NavyJack – Black Lives Matter Leader Redirects the Milwaukee Unrest Against Political Adversaries (Updated 08/16/2016)

NavyJack – Black Lives Matter Leader Redirects the Milwaukee Unrest Against Political Adversaries (Updated 08/16/2016)

David Clarke is the outspoken and popular Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. In 2002, Clarke was appointed to a vacancy by Governor Scott McCallum, and later elected that same year to his first four-year term. He was re-elected in November 2006, 2010, and 2014, and is currently serving his fourth full term. Sheriff Clarke is a strong constitutionalist and was a featured speaker at the New York Oath Keepers 2016 Annual Banquet.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) leader DeRay McKesson has made no secret of his dislike of Sheriff Clarke. Over the past two years, McKesson has criticized Clarke at every opportunity on his policies, his concerns regarding the escalating violence of the BLM movement and his leadership.

One hour before the start of the recent riots in Milwaukee, McKesson used his BLM leadership position to encourage his 500,000 loyal followers to engage and participate:

Once the riots commenced, McKesson used the unrest to criticize Sheriff Clarke for his efforts to restore law and order:

McKesson then used the mayhem that he helped generate to encourage members of the BLM movement to oppose the reelection of Sheriff Clarke:

This is classic “Order out of Chaos” manipulation, also known as the “Problem – Reaction – Solution” control system. It is used by Governments and social movements to invoke change that citizens would not accept otherwise. The system has three steps:

  1. Create or leverage a problem (like the recent police involved shooting that occurred in Milwaukee);
  2. Manufacture or promote a reaction (like the protests and subsequent riots) and then;
  3. Provide a solution (blame law enforcement and in this case isolate blame on Sheriff Clarke).

The Trifecta

McKesson and the BLM movement also strongly oppose the politics and policies of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump:

In addition to Sheriff Clarke, the timing of the Milwaukee riots may provide McKesson and the BLM movement with a mechanism to inflict political damage on two additional high profile targets of their movement. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to host two campaign rallies in the Milwaukee area tomorrow, Tuesday August 16, 2016. He will appear first at 6 p.m. at the Pabst Theater in an event hosted by Fox News and conservative political commentator Sean Hannity. Trump will then head to West Bend for a rally at 7:30 p.m. at the Washington County Fair Park and Conference Center. Governor Scott Walker introduced and endorsed Trump running mate Mike Pence at a rally in Milwaukee only last week.

Designated Oath Keepers will be monitoring social media and other communications channels to provide reports to local law enforcement should there be an attempt by BLM or other agents to instigate activities that could jeopardize the safety of citizens attending either event.

The Black Lives Matter movement is just one of the Social Movements involved with the destabilization of the United States of America. Others include La Raza, The Revolutionary Communist Party, the World Workers Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and the Islamic Jihadist movements. To learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement, please review my previous articles on this subject:

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Update 08/16/2016 – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will attend both Trump campaign rallies in Milwaukee today according to FoxNews. Also, please note that this article is not an endorsement of any political candidate.  Those of you that have read my earlier articles know that I believe that both major political parties are totally corrupted.  The intent of this article is to show how BLM leadership encouraged the escalation of protests in Milwaukee and then used the events to leverage attacks against Sheriff Clarke. With regard to the upcoming Milwaukee Trump rallies, the concern is for the safety of citizens that will be attending and to avoid a repeat of the violence that was encountered in San Jose, CA and Albuquerque, NM. BLM supporters are attempting to organize for protests at both Trump rallies in Milwaukee later today.






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