Kate Brown Doubling Down on Oregon Infringements Leaves Gun Owners Choice to Obey or Defy

Stroke of the pen. Law of the Land. Kinda cool? Totalitarian wannabe oath breaker Kate Brown channels her inner PaulBegala to subvert the true “supreme Law of the Land.” [Governor Kate Brown / Facebook photos]

Secure in a position won with substantial financial support from Michael Bloomberg, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has kicked off 2017 by adding to gun owner control priorities announced last year as goals.

In July, Brown outlined plans to, among other legislative objectives, “strengthen … tools to track and analyze gun transactions,” to “study” and “report” on “domestic” and “gun violence” for the purpose of offering new policies, and to work with the legislature to enact three priorities: Deny firearm transfers to anyone authorities take longer than three days to approve (the so-called “Charleston loophole”); expand relationships that qualify for due process-denying “domestic violence” gun prohibitions (the so-called “boyfriend loophole”); and ban standard capacity magazines (the should-be-called “freedom loophole”).

Those are just what she proposed to begin working on – her further desires, announced at a press conference under the armed protection of police outnumbering reporters – include for “Congress to ban assault weapons [sic] and strengthen anti-terrorist legislation by passing the common sense ‘No Fly, No Buy’ ban.”

The transfer ban legislation was introduced in November. With “private transfers” essentially outlawed in 2015, and with no limit on how long government can take to complete its check. Per Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF):

There is NO limit on how long the Oregon State Police can take to complete a check. There are people who have waited two years. If the State Police claim they need information from another state, and that state simply refuses to cooperate, a perfectly qualified person can be “delayed” on a purchase forever. (See further OFF analysis.)

Along with that bill, two other efforts meriting scrutiny have been announced for introduction when the legislature reconvenes in February: a bill to have dealers accept and store guns owned by people with mental issues (and how a family member could take it from the owner without making that an illegal transfer is unclear), and a bill requiring gun dealers to display and provide “educational” suicide prevention materials, which, per OFF, must include “Multiple versions … to reflect the different local values and cultures within this state.”

Adding to the infringements:

“The Department of Administrative Services, at the direction of Governor Kate Brown, has adopted a policy prohibiting all state employees from having a licensed firearm for self defense on ‘all property and facilities owned, leased, rented or otherwise occupied by the Oregon state government including grounds, buildings, parking structures and lots, vehicles and other equipment and any site where an employee enters on behalf of the employee’s employment with Oregon state government’ … This policy extends to ‘All employees, including limited duration and temporary employees, board and commission members, volunteers, and others working in an agency…’”

“The policy explicitly forbids employees who have a concealed carry permit from having their firearms while on the job unless it’s part of their ‘assigned duties in the course and scope of the employee’s employment,’” Firearms Policy Coalition notes. “In addition to firearms, a laundry list of weapons is included in the ban. But thankfully, employees can still defend themselves with serving utensils – if they happen to be attacked while they’re on a meal break.”

“Oregon OATH KEEPERS is asking all other Patriots to write, call or e-mail the Oregon Governor and State House to let them know that we will be heard and ‘WE WILL NOT CONFORM TO THIS ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL ATTACK ON OUR GUN RIGHTS!’” Oregon State Coordinator Rob Price urged in an email alert, calling for help “to derail this ‘socialist March’ on our Constitution.”

The time-honored American tradition of civil disobedience against injustice exemplified in the “I will not comply” movement is entirely consistent with established Oath Keepers responses to infringements that have occurred in other states.

The New York State Chapter in its “Open Letter to All Law Enforcement Officers…,” reiterated a refusal to obey citizen disarmament orders, noting:

Unfortunately for the socialist politicians currently in power, most law-abiding gun owners in New York “WILL NOT COMPLY” with the latest unconstitutional gun grab. The vast majority of gun owners will not register themselves or their guns. We know from experience that registration is the prerequisite to confiscation, which is the prerequisite to dictatorship. We will NOT be treated like convicted sex-offenders just for owning semi-automatic rifles. To comply with this unconstitutional “law” would, in itself, be an act of surrender and submission.

The Oath Keepers’ “Molon Labe Pledge” further promises:

We will never disarm. We will never surrender our military pattern, semi-automatic rifles and the full capacity magazines, parts, and ammunition that go with them … We will not allow our children to be disarmed. We will pass on those military pattern rifles, magazines, and ammunition to our children and our children’s children … We will not register ourselves or our arms … We will NOT obey any order to disarm the American people or compel registration [and] We will interpose ourselves between the people and the oath breakers and traitors who try to disarm them.

What’s wrong with this picture? [Ali Zifan/CC BY-SA 4.0]

There’s no doubt Brown and her fellow gun-grabbing collectivists will stay on their present course, passing in-your-face infringements because the “progressive” blue counties from which they gain their political power are more heavily populated. They would do well to note the total map, and to ask themselves if they’re really prepared to issue a “Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated” Borg mandate to the rest of the state.

They won’t of course. They’re too arrogant, and too sure that their function in this world is to dictate what they will allow those they rule and what they won’t. Anyone who doesn’t like it will be ignored, or, depending on the level of inconvenience they offer, smeared as an “anti-government extremist”, or ultimately, destroyed.

You will respect my authoritah! [Oregon Firearms Federation]

Deaf to – and contemptuous of – any sentiment that doesn’t mirror their own, they can’t conceive that some Americans are fed up, will not disarm, will not comply, and will not back down. So when they’re met with mass noncompliance they don‘t have the resources to enforce against, as we see happening in states like New York, California and Connecticut, they resort to the typical “progressive” tactic of denying reality and passing yet more meaningless edicts.

“Oregon OATH KEEPERS, members of the Oregon Sheriff’s Association, and other pro-2A groups have already stood up in defiance and said ‘We will not comply!’” Price advises. “Republican State Senators, Congressmen and County Commissioners in a majority of Oregon Counties have also taken a stand. Many Counties have already passed pro 2A amendments and others are getting ready to approve them as we speak.

“These measures are formalities, but they do send a clear message from gun owners, LEO’s, and elected officials that even if we are the minority in this State, we will fight to defend our Constitutional Rights and our GOD given rights to self protection,” he elaborates. “Oregon OATH KEEPERS have been and continue to be out front in this fight. We are continuing to build political capital with elected officials and LE agencies within the State.”

What would Benjamin Franklin counsel?

Until such time as that bears fruit – or the Trump administration and national Republican majority changes things at the federal level, including via Constitutionalist court appointments, individuals will still be at terrible risk from “progressive” state and local official psychopaths, frustrated and furious that people they hold in contempt refuse to obey them.

Does anyone who values the right of the people to keep and bear arms think the infringements will stop without assuming personal risks, and with some of us paying the price of defiance?

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