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Point of Contact: Jeff Johnson

Phone: (270) 828-8778

Point of Contact: Jason Todd

Phone: (270) 871-6622


Facebook: Kentucky Oath Keepers

Meetup Site: Oath Keepers of Kentucky


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  1. Rick 18 January, 2015, 01:02

    I would like to attend your next meeting to see what its all about. I believe my military background, my government contractors experience, and my willingness to teach and learn would be of good use. Please let me know. Thanks. Rick Taylor

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  2. rick171925 19 January, 2015, 03:09

    I live in Northern, KY. No prior military nor first responder experience. I am a Manger of a large Home Improvement Retailer, with organization, communication, leadership and logistical skills and abilities. My willingness to contribute, learn and then teach to others.
    I would like to contact others in Northern Kentucky.

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  3. retintex 13 February, 2015, 13:45

    Hey guys, joined a few months ago, ex military, infantry, live in Northern KY and want to get involved and meet like minded people. I dont know what I can contribute but am willing to attend meetings and see where there is a need that I can maybe fit into. I love the concept of this org and never realized that that oath i took so long ago does not fade away. Lets keep in touch


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  4. kdsmith 20 February, 2015, 00:55

    I communicated with Jeff a few month back and never followed up with him. Glad to see so many improvements within the web site as far as user friendly. Retired military, medical. Live in the Ft Knox Area. Looking forward to making a meeting.

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    • BlackOpsGhost 28 August, 2015, 13:30

      I’m meeting up with Jeff on Sunday.. I live near fort Knox also..on Dixie….you should call him and try to meet up with us this Sunday…

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  5. Jack 26 March, 2015, 14:47

    Retired police officer and Viet Nam veteran (1968-1970 I-corps) living in central KY. Took an oath for both and consider it an “oath for life”. Really disgusted, pissed off and worried about the future of this country and the trampling of our constitution and willing to get re-involved and fight to defend her. Interested in learning more about this organization.

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  6. Johnny Napalm 1 May, 2015, 23:02

    Please let me know when the next meeting or event in KY is taking place. I would love to be there. EMT, Veterinary Technician, FF, I have over 15 years of medical training under my belt, as well as international pyrotechnics certifications. I went to school for chemistry and biology and understand and can preform multiple reactionary chemistry and biological systems. I want to be more involved with this organization, especially with what is going on in this country and the world right now.

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  7. Native Respect 8 May, 2015, 16:57

    KY I am requesting help from all oathkeepers mainly oathkeepers from KY
    a family is in need of help from tyranny. 10 children were kidnapped by cps just for homeschooling. the story has gone viral and is a national story at this time. please we need to assemble fast and set up a staging area so all those that want to assemble peacefully to get these children back. this is another Bundy ranch and Pine mine. we need your support, we need to assemble and we need to get these kids back or our kids are next.

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  8. Native Respect 8 May, 2015, 17:01

    thank you to (idontknow) for collecting all this info

    Sheriff Pate
    Breckinridge County Sheriff’s Office
    PO Box 127
    Hardinsburg, Ky. 40143
    Phone:(270) 756-2361
    Dispatch: (270) 756-6266
    Fax: (270) 756-5444

    TX4ever GoFundMe page: Naugler Family

    Raw audio of incident:

    Alternate GoFundMe page:

    County Sheriff:

    Save our family:

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  9. DadRaisedA-Patriot 8 May, 2015, 18:14
  10. beejoe 8 May, 2015, 19:19

    Get those kids back home damit and waste no time!

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  11. Whiskey11 19 May, 2015, 19:00

    Please let me know about the next meeting or event. I’m new to Oath Keepers. I am a Retired Army Medic, cross trained in Communications. I have a FCC General Class HAM License and I’m a AmRRON Corp member. Thanks, Whiskey11.

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  12. Skittles 31 May, 2015, 15:50

    I am already an OATHKEEPER. Relocated from Pa to West Ky and would like contact into for local events.

    Much thanks


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  13. Jess 25 June, 2015, 21:16

    Is there a group of us setup in Northern Kentucky? If not we need to set one up. I’ve been a member for over a year and would like to be more active. If the other NKY members on here would like to setup a meet & greet please contact me @ I hope to hear from you guys.
    Semper Fi,

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  14. Corky 8 July, 2015, 02:03

    I’m an elderly women with no military training. I just have common sense. I hate what is happening to our country and am willing to help anyway I can.

