Gun Hypocrite Snoop Dogg’s ‘Clown Trump’ Assassination Exemplifies Toxic Cultural Pollution

Noted gun owner control advocate and prohibited person Snoop Dogg displays his respect for Constitutional government and rule of law. [[BadBadNotGood YouTube screen capture]

“Snoop Dogg’s new video features mock assassination of a ‘clown’ Donald Trump,” Newsweek and just about every other news outlet are reporting (many approvingly, as if they wouldn’t have demanded heads had Hillary been so treated). “Set in an alternative reality in the United States where the country is inhabited by clowns, it shows a clown Trump parody named Ronald Klump appearing on television to announce the deportation of all ‘doggs.’”

That, of course, is a total misrepresentation of the president’s plan to protect the borders, vet those who come into this country, and evict foreign criminals. Those were goals that resulted in Trump’s election over Hillary Clinton, who instead wanted to create a Democrat “pathway to citizenship” windfall, with resulting overwhelming control of the legislatures and the courts.

Naturally, those who believe a prime directive of limited Constitutional government is “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” are portrayed as being motivated by hate — a tactic straight out of the SPLC playbook. And unsurprisingly, it’s Sniff Dogg & Co. who prove to be the real haters, not to mention hypocrites.

I’ll link to his new “rap video” here if you really want to see it, but won’t embed it because it’s not only unsafe for work, it’s unsafe for decent company (not to mention it’s vulgar crap designed to do nothing so much as gin up hostility among the ignorant). And here are the lyrics, just in case you missed his call to “spray” the police along with Snoop’s demand for “reparations.”

But don’t worry — it’s not like Dogg will personally get caught up in the violence his advocacy and imagery seems to be begging for: There’s no shortage of people frustrated with their own inadequacies who blame everything but their own  choices for their lot in life, and who view his as a voice to heed. They’re just looking for an excuse to help life imitate “art.”

Not that Snoop has been above the thug life:

Since achieving fame, the popular gangster rap artist has had a number of brushes with the law. In 1990, he was convicted of cocaine possession. Three years later, he pled guilty for gun possession. Snoop was also tried and acquitted of murder charges in 1996. The case involved the killing of an alleged gang member who was shot by someone in the vehicle Snoop was riding in. In 2005, Snoop was sued for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2003.

Snoop made legal news again in 2006. He and his posse were taken in custody at a London airport in April after the group got into a fight at the terminal. Later that year, he was arrested at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California, after officers found marijuana and a gun in Snoop’s vehicle. In 2007, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, citing his prior criminal convictions, banned him from entering the country and appearing at the MTV Australia Video Music Awards.

Perhaps being told he’s an undesirable alien Down Under is where he got his “deport all dogs” resentment from. And perhaps his violent criminal tendencies explain why he embraced disarmament of law-abiding citizens a few years back.

Perhaps that’s why he participated in a “public service announcement” dispensing unqualified financial advice with the #ImUnloading campaign/”No Guns Allowed” movement, urging investors to divest gun company stocks from their 401Ks.

Pretty poor advice for the time, as it turns out…

At least he wasn’t starring in another “Girls Gone Wild: Doggy Style” video, doing the important work of luring underage girls with drugs to behave like drunken self-shaming exhibitionist sluts for GGW founder Joe Francis, himself convicted of falsely imprisoning and assaulting women, “grabbing one … by the hair and throat and slamm[ing] her head into the floor.”

And true to Astroturf form, the hidden hand behind the #ImUnloading campaign traced back to Michael Bloomberg. Actually, I traced it.

More true to form, we’re dealing with a “prohibited person” and “gun criminal” who advocates for your disarmament while making symbolic presidential assassination videos. We’re dealing with a vulgar lowlife who profits off of polluting the culture with ugly and destructive “values.”

John Adams warned against such self-degradation in his 1798 letter to the Massachusetts Militia:

We have no Government armed with Power capable of contending with human Passions unbridled by morality and Religion. … Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Paul Joseph Watson pretty much nails what an idiot Snoop is in his own inimitable style.  Again, some of the language is not safe for work so I hesitate embedding it here, but as long as you’re aware of that and can deal with it, I suspect many will find the evisceration he performs as right on (and entertaining) as I do.


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