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Unflipping believable! The US State Department is incredibly arrogant to expect us to believe anything they say without proof. Lies, lies and more lies. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

From Washingtons Blog:

Instead of Providing Evidence for Russian Guilt in Plane Shootdown, U.S. Says: Just TRUST Us … Because Those Iraq War Lies Are Ancient History.

U.S. State Department Says: We’re the Good Guys, and Russians Are Liars … So Just Take Our Word For It

In the following 5-minute clip from a question and answer session between State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf and the American press, the U.S. State Department more or less says:

We’re the good guys who tell the truth, and Russians are liars.

Forget Iraq … that’s ancient history.

So just trust us.

See the C-Span video here.

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