Libs Claim Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Mascot Racist

The Social Justice Warriors are at it again. (Sigh) They want Notre Dame to change its mascot. Once again, they show their idiocy by claiming the Fighting Irish mascot is “racist”. Give me a break. What should be their mascot, a petunia?

Well, they are only showing us how ridiculous they are.


  1. joe 9 February, 2018, 19:37

    For the “liberal distressed,” your game is a mess..
    A mouthpiece of left, the “progressive express.”
    The SPLC has slandered with glee,
    A new time has come for live and let be,
    Malevolent is not benevolence,
    Fables not labels,
    Our county is “FREE”

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  2. justin.davis1775 10 February, 2018, 10:30

    Well, I am part Irish and I do not consider it racist. These libtards need to get a life.

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