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  1. SGM 17 April, 2016, 19:27

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    As the CO State coordinator I owe you,our membership, an apology as some of you were not notified of the cancellation of the 4th Annual OK Rally in Canon City. Our best efforts to notify everyone, members from Grand Junction, Trinidad and other locations did not receive the cancellation notices we sent out. We put the cancellation on the Co Oath Keepers website, the CO OK Forum website, the Pueblo County Republican Party website and the Liberty Action website, I also tried to post to the CO Oath Keepers website, however, AOL notified me that my account had a problem and the posting was not listed. I have corrected this but that does not help those loyal Oath Keepers who came so far to find out the event was cancelled because of weather. We notified members on Thursday and Friday of the cancelation but unfortunately not everyone receive the information. I am deeply sorry that this has occurred and am taking measures to prevent this in the future.

    I have called the OK Leadership and everyone else who participated in notifying members to insure the cancellation was posted. They inform me that it was posted. I was told that call lists were also informed. I am responsible for not putting a statement on the posters that in the event of inclement weather call me or your regional coordinator to insure the event will be held. If anyone has any other ideas as to how to handle notifications in the future Please email me at with your recommendations.

    I cannot express how badly I feel about what has happened and will continue to diligently work to prevent this is the future. I cancelled this event because of the weather and did not want anyone to have to drive to Canon City on dangerous roads. I accept full responsibility for what has happened and ask that you do not blame the Oath Keepers organization for this action. Please accept my apology and help our leadership make improvements to our notification process. Thank you and God bless each and every one of you.

    Joseph A. Santoro
    CO State Coordinator

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  2. 11B 24 April, 2016, 00:21

    Will the OK Rally be rescheduled, or will it be skipped entirely this year? Even if we are unable to have the speakers and performers, it would be nice to hold an event that provides a venue for all CO OK members to meet. I believe these events strengthen bonds and boost membership

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  3. Michael 14 June, 2016, 08:50

    Donald trump will be speaking at the Western Conservative Summit on July 1st in Denver. In light of what happened in San Jose, are there any other Oath Keepers interested in going to help keep the Trump supporters safe ?

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  4. SGM 19 October, 2016, 11:53

    Fellow Oath Keepers,

    America faces it’s greatest threat since she became a nation and she will cease to exist if Patriots everywhere do not take actions against her enemies, who are legion. I am writing this request with a heavy heart. As American Patriots we must stand up and protect our Republic by getting every patriot out to vote for Mr. Trump, whether you like him or not. Mrs. Clinton will end our Constitutional Republic if she is elected. She will take away our ability to oppose the government by taking our guns as she has promised to do. She will increase taxes by billions to pay for the furtherance of social programs as she has promised. She will globalize our Law Enforcement communities in America thru the UN globalization of all Law Enforcement as she has promised. She will keep open borders and massive immigration of radicals to America as she had promised. These and many more actions on her part will destroy our country and turn America into a communist/socialist country as described in George Orwell’s books, “1984” and “Animal Farm”. If you have not read these books read them for a look at Americas future.

    I have heard many Americans say this cannot happen in America but it is. Our correct actions need to be, inform all of our friends, families, communities and America that everyone must vote or loose our Constitutional Republic. We must encourage voters to vote for Mr. Trump as a “No” vote is a vote for Hillary and a vote for any other candidate is a lost vote and helps Hillary. I received my ballot yesterday and there are 22 candidates to be voted on for President. Insane! I myself am voting for Mr.Trump as a vote for Mrs. Clinton, will be disastrous. Please, Vote for the candidate of your choice, vote for America or loose her.

    A Prepper expo in Denver is being held on the 4th and 5th of November. Five thousand attendees. or more, are expected. We have been given two tables by the expo for free. We need volunteers for both days. We have many people who have joined CO Oath Keepers and I am asking many of you to Please help us out with a bit of your time. Please give Nick Meacher your name and time that you can volunteer for. I thank you for volunteering and look forward to seeing you at the expo. Help us make this expo the best recruiting tool we have ever done. Take care and God bless you all.


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  5. SGM 26 October, 2016, 09:12

    Americvan Patriots,

    Given the amount of voter fraud that is being reported accross America and here in Colorado I am recommending that each of you tell everyone you know that to hinder this each of you need to vote on a paper ballot and take it to your County Clerks office. This one action goes around the voting machines that change your vote from Republican to Democrate.

