Gary Franchi: Idaho Goes Constitution Carry

Gary Franchi


I share Gary Franchi’s bewilderment about the fact that it is absurd that any American must have some kind of silly State “permit” to carry their arms either openly or concealed. The Second Amendment, plain and simple, is every law-abiding American’s permit to carry weapons any way they wish. The American public has been brain-washed into thinking that some silly statute or code-annotated or regulation or rule-of-the-court is necessary before they are “given the right” to exercise rights they already have. Sheesh!

That aside, the push for Constitutional rule of law in America is gaining steam. A number of States have got the government out of the business of owning citizens’ bodies under the rubric of the so-called “War on Drugs”, and in the video below we learn that nine States have now gone to Constitution Carry, which means that citizens in good standing need not apply for or furnish-on-demand any bogus “permit” to do what the Constitution already protects their right to do. This is good news for a good Sunday.

Enjoy the good news at the Next News Network with Gary Franchi:

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Elias Alias, editor