LaVoy Finicum Takes BLM To School

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I replied to a comment under the article by Jason Van Tatenhove featuring Stewart Rhodes with Greg McWhirter, a veteran SWAT officer and Oath Keeper, doing an interview about the roadblock at which LaVoy Finicum was shot dead.  The comment to which I replied was submitted by one person signing in as “Bill”. Here is what Bill had to say —

“IMHO They wanted LaVoy dead to shut him up as he was a thorn in the side of LEO’S and Fed’s and they didn’t want him to seed his message anywhere else. IMHO he was assassinated to contain his message from inciting and informing more citizens on the truth of what is happening out there”

While I agreed with Bill that elements in our governmental structure wanted to “shut him up” to prevent LaVoy from “seed[ing] his message anywhere else”, I wanted to point out that we cannot prove that anyone in particular wanted LaVoy “dead”.

I dashed off the following reply to Bill, which Stewart subsequently asked me to post here as a stand-alone article to feature the video which I had linked to Bill in my reply —

I do not know that they wanted LaVoy dead, but I feel strongly that they did not want him speaking to other people in the next County over. LaVoy’s sense of logic and reasoning makes a strong case for the ranchers, farmers, loggers, miners, mill operators, etc. against the BLM’s tyranny. The Governor, two Senators, and at least one judge see the truthful message of State ownership over State public lands as dangerous to other, less apparent powers. Here is an example of how LaVoy could make sense to the common man out west–

That presentation was beautifully done and is totally dangerous to Federal agencies such as BLM, USFS, EPA, etc. The powers that be have spent almost a century prepping the public perception while enhancing concentrated federal power for nefarious purposes. LaVoy’s message could totally undo a whole lot of federally-financed brainwashing, and that is why the government did not want him to cross that County line, in my opinion. Of course I cannot prove what was in the mind of any government agent or office-holder, but as Stewart brought up during the interview, two Senators did liken LaVoy’s and Ammon’s message to a “virus” and literally wanted to stop it from “spreading”. That speaks tons to me.
And after all, have you ever heard of any government which encouraged dissent? I have not.


What we see when we peel away the terminology used by mainstream media’s reportage on LaVoy Finicum is a family man, a rancher, a patriot who valued freedom and the Constitutional rule of law over all else, so much so that he became willing to join other western-States ranchers in standing up to the BLM (Bureau of Lands Management) and protecting his lawful grazing rights.  The man was a cowboy. To me, that is about as “American” as it gets. LaVoy Finicum Family




But to show how LaVoy lives on even after being gunned down by government soldiers, I would like to add here a testament by his daughters, about which I’ve said elsewhere,

“It’s beautifully done, and by family. And all of us should sing together as family, as in the days of yore… for a great darkness is upon us. This family is showing America what America is made of in the nicest way, extending the voice of love to the suffering of horror, carrying in melody the light of prayerful forgiveness and offering it to a world bearing darkness.”

For readers who have not found LaVoy’s website already, please enjoy a closer look at the man and his family by going to One Cowboy’s Stand For Freedom.



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