My God! Watch This Video!

LaVoy Finicum hat


I will publish a more detailed coverage of LaVoy Finicum’s funeral shortly, as soon as more materials are sent in. In the meantime, I want to simply feature the most moving video I’ve seen in years. I cannot duplicate the video here at our national site, so will have to just link to it below.

On Friday, February 05, 2016 the funeral for LaVoy Finicum was attended by a crowd of three thousand to four thousand souls. I received a call from “KH” to let me know that the viewing was with an open coffin. The coffin was made of wood and had the phrase “One Cowboy’s Stand For Freedom” written into the wood, surrounded by a barbed wire frame, horseshoes, and the LV brand. Cyrellys sent me this picture of that, source unknown.

February 05 2016 Kanab Utah
One Cowboy’s Stand For Freedom

So several thousand people attended the funeral. I salute each one.

The support for this family and for the legacy of LaVoy Finicum, I am told, was inspirational. But the real inspiration was the statement delivered by two of LaVoy’s daughters.

Daughters Funeral Feb 05 2016

Beyond that I have known very little about the funeral, until the wee hours this Monday morning, February 08, 2016. After a long night of reading and writing I was clearing comments under articles here at the national website, and found a link posted by a reader named  “AM” which strikes true gold in the vein of the American “body politic”. (Thank you ‘AM‘ for posting that!) I cannot view this without crying, and I’m betting that you can’t either.

My God! Can we hear these voices, America?

Can we cherish the grace of love from which these young ladies speak? In tears of shared loss is bathed the most patriotic plea I’ve ever heard, from the highest peaks achievable by any human soul. There is nothing else to say. These young patriots, having lost their father to government guns as he stood for this nation’s Constitution on his own terms, have assured his immortality in American history and sparked a fusion in the hearts of millions of Americans who will see this and finally understand…. 

Just watch this.   Watch it right now —




Editing February 08 2016 to add: 

Oath Keepers salutes “Karen” for sending this link to the petition at the White House for a proper investigation into the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum…. Please pass this all over the place, quickly. Thank you.


Elias Alias, editor