Meet Natalie – Of Natalie’s Cakes In Ferguson

Nick Nesbitt and Natalie

Nick Nesbitt and Natalie

As you may well be aware, Oath Keepers in Ferguson, MO, are protecting some stores. One of those stores is Natalie’s Cakes & More. Above is a picture of Natalie, thanking one of the Oath Keepers, Nick Nesbitt. Good job Nick, Sam and everyone involved.

She says on her Facebook page:

“Thank you to the guys and gals like this wonderful man, protecting me and my bakery.”
We at Oath Keepers are pleased to help you, Natalie, and your neighbors. We thank you for being a good community member. Your Facebook page tells us you are a fine example of a neighborhood business. Keep up the good work.
And a big thank you to those Oath Keepers who have risked their lives defending those people and stores. You are real Patriots and good citizens.

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