NavyJack – Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day (Updated 01/12/2017)

NavyJack – Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day (Updated 01/12/2017)

“Just because a group says that their goal is to keep Trump out of office, doesn’t mean their plan is plausible. Without the support of both the current President and the Senate, my personal opinion is that they are wasting their time.” – NavyJack

In previous articles I have reviewed the planned activities of the ANSWER Coalition, #DisruptJ20 and the ANTIFA during the week leading up to the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. In this article we will review a new and even more dangerous organization, Refuse Fascism, which has stated their intent to stop the inauguration and prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.


On the surface this stated goal may seem unclear, but when you review their action plan you find the following:

“It is true that the current widespread opposition to this fascist regime could end up becoming deeply disoriented, demoralized, and decimated through repression. But it is also true that the current angst and outrage could be transformed, in a very short, telescoped period of time, into resistance which reaches such massive proportions, and is characterized by such a depth of determination, that it actually creates a ‘crisis of rule,’ and prevents the Trump/Pence fascist regime from consolidating its hold on the governance of society.”


“And this must be done before this regime officially takes power, isolates and crushes opposition, and moves forcefully to implement its fascist program.  The aim must be nothing less than to create such a profound political crisis before the intended inauguration (January 20, 2017) that the fascist regime is actually not able to take the reins of government.”

This organization is clearly promoting treason against the people and the Constitution of United States of America. Our Operation HYPO team has penetrated this organization, attended their meetings and communicated with their leadership. Their intent is to create a crisis in Washington, D.C. before January 20, 2017. The crisis will manifest thru sustained protests starting on January 14, reaching a crescendo not later than January 19 with supporting “direct” actions including blocking roads, vandalism, and stopping Metro subway service starting on January 17. The following is an example of the scenario they envision:

“As 2011 dawned, President Hosni Mubarak had ruled Egypt for decades and seemed to be immovably implanted in power.  But Mubarak was forced to leave office and actually arrested after being confronted by massive demonstrations that braved very severe repression, focused in the main square in Cairo, along with opposition from all sectors of society manifesting in different ways.  From the time of the first demonstrations to the removal of Mubarak took less than a month.”

Refuse Fascism is promoting riots as a method to achieve their stated goals, suggesting the need for much larger events than the massively destructive and deadly riots that occurred in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD.

“These protests could be something with the character of the protests against police murder over the past few years… but larger by several orders of magnitude and even more determined.  Such protests would have to have the effect of figuratively ‘stopping society in its tracks’…”

Clearly this organization has crossed the line and its leadership should be arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit treason, conspiracy to incite violence and other charges as appropriate. If the Obama Justice Department and the FBI does not immediately move to halt their schemes, we will know that they are complicit. One of the demands of this organization will be to stop the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States and hold new elections.  We also know that in the past week, the DHS has made the unprecedented move to inject Federal oversight of the election systems. While these items could be a coincidence, it is certainly suspicious timing with President Obama having less than 10 days remaining in office.

The key element of the Refuse Fascism argument for new elections is the CIA sponsored propaganda related to Russian interference in the U.S. Presidential Election. This “fake news” appears to be integrally connected with their overthrow plot and could indicate some level of cooperation. The level of deception contained in the most recent two reports alleging Russian interference in the election is quite remarkable. I suggest the following article from ZeroHedge is a responsible overview of the issues.

The Refuse Fascism leadership is the “who’s who” of Communist and Islamic Revolutionaries, including:

They have also received significant support and endorsement from members of the media and entertainment industry, including:

  • Marc Lamont Hill, CNN
  • Ed Asner, actor
  • Rosie O’Donnell, comedian, actor
  • Margaret Cho, comedian, actor

The organization is “a project of Alliance for Global Justice”. The Alliance for Global Justice was founded in February 1979 when solidarity activists formed the Nicaragua Network.

“The Nicaragua Network was the leading Nicaragua solidarity organization in the 1980s after the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution over the US-backed Somoza dictatorship. Tens of thousands of current and former activists throughout the progressive movement cut their activist teeth on coffee or cotton picking brigades to Nicaragua or by building schools, health clinics and houses in Nicaragua and witnessing directly the consequences of US imperialism, but also the courage of ordinary people who were fighting back.”


“Sandinistas always told the Nicaragua Network, “What you can do to most help us is to change your own government.”  We took that instruction to heart in 1990 when the Sandinistas lost an election due to overwhelming US interference and funding as well as the Nicaraguan peoples’ exhaustion from nine years of the US-sponsored Contra terrorist war.”

The Alliance for Global Justice receives funding from a number of left-wing philanthropies, including George Soros‘s Open Society Institute and the Tides Foundation.

All information that our Operation Hypo team has collected, including video, audio, planning documents and personnel rosters will be delivered to the DC Metropolitan Police Department and other authorities as appropriate.

