Down & Dirty Comms – An Introduction

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One of our biggest pushes this year will be for national training standards. It has been evidenced by the operations that we have been a part of that, there is a definitive need to get everyone from across our local chapters, and even those from other national and regional organizations, to have a standard baseline of training when it comes to operational standards. If we got everyone on the same standard, we could more effectively respond to a natural disaster, active shooter, or full blown terrorist attack regardless of where it occurred. We must always be looking to improve ourselves and learn from past mistakes.

Moving forward this year, Oath Keepers National, along with trusted training centers and programs, will be putting forward a set of basic standards. This will most likely take the form of 3 levels. Each of these levels will have certain skill sets and physical fitness standards (don’t worry, we will be including opportunities for everyone dispute if you are able to hump a ruck for miles on end or not.) These levels will include skills that must be learned and demonstrated such as; comms, first aid, security, engineering, etc.

The following video shows what a basic comms class (as put on by The North Idaho Training Center) is like. Please keep in mind that the students go on to practice and reinforce these skills every time they come to a training and use comms (which is, pretty much, every training.) We hope you enjoy this taste of what a basic class can be like.

If you are interested in scheduling a training in your area, or just would like more information on the North Idaho Training Center, please, visit their website at or find them on Facebook. Also look for much more to come regarding our National Training Standards at

PLEASE NOTE: According to FCC regulations; This is only able to be legally performed using a dedicated frequency. Please research the FCC regs for further infomation.

Jason Van Tatenhove

National Media Director, Oath Keepers



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