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  15. Simpie 8 July, 2015, 03:16

    No military background, but have training in first aide, Krav Maga instructor, firearms training, 17 years in medical field as a physical therapist assistant. I haven’t taken an oath, but I am an American citizen. It is my duty to protect my family and country when those who are supposed to, no longer are willing to do so according to not only constitutional law, but divine law.

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  16. Josey Wales 12 July, 2015, 21:24

    Is there a chapter of OK in Paducah Ky? If so, what is their contact info? Thanks

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    • Deadmanawalking 19 October, 2016, 18:16

      There is one in Western Kentucky I just joined and I live in Paducah call Jeff at 270-828-8778 he will have the guy in our area call you or e-Mail you welcome to Kentucky Oath Keepers

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  17. Scraps 21 July, 2015, 18:42

    Wanting to attend next available meeting. Former marine infantry 2 combat tours combat lifesaver train and a little extra medical. Willing and able to do what I can to help and be involved . I’d like to get my family also involved to help teach them.

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  18. Austin 24 July, 2015, 00:28

    I have no military background but am a big supporter of our brother’s and sisters that put there life on the line..from Louisville Kentucky what can I do to help I’m trying to start a wake up movement for people to open there eyes please I want to help contact me at email or Austin bell on Facebook

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  19. spcpreston 24 July, 2015, 02:09

    Would like to join I have been a mechanic for both the military and civilian I also went through combat life savers course along with a lot of other thing in lex ky want to attend meeting contact me by email

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  20. mike 12 August, 2015, 03:17

    I’m just a regular guy who would like to join. I’m not a veteran or in the service but I would love any info on how to join this. Im an american citizen and i love my country. Any info would be appteciated. Out of western ky

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  21. gingerguy 12 August, 2015, 11:20

    Hello everyone I’m a 25 year old father from bardstown ky. No military but I’m mechanical and eletrical experienced, offroader have a few jeeps that will go just about anywhere, common sense, and a few rifles that are tack drivers. Would love to meet up and get to know some like minded people in the area

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  22. Alan 12 August, 2015, 16:24

    Please let me know of the next meeting.
    I attend on joining. Former Mil, I was an ammo guy in the Army, I do IT work, and Telecom outside of the military.

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  23. Frank 12 August, 2015, 22:52

    I am a Retired Senior NCO in the US Army. I am also a veteran of Desert Storm. I took the Oath and believe I still have an obligation.

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  24. mike 13 August, 2015, 02:34

    I am a retired cav scout looking to continue my oath. Want to speak to others like myself.

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  25. Bill 13 August, 2015, 12:31

    A quick professional bio: I am a retired USA MP/CID guy and VN combat vet. I also served for 12 years as a lieutenant with a municipal KY PD and was employed by the FEDs as a DOD Police Operations Officer. I would like to throw my hat in the ring again, join up and help out.

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  26. Reese 14 August, 2015, 14:41

    Would like to know more info. Thank you I am a veteran myself.

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  27. Terry 2 September, 2015, 17:19

    Navy Corpsman, former KSP, retired corp mgr. willing to give all to defend the oath. Looking for membership KY or Ohio

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  28. Connie 12 September, 2015, 16:34

    Retired Louisville Police Officer ( before Metro ). Early retirement due to sustaining 3 GSW’s. Good officer, citizen and patriot. Believe in the oath, revere the Constitution. Membership Ky?

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  29. Docwilson 15 September, 2015, 03:49

    Hey all. Saw this on the news and wanted to find out more. About to retire from Army (23 years). Medic with combat experience, civilian EMT, CLS/CPR instructor, jump master, love my country and wish to protect our way of life even after I hang up my uniform. Would love to hang out with like minds.

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    • Jeff Johnson 26 September, 2015, 09:46

      I am the Kentucky State Coordinator for Oath Keepers. We currently have several active teams in Ky., and are forming more. Please contact me at for more info, and to get involved.

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  30. Keith 28 September, 2015, 16:27

    Been an oath keeper member (Life time) for about 4 years. Retired Army. Desert Storm Vet. Combat Medic. Looking for a way to continue my oath.

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  31. Keith 28 September, 2015, 16:30

    BTW, are we doing anything at Knob Creek this year?

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    • Jeff Johnson 30 September, 2015, 02:56

      I won’t be going, but some others have talked about doing some RTI there. I will be attending a local OK event. (Meade County)

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  32. DocMicro 9 October, 2015, 16:58

    Former Army MP and civilian police officer. Now working in the IT industry. I feel I still would like to give back to my community and friends, and assist in training others as well as training myself. My oath means a lot to me and it will till death. I am also an amatuer ariel drone photographer for search and rescue or recon use. Very familiar with the Red River gorge area via being a strong Jeep enthusiest since birth. Would love to attend a meeting and meet like minded people.