    The GOP has poll watchers in each of the polling places accross the nation, however, they keep the counting of the ballots, if they are on paper, honest.

    People voting multiple times are much more difficult to counter. Oath Keepers National is asking for volunteers to watch outside polling places covertly and to record, covertly, with a camera. They do not want you to interact with the voters as this will be construed as voter intinidation. Oath Keepers are not about voter intimidation, however we want a fair election and America is not getting one at this time.

    If you do watch a polling place Do Not wear any clothing or hats that say Oath Keeper upon them. You will be watching as a concerned citizen only. Please try to be as notdescript as possible for your own good. We must win this election or loose our Constitution Republic.

    Everyone take care and God Bless you all.


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  6. SGM 26 October, 2016, 09:37

    Fellow Patriots,
    If you see a manufacturers tag the says “Smartmatic” on a voting machine then you Need to vote a paper ballot. The “Smartmctic” voting machines are owned by a George Soros company. Hope this helps you get an honest vote.

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  7. SGM 26 October, 2016, 10:57

    American Patriots,

    I just downloaded an app that allow you to report voter fraud or problems with voting machines. It is called “VoteStand” and is being used accross the nation to report problems. I recommend that you download this app and use it if you observe any voting irregularities.

    If you observe any voter intifidation ourside of a polling station you need to call the local police and report it. This is their job to quell this type of action.

    Take care and God Bless all of you.


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  8. SGM 26 October, 2016, 11:09

    American Patriots,
    National OKs has issued a call to action concerning voter fraud. CO OKs has also issued a call to action using the guidelines laid out by Mr. Rhodes. Now is the time for all Oath Keepers to stand up and step out to protect our Constitutional Republic. You must honor your oath now. If you don’t there America will cease to exist as we know it. Hillary will turn us into a slave state without any personal liberties. Unite we win, divided we loose everything. Take care and God bless you all.

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  9. SGM 28 October, 2016, 15:19

    Fellow Oath Keepers,

    I am penning this letter to address the current Improvised Explosive Device (IED) situation worldwide and how it applies to our great country. IED’s have been used to tremendous effect worldwide. Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Germany, France and America have experienced terrorist use of IED’s of all types. , Worldwide Terrorists have used vehicles, trains, bicycles, suicide bombers, backpacks, planes, implaced IEDs and other means to great effect. Terrorist bombers have gotten extremely sophisticated and are very connected with other worldwide terrorist organizations having done so for the past twenty-five years. Terrorists do not care who is injured or killed, in fact, they believe the more people injured or killed the better for their cause.

    In America, we have not been attacked as heavily as other countries, however, I believe this situation is rapidly changing. We are seeing more IEDs being used all across our nation. New York, Boston and Denver to name three cities are just the beginning. Two attacks were against people specifically and the other against a GOP Headquarters. In America, we are unprepared for an all out IED assault Nationwide. Our Law Enforcement Agencies are working 24/7/365 on intelligence operations to stop bombings but have not prevented every one. Too many Americans are in “Condition White” all of the time and have no situational awareness of their surroundings. This will contribute to more deaths occurring at bombing sites.

    Be aware of your surroundings. if you see something that is out of place in a location definitely contact your local Law Enforcement agency immediately. Move away from what you have tentatively identified as a suspicious object. Distance protects you and blast radii can be as small as 25′ and as large as hundreds of feet. ID yourself to the responding officers and point out what you have tentatively identified as an IED. Always follow the directions of the responding officers. It is best to always evacuate the area and let them do their jobs unless they ask you to help at the scene.

    If there is a detonation drop to the ground immediately while covering your head and ears and opening your mouth to equalize the pressure on your ear drums. Stay in place until the debris stops falling. Be very careful about approaching the detonation site as terrorists have been successfully placing secondary devices to specifically kill or maim any responders who are helping victims. This technique has been used multiple times and has been very successful. If you witnessed the placing of the suspect device or the person(s) who placed the device(s), “Please”, get with Law Enforcement immediately and report what you witnessed as to who, what, where, when, how and time of detonation and your contact information. Terrorists are not going to stop but will continue to increase their efforts. America is in a war we must win for Humanities sake.

    I hope this letter helps all of you.

    I stand firmly with each and every one of you as we take back America from her enemies. Take care, God bless and watch your six continually.