Comments and Opinion from NavyJack:

I get in a lot of hot water with Yoda, Cal, Chip and others here if I speculate or provide my opinion in an article, so as a general rule I refrain from offering my opinion. This time, I am going to break that rule. Please consider the following as my opinion.  Because of the dedication of the Oath Keepers involved in Operation HYPO, we are currently experts on the issue of protest organizations planning to stop or screw-up the Presidential Inauguration. Because of OPSEC you can either choose to believe me or not. If you have any doubts that I am being truthful, ask Stewart for his opinion.

What I believe will happen is a series of increasingly agitated protests starting this Saturday January 14. As new protesters are bused into town, the level and number of issues will escalate. These protests could easily result in riots. The DC Police will be stretched. None of the violence will be all that serious. A few assaults, small fires, broken windows, vehicles destroyed, traffic jams because of road closures, disruption of Metro subway service, etc. The DC residence of VP-Elect Mike Pence will be protested on the afternoon/evening of the 18th. There will be vandalism.

On the evening of the 19th things will escalate significantly. Guests attending the Citizens for Trump “DeploraBall” at the National Press Club will be assaulted just like we saw on TV in Albuquerque and San Jose during the run-up to the election.  I will be there as a concerned citizen with other Patriots doing whatever I can to help the police protect innocent civilians. I just cannot sit and watch another Albuquerque or San Jose attack on innocent women and children. I can’t do it.  Once this violence ends, they will either have the number of protesters needed to start making demands or not. I believe they will fall short. I believe they will still make demands, but they will not have the weight of enough protesters to justify any action other than containment.  Because of the increased level of violence, by the evening of the 19th, the DC National Guard will be on the street. SpecOps personnel from Ft. McNair will be on the street. FBI HRT and other sniper teams will be on every rooftop.  I believe the protesters will be largely contained to McPherson Square Park and the White House Ellipse. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Inauguration Day will be marred with hundreds of “Direct Action” events. Key roads and bridges into the city will be blocked at least temporarily. The DC Police have decided to just “wait and see” instead of being proactive and arresting those plotting these direct actions.  The security entrances into the inauguration viewing areas will be blocked with protesters chained together and chained to the entry portal fences. Protesters will attempt to block the Inauguration Parade following the Inauguration Ceremony at 13th Street. USMC personnel will most likely have to clear them out if they succeed. There are literally hundreds of these actions planned by dozens of organizations. Training for these actions will be taking place at various locations including American University starting on Saturday. It could all be stopped, but it won’t be stopped. You already know why it won’t be stopped. It will be a long day for all of us there.

Donald Trump will become our 45th President, but the stain caused by the protests will be permanent. On the evening on the inauguration, three of the major inauguration balls will be disrupted; two in DC and one in Virginia. Authorities and organizers have been informed. Protests will continue until at least January 23.


About Author

Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. Yoda 12 January, 2017, 16:42

    Navy Jack, I just read your update and I accept every bit of it as a valued and informed opinion. Most of us know the possibilities of how this could escalate into real civil war. Your thoughts on government response, I believe, are accurate and are cause for concern. The unprepared response opens the situation up to an improper response by law enforcement and military. Is this by design? My red flag is at the top of the mast.
    I would be there with you if I could be, by the way. And I believe that video surveillance by patriots is critical. I know that it is important that Trump take his place in the White House on inauguration day. Its almost like a very dangerous game of capture the flag. I think the opposition are counting on shots fired. This would bolster their claim that a fascist regime is taking control of this nation. I believe this may have been their plan from the beginning.
    I’m a big fan of OPSEC. That was one of my primary missions as a counterintelligence agent and case officer. I consider your update to be a general situation assessment. I don’t think any amount of goading would cause you to break OPSEC considerations. I believe that you have given the general membership everything available while concealing specifics of ops. Outstanding job in my view. If you review the two questions I posed, one is asking if there is enough credible evidence to seek prosecution and the other expresses the concern that security forces may be baited to respond in such a manner that could easily be perceived by the general population as an oppressive fascist response. That is textbook manipulation that leads most often to civil war as you and Stewart know very well. I am more than satisfied with your report here. Kudos, brother.

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  2. Stewart Rhodes 12 January, 2017, 17:07

    All, I will chime in more extensively tonight when I am back home.

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  3. Stewart Rhodes 12 January, 2017, 17:09

    Bottom line is we must always, always follow the Constitution and defend it, period. So, the question is, what is constitutional and what is not? That is it.

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  4. birdus 12 January, 2017, 18:07

    Does anyone know who the woman in the video with the mohawk is? Where is she from?

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  5. James Stamulis 13 January, 2017, 09:39

    All of the leftist bottom feeders come out of the woodwork for Obama and Hillary with way too much help from traitors like McCain, Graham, Kasich, Ryan etc.