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  33. bardog 1 November, 2015, 22:36

    is there a chapter in somerset area.i have already applied on the web vet with combat xp.but would like to talk to some one to get more info.

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  34. Doc 3 November, 2015, 05:04

    Seems the contact information here is old as I am unable to reach anyone at either number. I’m a new Oath Keeper Member with a great deal of Military, Police, First Responder and other specialty skill sets. Would like to attend a meeting in the KY area and become part of CPT. Please contact me as soon as possible. If there are not regular meetings being held who would be interested in reviving the Kentucky chapter or starting a Richmond, KY (Madison County) Area version of CPT.?

    Thank you.

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    • Elias Alias 3 November, 2015, 11:16

      Hey Doc,
      Thank you for your support of the Oath Keepers mission. Your membership is appreciated by Oath Keepers. I am just the editor for our national website, so let me ask you to contact our Vice President in charge of chapter affairs, USMC Viet Nam Vet Steve Homan. Please email Steve at this address:
      Thank you for your past service to our country, and for your continued service as a member in Oath Keepers.
      Elias Alias, editor

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  35. 100% patriot 9 November, 2015, 19:02

    I am an army veteran from kentucky, I served a time duty for 11 years to include 3 tours in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan. I support the oath keepers and feel that their message needs to be spread. I only want to ask a couple questions.
    1. Do the oath keepers support all of the Constitution, as in the freedom of religion? Do I have to be a Christian to join?
    2. Does the oath keepers support a certain political party?

    [Editor’s Note: 100% Patriot, thank you for writing. I can answer both questions for you. Oath Keepers supports and defends to the best of our ability the entire Constitution for the united States of America. Oath Keepers does not require any religious standing by our members. No member is required to be a “Christian”. Atheists and Agnostics, Buddhists, Jews, Islamics, Hindus — any and all walks of life, any faith or lack thereof, are welcome in Oath Keepers so long as moral adherence to the laws of “Nature or Nature’s God” (as Jefferson put it) are upmost in our members’ hearts. Oath Keepers are good people who are devoted to preserving the Constitution as written. All religions are welcome; no religion is required. I, personally, am an Agnostic.
    Secondly, as was the case with George Washington, Oath Keepers does not endorse any political party, because the Constitution is apolitical and rests above the political fray generated by “factions” (political parties).
    The Constitution protects all Americans equally, discriminates against no one, and is the greatest governmental document ever created by mankind. Taken with the Declaration of Independence, which features Jefferson’s view on “Unalienable Rights” which are not subject to any man-made government, and clarified in our Bill of Rights, our founding documents together embody an ideal which, until the money power infiltrated the General government in WDC, allowed America to become the greatest nation on earth while protecting freedom for the individual to a degree not previously known to mankind.
    The Constitution, to which our Oath is sworn, is worth preserving, and that is why Oath Keepers exists.
    Thank you for your support of our mission.
    Elias Alias, editor]

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  36. Chuck Mack 15 November, 2015, 05:33

    Former Seabee, I still have the “can do” attitude and can definitely “build and fight”! Looking to join a group in western KY. Any groups in this area?

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  37. Gone 15 November, 2015, 19:23

    Is there anyone in or around Lexington or east of Lexington

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  38. terry 18 November, 2015, 11:35

    I just submited Request to join Oath keepers can’t wait to hear from you all

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  39. Doc 7 December, 2015, 21:10

    Central Kentucky Oath Kept. Former army MP and civilian police officer, first responded.. Looking to meet and train with like mind people. Please contact me Thank you.

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  40. Doc 7 December, 2015, 21:11

    Central Kentucky Oath Kept. Former army MP and civilian police officer, first responded.. Looking to meet and train with like mind people. Please contact me Thank you.

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  41. Mudflap 10 December, 2015, 04:08

    Are there any active members in Eastern, Ky? Want to meet up if so. God, Family,Country.

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  42. Carl 1 January, 2016, 23:00

    I’m in would like info on the next meeting I am a retired army vet. 23 yrs my national guard mos 12b dapper and 20 n heavy junk an a combat vet from Vietnam 11b 16 months in country I’m very concerned about our country and where it’s headed and will do any thing to protect our constitution from our government I as all vets took an oath to protect our country from both domestic an foreign enemies so any help would be appreciated.

