Ellison’s ‘Extremism’ Charge Deflects from Own Subversive Affiliations

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So did Keith Ellison, who calls us and “haters” and “anti-government extremists,” sing any songs of the heroic struggles of the people…? –Keith Ellison/Facebook (with modifications by yours truly)

“Oath Keepers and Three Percenters [are] extremist anti-government movements,” Rep. Keith Ellison charged in a CNN hit piece we talked about in my last column. I noted then we’d take a look at the pot dissing the kettle, and now seems as good a time as any.

I’m not going to hit him up for taking the oath of office on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran, except to note that anyone who swears such an oath and then actively undermines the Bill of Rights, particularly the Second Amendment, is an oath breaker and a domestic enemy. So it’s no surprise that he’d want to attack those who have sworn to uphold the Constitution and to keep true to their oaths. Those of us who know that for “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day, would expect no less.

Likewise, I’m not going to dwell on Ellison’s being a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, except to note the howls of “Racism!” we would expect from the Southern Poverty Law Center and other “progressive” hypocrites should any representative be politically deaf, dumb and blind enough to propose a Congressional White Caucus.

Instead, I’m going to focus on Ellison’s membership – and leadership – in the Congressional Progressive Caucus, founded by Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders and containing 69 of the most rabidly left-wing politicians to ever menace the future of the Republic. Or as Obi-Wan said about Mos Eisley, “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”…

Importantly, one of the CPC’s core “principles” is contempt for the right to keep and bear arms. They know that every tyranny that ever beat its subjects into dehumanized submission had to first disarm them, rendering them pliable, subservient and helpless.  But don’t take my word for it – take theirs, paying special attention to their demand to ban firearms of militia utility.

OK, so they’re typical Democrats. Is that all I’ve got?

Well, yeah, that and pointing out the CPC’s close ties with another “progressive” group, the Democratic Socialists of America.

DSA is the domestic arm of Socialist International — Stalin, you’ll recall, led the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, whereas Hitler headed up the National Socialists. A lie of the left is that Nazis weren’t really what their name claimed, but anyone who has looked beyond the sound bites knows that’s just another deception, and the bitter enmity between totalitarians was essentially one of rival gangs. Basically, these are the folks who want to supplant freedom with a plague that has produced tyranny, misery and genocide since it first broke out to torment humanity.

Do you like songs? So does the DSA, so much that they devoted a page on their website to hymns glorifying their “struggle” (i.e., what Hitler called “Mein Kampf” ). The following in particular should be of special interest, since the people they’re talking about, the “bourgeoisie,” are you and me! And they really explain (better than anything I could say) why the socialists need to take away our guns. Ready? All together now:

Are You Sleeping, Bourgeoisie

(Traditional American song, sung in rounds to the tune of “Frere Jacques”).

Are you sleeping, Are you sleeping,

Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie,

And when the revolution comes,

We’ll kill you all with knives and guns,

Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie


Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie, See How They Run

(Usually sung in rounds after “Are You Sleeping, Bourgeoisie”. Sung to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”.)

Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie,

See how they run,

See how they run

And when the revolution comes,

We’ll kill them all with knives and guns,

Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie

Oh, wait—you can’t find those on the DSA website any more — they took them down. Back in 2008 I posted a piece written years earlier (Joseph Farah of World Net Daily wrote about the songs in 1998) and I noted they had been removed by DSA, and further, that the “disappearing” of inconvenient information for purposes of historical revisionism was a trick for mass manipulation right out of the “progressive” playbook.   Fortunately, we have the Internet Archive “Wayback Machine,” that preserves a record of the songs on the DSA site, presumably reflecting the approval of party members like Keith Ellison, who demand we be disarmed while calling us the extremists and the haters.

For all their talk about egalitarian power sharing, the Prozis sure are stingy with the firepower, aren’t they? And they sure are bloodthirsty whenever they achieve a monopoly of violence.

I see Comrade Keith had a musical gig last night —  I wonder if he sang any songs about what he’d like to do to the [disarmed] Bourgeoisie…?

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