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  6. Greg K 13 January, 2017, 12:52

    My hope is that you all see this as an opportunity, not for war (although that may be an inevitability), but to control the narrative. Here’s what I’m squawkin’ about; How many times have we heard how one lone, self registered idiot has shot up another gun free zone, so all gun owners are responsible narrative? It’s a constant delivered by both sides of the aisle, right? It’s total BS, we all know it and have facts from incidents like yesterday that point toward a fully armed populous as the best answer, however the idiotes (progressives) have continuously forwarded a false narrative to our detriment. Look at Malheur, not one threat leveled by patriots, but Lavoy was killed just for attempting to spread the message. Could you imagine if we talked up an event the way the Leftist Anarchists do?

    Consider what every one of these groups has said in the last two weeks. They are advocating violence at all levels and venues associated with this event. At this point every last one of them is responsible for just one violent act, should one of their minions commit such. I’m probably preaching to the choir, but military leaders will tell you; “Giving the order to kill carries as much or more responsibility for the kill itself.” One way or the other we may be able to break the idiotes backs, once and for all.

    WGP, look alive my friend, I may be wrong and you may be right this time. Actually we may both be right, this may be the first shot I referenced.

    Pray for peace, Prepare your narrative, Be absolutely ready for anything violent or other!

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  7. Chip 13 January, 2017, 16:40

    Stewart & NJ…what do you both think of logistically coordinating OK’s planning to attend Jan 20? Those of us attending should know who we are and be in touch with each other, no?

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  8. WGP 13 January, 2017, 16:44

    @NavyJack: “Donald Trump will become our 45th President, but the stain caused by the protests will be permanent.” Yes, the stain will be on the Soro’s, DNC, Obama Legacy Fiasco, and establishment politicos with everything to lose, and including going to jail.

    The protests after election day November 8th is an example of what to expect. I would not put past some BLM types (or posing as such) shooting police officers and other uniformed personnel. Keep in mind Trump has his team very prepared to end any of this riotous civil disobedience to a quick end. The nations capital is the people place, not to be marred by paid insurrectionists. I would not be surprised if the out going prez is arrested.

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    • Reg 14 January, 2017, 14:19

      Amen WPG…I gotta go with my Gut and the Election in November will go forth without a hitch…and Trump will be our Next President ..Thank You Jesus
      From April 5 2016 -on My Facebook
      A Prayerful Prediction <
      Donald J Trump will get the Delegates needed ..and the Election in November will go forth without a hitch…and Trump will be our Next President ..Thank You Jesus <
      Un benounced to Donald Trump …his family Roots go back to German Jews and the Tribe of Judah <
      The Government shall not depart from Judah
      He will put things in Order and "Prepare the Way" for Fiscal Responsibility …and by putting our Financial House in Order— "No More Chaos"
      He will cut the Dead Wood in Government…and say "Your Fired" 

      I had a conversation with a Christian Talk Show Guy 4/29/16 ..and I must add a correction..At 6:00 on Timer..I misspoke..I meant Cruz's wife is a One World-er …not Trumps Wife <
      So with Gods Help… we are Racing into a Future of Opportunity ..we have already had 15 years of Judgement and "We the People" are Ready for change we can live with <

      My Trump Train of Thoughts to Our White House

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      • WGP 15 January, 2017, 16:57

        You might be interested in Trey Smith’s prediction on Trump. It’s on YouTube: search Trey Smith Trump


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    • Phoenix 16 January, 2017, 00:19

      People do not have to be paid to recognize and protest against a adminstration being headed by a deranged megalomaniac. Since when did conservatives and serviceman support an oligarch who admires openly the one person who represents everything America is supposed to stand against. The world has well and truly turned upside down.

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  9. Shinmen Takezo 14 January, 2017, 14:09

    What Navy Jack is missing–is the point that once Donald Trump is sworn in as president…. if there are massive disturbances and riots, this guy will act with an iron hammer. He will fire and replace any and all lack-luster DC civil police and military management as needed, on the spot without hesitation.

    If there are massive disturbances continuning from the point of his swearing in… it will not last long. Trump would quickly put an end to it by taking direct command of the National Guard and any and all military units that could be called into action quickly.

    I hope the communists to ape-shit in DC before the swearing in.
    Let’s hope and pray that they force the ceremony indoors in some secure location due to violence and chaos–let them bring it all on. Let them over-run the capitol building and other buildings in DC. Let them run rampant on television burning and looting and shouting their insane demmands into the cameras.


    Because it will strenghten our cause and further expose the radical left for what they really are.
    It will wake up millions more American and drive them into our side of the equation.

    And once this unfolds on TV, President Trump could bring in an armored division and air-drop troops… to round up and arrest (and if necesary use lethal force) to bring these mother-fuckers to justice for treason and sedition charges in mass.

