NavyJack – #DisruptJ20 Threatens the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony (Updated 12/14/2016)

NavyJack – #DisruptJ20 Threatens the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony (Updated 12/14/2016)

“I’ll bet when their 40,000 followers read this article and learn that DisruptJ20 originally intended to protest Hillary Clinton’s inauguration, their membership roster dries up faster than Jill Stein’s Recount donations.” NavyJack

The organization known as DisruptJ20 has received a lot of press lately, especially with the endorsement of uber-leftist film maker Michael Moore.

Then, just a few days later, Michael Moore made the “prediction” that something would happen that would keep the President Elect from ascending to President on the Seth Myers Talk Show:

The DisruptJ20 group introduced themselves with a video titled” No Peaceful Transition – #DisruptJ20” that went absolutely viral on YouTube and Twitter:

DisruptJ20 was recently highlighted in an article titled “DEVIOUS PLOT GROWS TO ‘SHUT DOWN’ TRUMP’S INAUGURATION” on the popular Christian news site WND.

“[The] Plan would force president-elect to take oath of office behind closed doors, if at all”

trump_protest_navy5Lacy MacAuley, a spokeswoman for #DisruptJ20, told WND the group is anticipating a “massive presence in Washington, D.C., during the inauguration.”

“We cannot yet say how significant this disruption will be,” she said. “We are creating a framework to support mass protests and direct action to shut down the inauguration of Donald Trump.”


“I can safely say that some groups are likely planning actions that might result in arrest scenarios,” she said. “Sorry, I cannot give specifics at this time, due mostly to the fact that plans are still in flux, but also due to the fact that not all information is public.”

Deciding to do a little research, I found that Ms. MacAuley was last employed by the Institute for Policy Studies. Her role there described her as a media activist with a passion for amplifying voices of those working for a better world.

The Institute for Policy Studies describes itself as “a progressive think tank dedicated to building a more equitable, ecologically sustainable, and peaceful society. In partnership with dynamic social movements, we turn transformative policy ideas into action.”  This organization is funded by George Soros.  I am really getting tired of this gentleman’s name coming up every time there is a false-flag, false-narrative or astroturf-protest.

While researching the DisruptJ20 organization, I found it curious that Google Cacheview had recorded that up until the day after the election, their website had promoted the same protest actions against the inauguration of former Secretary Hillary Clinton:

“Stop Clinton”

“Much of the Clinton smear campaign was risible. Email scandals, Benghazi conspiracies, FBI “interventions”, rumours of terminal illness, and, of course, the misogyny. Yet there remained numerous reasons for voters not to throw their weight behind Clinton. As Secretary of State, she ushered in a military dictatorship in Honduras. She regards war as the best option in a multitude of contexts. She has supported corporations and cosied up to Wall St.. She has repeatedly made the kinds of remarks that situate her fully in this Fragmented, racist, pro-”traditional values” America–even if she regrets them now.”

“Her party is also deeply problematic, and has been for a long time. President Obama backs the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a hyper-neoliberal deal widely opposed by the global left. He is delaying judgement on the Dakota Access Pipeline, currently slicing through Indigenous people’s land. His administration drops bombs daily, sells copious amounts of arms, including to Saudi Arabia (currently bombing Yemen), and militarily supports Israel (currently bombing Gaza). During Clinton’s time in office, her Party has supported free trade agreements, mandatory minimum sentencing, and welfare cutbacks–policies that ravaged the poor, people of color, and basically everyone living in a NAFTA signatory state. Disliking Hillary is not necessarily “anti-feminist,” as Gloria Steinem claimed. It is just as likely to be anti-Imperialist, anti-racist, or anti-capitalist.”

This attack against Hillary Clinton went on for paragraph after paragraph on the “pre-election results” DisruptJ20 website with the same exact protest plans to disrupt her Presidential inauguration. I find this odd for a group that is now desperately seeking to attract Hillary Clinton supporters to protest at the inauguration of Donald Trump. It is starting to look like the goal of DisruptJ20, Ms. MacAuley and their George Soros sponsors is to just cause trouble; with any politician being an acceptable target for their shenanigans.

