‘Most Dangerous’ Oregon Gun Bill Creates New Threat to Freedom


Oregon State Senator Floyd Prozanski, reportedly the hidden hand behind the Soviet-style gun snitch bill, connives with fellow gun-grabber Obama, showing the state is on board with the feds in an ongoing anti-gun squeeze play. (Floyd Prozanski/Facebook)

While the eyes of most liberty activists are focused on the unfolding powder keg story at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, political machinations in the capital of Salem on the other side of the state threaten the rights of all Oregon gun owners. If allowed to succeed, look for it to be used as a template in other states as a further step toward the goal of citizen disarmament.

“We have received a preliminary copy of one of the most dangerous pieces of anti-gun legislation we have ever seen,” Oregon Firearms Federation alerted its members. “This bill eviscerates due process and turns Oregon into a Soviet style collection of secret snitches!

“Basically if someone makes a claim that you are, in their opinion, experiencing a ‘mental health emergency’ you lose your right to buy a firearm,” the alert explained. “Included in the list of people who can make that accusation against you are such mental health ‘experts’ as a college history professor, your boss, or an aunt you have not seen in 20 years!

“Once the accusation has been made, it’s your problem to get your rights restored,” OFF elaborated. “You are not even allowed to know who made the accusation and you are not informed that your rights have been taken away unless you attempt a firearms purchase! You are not allowed to know how long the ‘hold’ on your rights is! The person who made the accusation is immune from any liability for making the accusation that takes away your rights.”

In an update, OFF acknowledged the draft bill had been worked on and some changes had been added, including a redefinition of “family member” and “vague language about a misdemeanor penalty for ‘knowingly’ making a false report …

“Included in the list of people who can make a secret accusation against you are school personnel who have ‘had direct contact with you,’” OFF continued.  “It does not say ‘recent’ direct contact. They could have had ‘direct contact’ with you 10 years ago.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee formally introduced the bill, LC 250, last Tuesday.

“The Committee approved the bill on a 1 to 3 vote,” OFF told its members in a further update. “All Democrats voted yes…”

Considering the composition of the state legislature, with a 16–14 majority in the Senate and a 34–26 majority in the House, along with a collectivist governor who signed a bill mandating a de facto form of “universal” gun registration by forbidding private sales, it’s clear that serious threats in Oregon by overreaching government aren’t limited to an impasse between the feds and rancher interests.

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