Gilbert Times: Oath Keepers Summit held in WV hills

The Gilbert Times of Gilbert, West Virginia, has published the first report on the successful Appalachian Oath Keepers Summit. Journalist Madalin Sammons – – did a great write-up covering the Summit. Please email her your appreciation for outstanding journalistic coverage. Let’s flood her inbox with our thanks, for she deserves credit due for spot-on reporting in a day in which journalism often paints stories with the brush of hidden agendas and political bias. Her “voice” rings true and complete, so send her an email, yes? Thank You!

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Gilbert Times: Oath Keepers Summit held in WV hills


GILBERT — The Oathkeepers came to town this weekend for the Appalachian Oath Keepers Summit…

Glbert WVA Applacian OK Summit Aug2015Photo courtesy Lynn Stepp

Oath Keepers have recently became well known due to their presence among the Ferguson rioting of November 2014 when members of the group kept armed guard on Ferguson’s business rooftops…

While the unrest in Ferguson allowed Oath Keepers to have a mainstream platform, it was the recent murders of the servicemen in Chattanooga, TN. that inspired the Logan County Sons of the Second to host the summit of five states including West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky.

Logan County Sons of the Second Sargent at Arms Mike Holbrook said the summit was a huge success.

“We had OathKeepers from as far away as Oregon and Connecticut. I heard nothing but compliments from all the campers about how they were welcomed to our Summit on top of a mountain in West “By God” Virginia,” said Holbrook. “We have been invited to do an information booth at the upcoming Trail-fest that Gilbert hosts every year and we will be honored to be a part of this event. On another note, the land owners of the site we chose, were very gracious and understanding, I would like to give a big shout out to Pardee/Curtin land company for allowing us the opportunity to show people from 12 different states, that the people of West Virginia are down home, freedom loving, God fearing people. It made our Local Chapter of the OathKeepers proud to be West Virginians from Mingo and Logan County. I would also like to note that every person that was attending this event, exercised their 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and not a single one of those firearms jumped up and harmed anyone. Thank You, Gilbert, W.Va. for allowing us to show folks what West Virginia is all about. “God, Guns, Guts, and Glory”….

“The Summit was a great success. We made a lot of new friends in the Gilbert, West Virginia area,” said Holbrook. “The local cooperation was fantastic. The Mayor, Council, and Chief of Police are the best of the best. The founder of the OathKeepers, Stewart Rhodes, had a meeting with the city leaders and both came away with a new understanding and a very positive attitude. The Mingo County Sheriff’s department officers, rode 4 miles out a very dusty road, to check on us and help keep us safe we cannot thank them enough for the understanding that they have shown for our Patriots. The people we met that ride the reclaimed strip mine area we used were the most generous and kind folks you could ever find anywhere in this Great Country of ours.”…

In a mission statement from Stewart Rhodes concerning the summit, Rhodes said that this was a critical, emergency summit for veterans and patriots.

“A critical part of this summit will be showing the participants how to do an area study, providing them an example of an analysis of a town, county and state. They will be given templates and checklists prepared by Sam Culper, of The Forward Observer Magazine, combined with the input of our Special Forces veterans,” said Rhodes. “They will need to go back to their own geographic location to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their communities, identifying critical needs, and then apply their newly acquired knowledge to answer questions such as: What are the major security threats? What is in place to counter them? What is missing? Is there a constitutional Sheriff backed by a real posse? Is there a real militia? Is there a neighborhood watch? What is the condition of their power grid? How resilient is it? How can it be strengthened and protected? How will people’s basic needs be met if it goes down? How many mouths do they have to feed and how much food is on hand? Can their local farms feed the population in a grid down or long term emergency situation?”

The Oath Keepers and similar groups have been labeled as right wing extremists and in some cases domestic terrorists but Paul Pyles, Leader of the Pennsylvania Patriots for Freedom urges people to remember the tools given to the American people by our fore fathers.

“Protection of our homes, community, and constitution is by no means a form of extremism or terroristic,” said Pyles. “A government for the people must be run by the people. When that does not happen that is tyranny.”

Stepp encourages that anyone who might feel uneasy about the Oath Keepers to read more about them on their website before making a judgment….

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Madalin Sammons is a reporter for the Gilbert Times. Madalin can be reached at or by phone at 304-664-8225.

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