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Martial Law Paris

On Friday, November 06 2015, Oath Keepers participated in the premiere of James Jaeger’s new documentary film, MIDNIGHT RIDE, by hosting a five-hour window of time for anyone who wished to view the movie for free. Several thousand people took advantage of the offer and viewed the movie at no charge and without having to purchase a copy. I worked closely with James during the year it took to make the film and can say with surety that James created the movie from his passion for the Constitutionally-protected Liberty and Freedom of every American. While we do need more donations and support to market the movie, and while we do need DVD sales, James is now inspired to open up the movie once again, for an extended period of time, for free viewing online. So if you missed the 5-hour time slot on the 6th of November, here is your chance to see the movie at your leisure.

James told me by phone that the message in the movie needs to be spread far and wide, and it must be made available to the public. Therefore, in the interest of spreading the word about “Martial Law” and the Constitution’s view on Martial Law, James has for a limited time placed the movie online once again for free viewing. I agree with James that getting the word out about Martial Law is even more important than selling DVDs of the movie. We hope that when people view this film they will be inspired to buy the movie for themselves and for friends. Sales of the DVD will benefit both Oath Keepers and Matrix Entertainment in our efforts to promote Constitutional information.

The so-called “War on Terror” is a massive lie put in place as soon as Bill Clinton was in office, beginning with the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and building up across the 1990s to 9/11/2001, when the warhawks on Wall Street and the military-industrial-media complex finally got their leverage to create the so-called Department of Homeland Security.  The alleged war on terror is in reality a war on each of our freedom and liberty as Americans. The goal of the “terrorism” is to tighten government control over our lives. Midnight Ride, the documentary film which examines the four types of Martial Law in the bright light of the Constitution, is indeed an extremely important movie.  What the French government has done in response to the attacks in Paris is exactly what the ruling elite in America will do to our society if they can successfully execute a similar attack here on U.S. soil — or — if there is a banking failure of serious magnitude, an EMP, or whatever other calamity may chance to afflict our way of life. All Americans need to know what the Constitution says about “emergency powers” (which are not granted in the Constitution), so that we all may reject the coming police state’s tyrannical control over our lives.

Happily, the link for that film is below, for free viewing. Additionally, those of you who want to buy a permanent copy (or copies for gifts) may go to the Oath Keepers Gear Store and help Oath Keepers by purchasing your films here;

I hope all reading here will enjoy the fruits of James’ labor and share this movie with everyone possible. Help us get the word out about martial law and the Militia system which is the Constitutional solution to any perceived (and governmentally-proclaimed) “need” for Martial Law.

In closing, I’d like to thank each and every one of you who helped sponsor the costs of making this ground-breaking documentary film. Thank you also for sharing the news about the film with everyone you can.



Elias Alias, editor

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