    So do it please–pretty please you leftist zipper-heads.
    Make the stupidest move in the history of stupid moves you can ever make.
    Propell this country to the verge of Civil War II and then see what unfolds.

    Thus spake Shinmen

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    • Jon B 14 January, 2017, 21:35

      Exactly right. Dangerous, dangerous games they are playing with NO clue HOW to END said games. WE VETS will END it. No question….

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    • Phoenix 16 January, 2017, 00:24

      Do you honestly think Trump is fit to be president. I’m not saying we should overthrow him but have you read anything about the man and the things he has done and said for years – which is exactly what he is saying and now doing? Seriously – this guy is dangerous to this country. Why won’t he release his taxes? He’s impeachment personified looking for a place and time to happen. And you guys gleefully are hoping for civil war to break out? How well has that worked for Syria or South Sudan. Trump is as bonkers as Kim Jong Un.

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      • David E 30 January, 2017, 11:27

        Phoenix++What is stunning is how Obama has been able to build his own underground government called bureaucracies wired into his Executive Orders that are on auto-drive. Though Obama does not sit in the Oval Office, his Over Reach is still operating through the “drones” he has appointed & left to continue his bidding. Check on the on going Congressional Investigative Committee investigation of Obama’s admin especially the DOJ, DHS, IRS, FBI on abuses & unconstitutional actions & targeting of American citizens. And, it goes on.
        My point is, Trump knows this. Obama’s last 8yrs have been more facist, anti-constitutional, secretive from the eyes of the People & the Congress. Trump has a mandate to clean the “swamp”. Does he get this done by walking on his tip-toes, like a ballerina, fearing who might misunderstand.
        Look how agressive the left has been since his election. They have proven themselves anarchists.
        Trump has been acting on Constitutional Law & Laws of Congress.
        We have serious problems & previous 8yrs doing nothing to correct.
        God Help us all.

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  10. Jack Spirko 15 January, 2017, 09:41

    Nonsense like this is why I quit Oathkeepers. This organization has lost all credibility. So will you retract this on the 21st, like you did with Jade Helm, oh that’s right.

    It is so sad that this organization sold out in order to get publicity from people like Alex Jones and has aligned itself with natural news, one of the biggest yellow journalism sites on the web.

    Rhodes did a good thing creating Oathkeepers, so I guess he has a right to destroy it but it is still sad.

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  11. machine 15 January, 2017, 14:21

    Rosie O’Donnell, Ed Asner and Margaret Cho hardly constitute significant support of anything. Two has-beens and a far beyond retired nobody is more like it. I’ll be back on the 21st for the retraction.

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    • Navy Jack Author 15 January, 2017, 16:04

      machine – Clearly you failed to read my conclusion in the article which stated “Just because a group says that their goal is to keep Trump out of office, doesn’t mean their plan is plausible. Without the support of both the current President and the Senate, my personal opinion is that they are wasting their time.”

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    • Yoda 16 January, 2017, 19:07

      machine and Jack Spirko, I would like to respond to your comments. From the beginning of Oath Keepers to this present day, Oath Keepers missions and programs have been created out of necessity. The first was honor your oath. We have CPT, neighborhood watch with teeth, the call to actions, etc. All are responses to specific needs. All were born out of necessity. Intelligence is another initiative that has been created due to necessity. Where have we been able to go for truth? We haven’t been able to trust our own government for the truth. The same goes for main stream media. Even alt media fails us many times. These days there is a critical need for the truth. Our very lives and the lives of our families and the security of this nation depend on it. Do you prefer to rely on that which has been proven to be unreliable? We can’t claim to be perfect but we are doing the best we can. And I think we are doing a really good job.

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  12. Doc 15 January, 2017, 16:24

    Do you have another link for the video?

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  13. E T 16 January, 2017, 10:21

    Nobody knows what exactly will happen on the 20th of January at D C . I Pray all goe’s as planed , if there is trouble , as God is my witness , I’m ready to do what ever it takes before , and after the event to insure peace , and confirmation as a member of Oath Keepers and to my oath sworn to my country , in any capacity I can !.

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  14. Brian 21 January, 2017, 20:56

    Great intel on the Jan 19th overthrow threat.

    You must have used the same folks that Trump used for his hyper-inflated claim of 2 million people that came out to see his inauguration.

    Talk about fake news, you are a clown. You weaken our great country with your bold-faced lies.

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    • Navy Jack Author 21 January, 2017, 21:37

      Brian – If you spent as much time reading the article as you did crafting your comment, you would have also read my conclusion which stated “Just because a group says that their goal is to keep Trump out of office, doesn’t mean their plan is plausible. Without the support of both the current President and the Senate, my personal opinion is that they are wasting their time.”

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