first year are either already scheduled for deportation or are in prison. Our immigration problems will be solved by simply following our current laws. Trump will reactivate the iVerify employment eligibility system. Within two years, 20% of the illegal aliens in our country will self-deport due to lack of work. Within three years at least half of those who have decided to stay will have left the country, applied for a work Visa and re-entered in order to keep their jobs. Blanket asylum processes will be halted. Individuals seeking asylum will have to individually apply, be individually vetted and a determination of their individual circumstances will lead to an approval or denial based on the merits. Once the border wall is completed and our Border Patrol is back on the job, the flow of illegals into the country will slow to a trickle. There will be no mass roundups or internment camps.

The Rise of “Alt-Reich” White Nationalism

npi_naziNobody is more opposed to raced –based nationalism than Donald Trump. He has repeatedly disavowed and criticized efforts to link his administration to White Nationalism. The news media and organizations like the National Policy Institute (NPI) have caused this concern by attempting to cause racial division and legitimize their movement with a link to Trump respectively. There is no link. There never was a link. All of this is propaganda fueled by the Main Stream Media (MSM) and the Globalists in an effort to further divide our nation along racial lines.

The End of Reproductive Freedom

President Trump has repeatedly stated that Rowe v Wade is not settled law. He is personally pro-life and will appoint pro-life justices. In my opinion, the end result of all of this will be limits on abortions and the complete removal of Federal funding for abortion providers.  Implementation of a 20 week limit, unless the life of the mother is clinically endangered, and a partial birth abortion ban are likely. These are simply common sense limits on a law that has done more to divide out nation than any other law in history.

Black Lives Won’t Matter

deray_moreaUnder Trump, the cozy relationship of Black Lives Matter (BLM) leadership with the White House will end. Sanity will return to the US Justice Department with regard to racial issues. Laws will be enforced. Inner-city crime will be a priority and Black Lives will truly Matter again. The BLM movement will be exposed as the fraud that it is and the real future of race relations in this country will be set onto a course of reconciliation. The Globalist interests fueling racial division in our country with movements like La Raza, BLM and CAIR will be exposedOur nations Black population and the plight of the inner-cities will be a priority. America will see once and for all that the BLM movement never had a basis in fact and the movement will end.  I find it ironic that the entire BLM movement has not figured out that the primary source of their funding and their MSM promotion has come from White Fascist Globalists.

The Planet Will Experience Runaway Global Warming

Under Trump, the manufactured data underlying the hoax of Anthropologic Global Warming (AGW) will be erased. The real data, always available but never used, will be presented. AGW will be fully exposed as a fraud. Real environmental issues, like clean water and the ability to produce food supplies will receive the funding previously squandered on an AGW religion that had only two purposes; 1) make those already rich richer, and 2) diminish national sovereignty in favor of Fascist Globalism.  The planet will be better served as will all species that inhabit it. There is only one thing worse that White Nationalists; White Fascist Globalists posing as Marxists under the guise of the United Nations. AGW is the Brainchild of these White Fascist Globalists in their effort to achieve global domination of people of color.

LBGT Marginalization and Queer Bashing

donald-trump-flag-x750President Trump has not only embraced the LBGT community he has promoted it. All arguments to the contrary are without basis. The fear that has been injected into the LGBT community by the MSM is just one more example of how Fascist Globalists use the media to infect the minds of our citizens. The LBGT community has nothing to fear from Trump.  The fact that so many in the LBGT community are fearful and protesting against Trump is a testament to the power of the Fascist Globalists and their control over the MSM. All citizens need to be more assertive in bashing the MSM for inciting these fears.

Nuclear War with Russia

The current NEOCONs responsible for our foreign policies are solely responsible for the re-establishment of cold-war sentiments between the United States and Russia. Our US State Department led the effort to destabilize the Ukraine with billions of US Tax-Payer dollars. This was the first shot fired in a run-up to conflict with Russia. The problem is that most Americans think our two-party political system is comprised of Democrats and Republicans. It is not. There are the Globalist NEOCONs, led by people like the Bush family, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Lindsey Graham and John McCain. The opposition to the NEOCONs is now led by what was once labeled the Tea-Party. Like it or not, the Tea-Party will be running the country starting on January 20, 2017. Other opposition political groups, including the Green Party have also been somewhat influential. The only path toward minimizing the risk of war with Russia and China is to eliminate the influence of the NEOCONs. Once you realize that these NEOCONs are nothing more than Fascist White Globalists pretending to be whatever is politically expedient to retain power, all of our nation’s interference in other nations since the end of the Reagan administration makes sense. The election of Trump signaled the end of the NEOCON era. They will not go down without a fight and would provoke a war with Russia or China to retain control.