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  43. Pappy 2 January, 2016, 11:27

    Recent new member looking for members close to Frankfort. I’m retired military and police, Viet Nam 70-71, seventeen yrs. SWAT.

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  44. Darin 357 7 January, 2016, 08:49

    I served in the Marine Corps and Army, 101st Airborne “Rakkasan”. i would like to be in contact with this organization and see how I can help. Currently living in Henry county, work in Louisville, Ky. 502-533-0566

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    • Stewart Rhodes 7 January, 2016, 09:29

      I sent you an email and cc’d retired KY Sheriff Denny Peyman, who is on our national BOD. And a couple of others. Let me know if you don’t get a response.

      Stewart Rhodes

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      • Cynthia 31 October, 2016, 01:44

        Dear Stewart
        Just joined. I’m a Rn with 19 year old son and we would like to find closer meetings for support. We’re trying to prep in all others ways but could use additional support. Thanks! Also would like opportunity to train for us both!chenry

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        • Stewart Rhodes 31 October, 2016, 06:32

          Please email me using our contact form, and I will put you in touch with some leaders in KY. Welcome aboard!

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  45. terry 24 February, 2016, 20:34

    I was wondering if there are any CPT training classes going on or coming up.

    Thankyou. SIMPER FI

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  46. Jersey 11 May, 2016, 05:38

    Are there any OK in Western Kentucky? I was in the NJ-ARNG, Live outside Paducah area. I submitted a rewuest to join Kentucky OK on FB months ago never heard back. Thanks!

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  47. LJ 27 May, 2016, 21:47

    Hi guys hoping t be helpful, badish back bad bad heart but I can not sit aside my oath it is eating at me. Nothing special I have to offer, I can shoot, was a 12B I would like to learn more combatives I just got to find a way i can serve with my limited skill, and some limit mobility and no funds for hi end gear but not completely empty……:D

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  48. concerned 16 July, 2016, 23:43

    I’m a 27 year old kentucky native with no training seeking training from a wise vet in the Harrodsburg area. i fear for our country and i want to be able to survive.

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  49. Deadmanawalking 28 October, 2016, 01:07

    Are there any meetings around the Paducah area, and are there Ok going to polls in Lone Oak

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  50. Uncannie1 21 April, 2017, 15:09

    Can a Female Vet Join? Served 1985-2008, both ’91 and Iraq 2006-07 as 71z. Living in S Central Ky, near Lake Cumberland. Are there any local groups?

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  51. JP 26 April, 2017, 04:49

    Looking for Information on requirements of membership & group events. Also is their any activity around the Casey County, Ky area? Thanks

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  52. Al 3 May, 2017, 08:11

    What does it take to get someone to contact me about joining? My husband ( who is a marine vet) and I have been trying for a year. You guys took the initial fee and we never heard again.

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  53. Loki 10 May, 2017, 10:08

    Been paying for months, been waiting for months for contact in Ky. Have had group request for months unanswered, home office is great about contact though.

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    • Stewart Rhodes 11 May, 2017, 13:13

      Who did you try to contact in KY? We need to be sure members are getting properly plugged in with others in their state.


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      • Loki 11 May, 2017, 13:48

        I made multiple attempt to contact jeff, enail, facebook messenger, and group request. been in contact a few times with Rich Melville through email. Talk to him. Have plenty of nail with me and him going back and forth. Rich said he couldn’t get in touch with jeff either. I currently am president of a local veterans Non Profit club in richmond. Told him if you guys need help let me know. I have a good local network with the other veterans clubs and some local MC’S. I could help with local recruiting numbers. I can talk to my board members and even openly advertise recruitment of OK. Feel free to contact me. I believe in this and whole heartedly support it. Im here to help, not step on toes or call anyone out. Just stating i can get ahold of the group.

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        • travler 12 May, 2017, 17:51

          If you can get things established, please let me know. I am in Pike county. I don’t mind driving to Richmond. Thanks.

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          • Loki 15 May, 2017, 06:40

            HEY travler. Feel free to contact me on my clubs page just search for Valhalla Veterans Club of Kentucky. Can hang out with us. When OKs get things figured out we can get involved together as well as any of my guys that may be members as well. Once OK is responsive in KY i will ugre my followers to join as well.

  54. uncannie1 17 May, 2017, 15:46

    I’m a female, DAV, looking for a group around Lake Cumberland. Any members or groups around Somerset, KY, please let me know I’ve been here 5 years and still looking!

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