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  10. SGM 6 November, 2016, 22:19

    Fellow Oath Keepers,
    We had a great time at the Prepper Expo in Denver on Friday and Saturday. I believe there were 4K to 5k people in attendance. We had 6 to 8 members talking from 9am to 5pm both days and we have many contacts who are asking for training of all types. We were able to inform many people as to who and what we Really are. Not the gun toteing radicals some beleive we are. We sold OK IFAKs and OK clothing. From the number of training requests we received this is the best response we have every had. If you were unable to attend you missed a great Expo. We plan to attend next year.

    We must be prepared for what will happen the next few days, both before and after the election. If you have voted I hope that you and your families will stay close to home. If you have to be out then be prepared to put your get home plan in effect. There are so many sinarios that are possible to know exactly what will happen. Hopefully you all have been working with your Neighborhood Watch to prepare to keep your neighborhoods safe.

    Stewart is doing a Webinar tomorrow night at 7pm Mtn time. Go to the the National website and sign up to reserve a spot. The subject matter is about Marshall Law. It will be interesting.

    Hope all of you are well and you are in Condition Yellow as much as you can be. We live in interesting times. Take care and God bless you and yours.


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  11. SGM 6 November, 2016, 22:28

    Fellow Oath Keepers,
    I am asking you to put Operation Sabot into action. This is needed to help get a fairer election. I want to remind you do not wear any conservative clothing of any type. If you can be as covert as is humanly possible. Do not engage anyone who is advocating violence or being violant. Immediately call Law Enforcement and let them handle the violence. That is their job. If we attempt to do their job we will be immediately blackballed by the leftist press. This will be viewed as a negative by the American people. Again be very careful while conducting Operation Sabot and should you be identified by the left, for your own safety, leave the area as soon as you are aware of being identified. Take care and God Bless.


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  12. SGM 6 November, 2016, 22:53

    Nothing changes for us with the election of Hillary
    We will honor our Oath and act only in self defense
    This is the same duty we have always had
    “Be Prepared and honor your Oath”.
    Author Bill Witten

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  13. SGM 8 November, 2016, 18:10

    I hope that as Oath Keepers you have taken Operation Sabot to heart and are helping to keep our national election honest and fair. We have been on watch in southern colorado and have seen nothing that is idicitive of any voter fraud, however, I am not convinced that volder fraud is not happening. We will return this evening to watch until closing of the polls.

    After the election the battle begins reguardless of who wins. We must oppose Hillary at every turn if she is elected. We must help Trump at every turn if he is elected. Which ever way this election goes we have to continue our fight to return America to a fully Constitutional Republic. This is our end game and we Must complete it or become a Communist/Socialist country with no freedoms at all. Freedom Lovers Unite for the common goal.

    I look forward to hearing our ranks are swelling and look forward to our April 19, 2017 annual meeting. For the next several days really be aware of your surroundings. Take care and God Bless you all.


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  14. SGM 24 November, 2016, 20:59

    Fellow Patriots,

    Mary and I hope that you and yours have had the very best Thanksgiving. This is the beginning of a very special time of year and it can be a time of healing if we all work towards that goal. Christmas will be upon us all in 30 days. A wonderful time of year for all of us. Let us keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts and pass that feeling onto our family, friends and neighbors. We hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas that is filled with happiness and good cheer.

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  15. Michael 6 December, 2016, 16:16

    Brother veterans in Colorado, I recently joined Oath Keepers because of my concern that the results of the presidential election will not be respected by those on the left. Jill Stein’s call for vote recounts in WI, MI and PA demonstrate the left’s unwillingness to accept the results of a lawful election. Now the leftists are attempting to persuade the electoral college to ignore the will of the people and change their votes. For example Chris Suprun in Texas refuses to vote for President-elect Trump despite the fact that the citizens of Texas selected him as president. If the history of the 20th century taught us anything it is that socialist revolutions attempt to usurp power through unlawful and unethical means. It seems these socialists are growing more bold (without consequences or accountability) and unfortunately history has taught us that they often turn to violence.

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  16. SGM 18 December, 2016, 16:20

    This is the new Colorado Oath Keepers Code of Conduct. Leadership expects all CO Oath Keepers to follow this code. We are requiring All members to sign and forward a copy after you read and understand this Code of Conduct. God bless each and every one of you.