A Ban on the Muslim Religion

muslim_brotherhoodPresident Trump is not going to ban Muslims from entering or living peacefully in the United States. His program will place additional limitations and intense screening for those attempting to emigrate from nations that are currently undergoing Jihad. This is practical and prudent. President Trump will outlaw organizations that embrace Jihad in the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood will be first on the list to be excised as it has been in many other civilized nations. Muslims living peacefully in the US that are not engaged in efforts to install Sharia Law or promoting Jihad will flourish under the trump administration. Mosques that are involved with radicalization of Muslim youth and are preaching domination will be excised using every tool available to the US Department of Justice.

2. Moderate Threat

Economic Collapse

economic-collapseNothing that has happened in conjunction with the election of Donald Trump has solved our nation’s economic crisis. The nation has accumulated $20T in debt; half of which was incurred under President Obama. If you were trying to bankrupt our nation, you could not have done it quicker than what the Obama administration has achieved. White Fascist Globalists use debt to enslave nations. President Obama allowed the White Fascist Globalist to put the United States on the path to economic collapse. This is how Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Venezuela, The Ukraine and many other Globalist conquests have been achieved. France, Germany and the United States were next on their list. Once the United States was added to the collective, Russia would have been and may well still be their next conquest. If the Trump administration is not able to contend with the runaway spending of our Federal Government, the nation will collapse. At best, the odds of surviving an economic collapse under Trump are 50/50. Under a President Clinton, it would have occurred within her first term. Hillary was the NEOCON that had been selected by the Globalists for this privilege.

Civil War

Should our younger generations continue to consume the propaganda of the MSM, inciting fear and divisiveness, our nation will succumb to civil war. The fears our citizens are feeling are real emotions. The underlying facts generating these fears are not. We need to reach out to these people, even in their current state of rage, and calm their fears. If we do not, the irrational fears will build with every hoax perpetrated by the MSM.

This is a serious issue that must be dealt with in the near term to avoid conflict. The conflict will be an “everybody against the straight white male” construct. It will be based on the false religion of “white privilege”. The irony of this conflict is that it has been invented, stoked and pushed by White Fascist Globalists intent on using divisiveness to collapse our nation into their collective domination. If it weren’t so destructive, the fact that groups like the ANTIFA and the Revolutionary Communist Party have labeled Donald trump as a white racist fascist is hilarious. Donald Trump, Bernie Saunders and Jill Stein were the ONLY national party candidates that were not Fascist Globalist leadership figures.

3. Severe Threat

Assassination of the President

The White Fascist Globalists, led by the NEOCONs in the United States are not going down without a fight. President John F. Kennedy lost his fight with the fledging globalists. Ronald Reagan came close. It is certain that Reagan’s effort to contain the ambitions of the Globalists, led by then Vice President George HW Bush, ended on day 69 of his Presidency.

I fear Donald Trump is heading into the same rough seas and will suffer the same fate. Should this come to pass, the Civil War discussed above will become unstoppable. Economic collapse will be a certainty. The White Fascist Globalist agenda as it relates to the United States of America will be complete.


Should Donald Trump survive and be even marginally successful, the most significant threat our nation faces will be complacency. Patriot groups will find little reason to fear extermination like they did under the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. Prepping will go out of fashion. This will all be based on a false sense of security that is so paper-thin as to almost be non-existent. Complacency will give maneuvering room to the NEOCONs and the Globalists. We cannot let our guard down. We must question all Federal Government actions as they relate to the preservation and restoration of our Constitutional Republic. It is not good enough that for a period of 4 to 8 years, Trump slows its decay and entrance into the Globalist collective. Stay the course. Remain vigilante. Fight back against violations of the Bill of Rights. Prepare your communities for civil war and collapse. Get your CPT moving.  Run for local political office. Get control back of your schools from the Marxist fools that prepare your children to be the useful idiots of the Globalists. We must use this opportunity to fight back the scourge of White Fascist Globalism, or in four short years we will be in worse shape than if a Trump Presidency had never occurred.

Merry Christmas!


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