The Irony of Judge Gloria Navarro

The Irony of Judge Gloria Navarro

by Loren Edward Pearce

I have relatives who are refugees from Castro’s Cuba. I have heard many stories about Cubans who supported Castro and thought he was the real deal in supporting freedom of the people.

He would broadcast from a hidden radio station deep inside the Sierra Madre mountains about his desire to be a liberator in the tradition of George Washington and Simone Bolivar. He would often interlace his words with references to the Virgin Mary and to God  Later he revealed his true colors as he betrayed the people by revealing that he was a communist and an atheist.

This set in motion many years of repression and expulsions​ of his enemies leading to a mass Exodus to the United States. Among the refugees were the parents of Gloria Navarro presumably seeking the protection of a constitutional republic and leaders Guided by a moral compass.

However any appreciation for the Constitution or the freedoms we enjoy in the United States have been lost on Gloria Navarro who was born in Las Vegas and raised in America. I know nothing about her parents or what she was taught but I know the other Cuban refugees understand what government corruption is and understand how leaders can use and manipulate the people to their own advantage.

So what is surprising to me is that many Americans never experienced what happened in Cuba are able to detect the Corruption of Harry Reid who who nominated Navarro to her current position and who is less disguised than Fidel Castro.

Gloria Navarro probably grew up listening to many stories about the treachery of Fidel Castro but somehow has been unable to see how it correlates with people like Harry Reid.  In future articles we will talk about Harry Reid’s relationship  to the BLM and his corrupt dealings in buying and selling BLM property.

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