    Colorado Oath Keepers
    Code of Conduct

    5 October 2016

    To ensure that the Organization is always protected against negative publicity and/or legal action and to ensure that the preservation of our prestige and reputation is always at the forefront of any actions or behavior on the part of all members, each member of the Colorado Oath Keepers agrees to the following conditions.

    PLEASE NOTE: Once these have been read and understood, it is required that each perspective member fill out the form at the bottom of the page and submit it:

    1. Members will respect the personal dignity of all members, especially in resolving disagreements. Members will be honest and truthful with other members and will avoid deception at all costs.

    2. Members will work to build a good personal reputation and will work to help fellow members build their reputations as well.

    3. Members will use good manners and avoid offensive language and taunting.

    4. Members will familiarize themselves with the by-laws of the Colorado Oath Keepers and will act in accordance with such. Officers will maintain complete knowledge of all by-laws and will be responsible for acting in complete accordance with such.

    5. Any member who is engaged in activities that are outside of the Colorado Oath Keepers mission must not wear any National or Colorado Oath Keepers logos or utilize any pamphlets, banners, stickers, web links, clothing or any other reference to Oath Keepers that would suggest that said activities are sanctioned by and involve participation or collaboration with Oath Keepers, National.

    6. Members, and especially Officers, will never engage in slander of any person, or threaten any person in word or deed.

    7. Members will be accountable for all choices made of their own free will. Additionally, when providing information relative to expenses, members will provide clear, accurate and detailed information to the designated Board Member.

    8. All members must understand that their actions not only reflect on Colorado Oath Keepers but on the entire military, law enforcement, fire fighters, first responders, former and current, and on their fellow patriots.

    9. We strive to maintain a positive image within our communities and states. All members are fully and solely accountable for their actions while members of the Colorado Oath Keepers.

    10. All members shall possess and maintain high moral and ethical standards and uncompromised integrity for continued membership in Colorado Oath Keepers.

    11. All members are to conduct themselves in a courteous and lawful manner at all times. Members are expressly prohibited from fraternizing with known criminals, known or suspected criminal organizations or with their members, associates or affiliates.

    12. Colorado Oath Keepers and its members are responsible to maintain the integrity and honor of the Organization. Colorado Oath Keepers will have a zero tolerance policy for actions that bring disrespect, dishonor or disrepute on Colorado Oath Keepers, military, law enforcement, fire fighters, first responders and fellow patriots.

    13. Colorado Oath Keepers will not advocate, be a member of, or associate with any organization, formal or informal, that advocates the overthrow of the government of the United States or the violation of the US Constitution.

    14. Colorado Oath Keepers will not advocate, be a member of, or associate with, any organization, formal or informal, that advocates discrimination, violence, or hatred towards any person based upon their race, creed, color or nationality.

    15. Colorado Oath Keepers will not partake in activities that cause themselves to be convicted of treason or felony in any state or territory of the United States.

    16. Colorado Oath Keeper members will only follow the constitutional laws that are in force. Oath Keepers will not follow unlawful, immoral or unconstitutional orders that are given by a political party, Local, State or Federal Governments. We are apolitical and owe our alligance only to the US Constitution. We won’t “just follow orders”.

    17. Colorado Oath Keepers reserves the right in its sole discretion to withhold, deny or revoke the membership of any person whom they determine will dilute, impair or disrupt the Colorado Oath Keepers mission, dishonor or in any manner bring ill repute to the Colorado Oath Keepers.

    18. All members agree to accept the leadership of the Colorado Oath Keepers Board of Directors and officers and their designated representatives while acting as a Colorado Oath Keepers member.

    19. All members will respect the votes, actions and recommendation of the Board of Directors. Board of Directors members will respect the members right to appeal any action taken by the Board of Directors and will work cooperatively with members to resolve differences within the guidelines specified in the by-laws.

    Violation of this Code of Conduct will be the basis for any action taken by the Board of Directors. Responsibility for enforcement of the Code of Conduct shall reside with the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall take whatever measures deemed necessary to enforce this Code of Conduct and may enact any consequence it deems necessary, up to and including censure, suspension or termination of any position of authority previously given in the organization as well as participation in activities, groups, events and web pages. The Board of Directors reserves the right to make a recommendation for removal of any member if said member in in violation of the Colorado Oath Keepers Code of Conduct. Any member has the right to appeal to the Board of Directors if they do not agree with the decisions of the Officers and membership.

