MIDNIGHT RIDE in Full Daylight


Police State is already here -- Martial Law is on the way!

Police State is already here — Martial Law is on the way!


First, let me shout out a big Welcome! to all new members. We’re glad you’re here. Thank you so much for joining and for your support!

That said, I’d like to introduce you to a project which Oath Keepers has been promoting since this past November, 2014. We are helping James Jaeger of Matrix Entertainment produce a movie documentary about “Martial Law”. The movie is titled MIDNIGHT RIDE. Our first announcement about this film, from back in November 2014, is < here >  That article will give interested readers an in-depth overview of why the title reflects Paul Revere’s famous “midnight ride” to warn the Colonists that “The British Are Coming!”.

Oath Keepers is helping with the fundraising to produce this film, and our members and supporters have done a great job in getting the film well underway. I want to thank all who have contributed — y’all have done a great job, and your contributions have helped pay all costs for filming the fifteen speakers in the film and completing the first portions of the studio work. This movie is a great testament about Oath Keepers and our “Ten Orders We Shall Not Obey”.

Help Us Fund This Movie!


All who have recently joined may also want to contribute to this production, and you’ll be pleased to know that you can get your name listed in the end credits of the film if you can donate a hundred dollars or more.  We appreciate all sizes of donations, especially the many smaller gifts. Your money goes straight to James Jaeger at his Matrix Entertainment studio in Pennsylvania.  James has outlined various credits available, but I’d like to note that even five or ten dollars add up when lots of our readers take time to send them in. Here is the donate page for the movie —


MIDNIGHT RIDE is inspired by the latest book by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., By Tyranny Out Of Necessity: The Bastardy Of “Martial Law”. In this excellent writing by Dr. Vieira we learn of the four types of “martial law” and we learn what the Constitution has to say about each type. This is one of the most important books I’ve ever read. As with his other published books, Dr. Vieira spares no effort in foot-noting superb sources for everything he asserts in his text. It is my candid opinion that Dr. Vieira’s writing is the apex of academic excellence, pure as April’s rain and meticulously interconnected to give the reader a full grasp of the Founders’ original intent in the creation of our Constitution. This book is precise academic validation of our passion to preserve the traditional American culture, including the Militia System as embodied in the Constitution, and as such it engenders great hope for all Americans.

James is friends with many well-known liberty fighters, such as our Founder, Stewart Rhodes, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America (GOA), G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature From Jekyll Island, Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Sheriff Mack etc., all of whom are in this film. But James also likes to introduce new names to the liberty movement. In this film we’ll see Dan Happel, Sheila Matthews, Walter Reddy, Jack Rooney, David R. Gillie, Rosie Haas, Erich Pratt, and even myself.

Fifteen in all have been interviewed for the film, and now James has new clips which he’s extracted from the film as he’s editing interviews into the script. You can view them all at the left-hand sidebar on the movie’s trailer page < here >

Here are some of those clips —

The opening credits for the movie (Note! Turn off your speakers for the first 8 seconds!) —

Stewart Rhodes —

Former County Commissioner (Madison, Montana) Dan Happel —

David Gillie is a full Commander in U.S. Navy Intelligence —

Ron Paul of the Ron Paul Institute —

And yours truly, your bearded editor —

See all the clips and the main trailer here — http://www.midnightride.us/trailer/

 Let me thank each of you who have helped finance the production of this important movie. James is almost finished with the “rough cut”, and will spend August carefully editing the footage to make the movie ready for production. We are expecting to have it completed and ready for distribution nationally by early September. Your donations help us keep the schedule on track. Thank You!


Elias Alias, editor