Finicum Family National Support Rallies this weekend.


Yesterday just before my show I was contacted by my friend and fellow patriot Jordan Page. Jordan let me know he will be playing at the upcoming rally in Salt Lake City, Utah. He asked me if I could help to get word out about this upcoming weekends events. Specifically, the national rallies to support the Finicum family and those that have been impacted by the events in Oregon. This morning I had the honor of interviewing Thara Tenney (Finicum LaVoy’s eldest daughter.) In this brief interview we discuss the rally and following day of fasting and prayer that the family has helped to organize. What the family and event organizers would like people to take action on at these rallies and the mission that they are undertaking including demanding an independent investigation regarding the murder of their father.


Please take the time to listen to this interview and share with any of your family and friends that would be interested in attending.

You can get more information about the rallies including a state by state listing in the comments: and here

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