    First Name *

    Last Name *

    Email Address *

    City *

    Please check below to signify that you agree to abide by the Colorado Oath Keepers Code of Conduct.

    On my Sacred Honor I agree to abide by the Colorado Oath Keepers Code of Conduct.

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  17. SGM 3 February, 2017, 16:17

    Fellow Oath Keepers,

    It has taken me two days to write this wake-up notice. We are entering into a possible civil war with the World Globalists and their minions. What they did not do in getting Clinton elected they are now attempting to do with demonstrations and rioting accross America. As Oath Keepers and 3%ers we can no longer sit by and watch what is happening. We must take action and keep teaching our fellow Americans what is really happening. You must read the postings on the national Oath Keepers site. Look specifically at Bill Witten’s posting, Denver mayor Hancock Standown orders to police about last Saturdays demonstration, Navyjack@oathkeepers .org, “Insurrection (draft) and Stewarts postings concerning what is happening in America.

    We are living under the Sword of Damocles since the inauguration. America is being battered daily by the World Globalists and the thread is about to break with the result of a second American Civil war between World Globalists and the American people. Ask yourself, “Am I and my family, my neighborhood, my city, my county, my state and America prepared for this eventuality”? If you can truthfully answer, “Yes” you are better prepared than 98% of Americans and we need your help. If you answer “No” than it is time for you to stand up and support the efforts of the Colorado Oath Keepers because we need your help. Volunteer today by texting your volunteer information to this site.

    Colorado is under attack by may different groups. All of these groups are being funded by the World Globalists, George Soros, in particular. Globalists have gone to America’s enemies, The Communist Party, Workers World Party, Muslim Brotherhood, Black Lives Matter, New Black Panther Party, ISIS, LaRaza, MeCha, Rocky Mtn. Antifa, Denver Anarchist Black Cross, Denver Automomous, Denver Justice League, and Occupy Denver Anarchists to name a few. Lenin described these types of people as “Useful idiots”. The Globalists are using them to accomplish their agenda and will discard them, and us, if they gain control of America. This we must stop or we are headed for Orwell’s “1984”.

    We have moved away from God and that has been our downfall. By returning to God and asking for his blessing we can again become the greatest county on the face of the earth. But we must do this now.

    Oath Keepers and 3%ers we can no longer stand placidly by we must take action by defending ourselves and others when attacked. In order to prevent war in America we Must take action to prevent it from ever happening. Will you stand with Colorado Oath Keepers and 3%ers and take action? We certainly hope so for all our sakes. If not many of us, including ourselves, families friends and neighbors,will be buried in unmarked graves if we are buried at all.

    God Bless America
    Oath Keeper Life Member
    3%er for Life

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    • Michael 5 February, 2017, 15:54

      SGM. I agree! When good people say nothing [and do nothing] evil thrives. The leftists are becoming increasingly bold and violent. They are rioting, assaulting people, destroying property, threatening civil order, denying the results of a lawful election, etc., these are acts of terrorism. Leftist celebrities are committing acts of treason by calling for a military coup (Sarah Silverman) and calling for the burning of the White House (Madonna). Why have these people not been arrested?! In the 20th century leftist governments killed over 100 million people. History has taught us that leftist political movements ALWAYS become violent. Wake up America!

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  18. SGM 8 February, 2017, 16:32

    Fellow CO Oath Keepers,

    This rally is necessary to show Law Enforcement Officers that we care about them and what they do for us. I am asking all of you to attend this rally in Castle Rock at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on Feb 26 from 3pm to 6pm. We all have to work together to have a safe environment and law enforcement really needs your support. Please attend and ask your friends and neighbors to also attend. Please share this with everyone you know. Thank you, take care and God Bless.

    Ron MacLachlan invites you to the Colorado Pro Police Rally event
    2nd Annual Douglas County Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
    Sunday, February 26 at 3 PM
    Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock, Colorado

    Save the date for the 2nd Annual Douglas County Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Join nonprofits, law enforcement, concerned citizens and other organizations to show appreciation for those who serve…

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  19. SGM 23 February, 2017, 21:12

    Fellow Oath Keepers,

    For those of you who are active we really need for you to attend the Protect the Police Ralley, Sunday, Feb 26 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. This is a very important event for the police and we need to show our support for Law Enforcement especially at this juncture. Ask everyone you know and Please attend. See you there. Take care and God Bless.


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