“I’ll bet when their 40,000 followers read this article and learn that DisruptJ20 originally intended to protest Hillary Clinton’s inauguration, their membership roster dries up faster than Jill Stein’s Recount donations.”

Their First Direct Action

With a following of over 40,000 disappointed Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, DisruptJ20 announced their first “direct action” as a protest against President Elect Donald Trump’s attendance at the Army/Navy Football Game held today at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.


Today’s DisruptJ20 protest not only didn’t disrupt anything, it proved to be a humiliating failure. Only 80 protesters showed up for the event with no leadership and no plan.


Besides posing for a group photo and taking a leisurely stroll toward the M&T Bank Stadium, the protest was too small and too disorganized to even gain local news coverage.

DisruptJ20 has scheduled a planning meeting for December 11, 2016 at 6:00PM EST:st-stephens

St Stephen’s Church
1525 Newton St NW,
Washington, DC 20010

By now I would wager that DC Metro Police, the FBI and the Secret Service have received their email invitation to attend and participate. DisruptJ20 has also scheduled an “Action Camp” for January 14-16, 2017. It is my understanding that a group of pro-Trump “volunteers” will be sending a delegation to each of these events to take notes in an effort to assist law enforcement.

We’ll have to wait and see if their brash claim of being able to “force president-elect [Trump] to take [the] oath of office behind closed doors, if at all” actually materializes on January 20, 2017.

Based on their showing today at the Army/Navy game, I doubt this organization has the leadership to even find the U.S. Capital Building, let alone disrupt the inauguration. Hopefully this article will reach some of their 40,000 disappointed Hillary Clinton supporters that don’t realize they have been duped into supporting an organization that originally intended to protest against her inauguration day activities.

Update 12/11/2016 – Late this evening, I received a series of tweets from Ms. MacAuley on this article. I assured her that the information regarding her came directly from her public IPS profile and the interview she provided with WND, without alteration. To each tweet, I asked Ms. MacAuley to provide me with the information that she would like to see represented in the article. I offered to add the dialog/tweets as an update.  The dialog, in reverse chronological order was as follows:

Clearly the suggestion that George Soros was/is involved with IPS is the key issue in this exchange. The reference for the statement in the article was provided. Ms. MacAuley disputes the accuracy of this reference.  You have to give her credit for being feisty.

Concerned that this article might be inaccurate regarding the Soros funding issue, I downloaded the IRS filings for IPS. The Soros Tides Foundation & Soros sponsored Ploughshares Fund are two of the largest IPS donors for the years 2004-2015 (their latest filing). The Soros groups are also highlighted in the IPS annual reports. See page 21 for 2015 here.  I think this puts this issue to rest.

Update 12/13/2016 – Various organizers associated with the #DisruptJ20 protest continue to reach out to me via Twitter. Most of the exchanges are not worth publishing or just obscene; however a few of their messages are noteworthy:

It was more like 120-150 according to multiple LE and other sources monitoring this group’s activity.

Family friendly? 

As of right now, the group is discussing plans for “occupying” McPherson Park either on the afternoon of January 18 or early on January 19 and camping overnight. The intent is to use the park to launch their “Stop the Trump Inauguration” shenanigans on January 20.  My sense is that there will be less than 2,000 participants, possibly a lot less. I am confident that the DC Metro Police are on top of the situation. The US Park Police and Secret Service are also well informed. I have been communicating with Bikers for Trump to better understand their plans as well. A conflict between #DisruptJ20 and Bikers for Trump is possible. Members of both groups have sent antagonizing messages back and forth:

I am confident that the Bikers for Trump group will be just fine.

Update 12/14/2016 – In the following video, Lacy MacAuley, spokesperson for #DisruptJ20 reviews anti-Trump Inauguration protests plans on WPKN Radio. Staring the week before the inauguration, #DisruptJ20 is planning to a significant number of events to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump.  The GOP State Galas, the NRA Gala, the DeploraBall and the Breitbart News Balls are now included on the list of targeted events.

Source: WPKN Radio



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