College Debate Team Argues Whites Should Die

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So much for “domestic enemies”: Yesterday’s college radicals are among today’s “leaders” in government, academia and even the corporate world. Creatures like this one appear poised to follow that same path, to assume positions of influence and power.

“Black students advocate white genocide at Harvard,” the title to a YouTube video posted by “All Lives Matter” claims. The debate, which was supposed to be about renewable energy, occurred at Harvard University, viewers are told.  Those advocating whites kill themselves or otherwise die are identified as Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano, from the University of West Georgia.

While the white debaters asked why they couldn’t just “struggle against the structure,” whatever that means, instead of telling the racists to get bent and walking out, it’s difficult not to wonder how such conduct is even allowed, especially in light of campus “hate speech” rules and “safe spaces” for everyone (at least as long as they belong to a “Progressive”-approved race, gender, sexual category, and political affiliation). Indeed, if a student is “not of the body,” he can expect to be ostracized and forbidden from being part of the discussion. Bearing in mind that for “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day, this is what they mean by tolerance and diversity.

Who thinks white students would be allowed to ask blacks to justify their right to live without being expelled at a minimum?

Some interesting contradictions are presented here. It’s tough to sympathize with people claiming to be “underprivileged” when they’re representing even a modest college like UWG, where the annual tuition significantly exceeds per capita income for most of the world’s population.  Add to that The Harvard Crimson presenting arguments that “hate speech policies are necessary,” while complaining “Our nation is obsessed with the concept of freedom.”

Chew on that one for a moment.

“[O]nce my message went viral, the anti-white activists deleted these public videos of the debate in order to conceal the truth,” the video description claims. “This just [shows] you how dishonest these people are: when you point out their hypocrisy, they delete the evidence.”

That’s an old Marxist trick.  Stalin was a master at erasing history so the memory of those he found inconvenient to totalitarianism would be “disappeared” from all records. That’s why it would be good for those who know how to save and store the video if it gets pulled from YouTube.

It’s also telling that the totalitarian lobby calls those who believe in limited government the haters. For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center presents its posts about Oath Keepers under the banner of “Hate Watch.” Not so curiously, they never mention the organization bylaws:

Section 8.02. Restrictions on Membership: (b) No person who advocates, or has been or is a member, or associated with, any organization, formal or informal, that advocates discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any person based upon their race, nationality, creed, or color, shall be entitled to be a member or associate member.

There are those who, either out of ignorance or intent to misdirect, scoff at the notion that genocide could ever happen here in America.  The thing is, they never have a compelling reason why this land, above all others, will always be spared.

Has not despotism and mass destruction plagued every civilization that preceded ours? Is it not, in fact, still commonplace throughout the globe? By what suspension of reality, by what denial of the observable and the probable, by what art, device or magic are we sheltered few immune from catastrophe? Are we certain, from our brief and privileged vantage point, that such things will ever remain headline curiosities? Is it not just plain stupid to proclaim that our familiar way of life will forever be the norm, when everything that has gone before us shows we are, instead, the extremely lucky beneficiaries of a rare and fortunate convergence of circumstances; and one, by the way, that has only been preserved under force of arms?

Which is why domestic enemies indoctrinate useful idiots to scoff at the idea of the Second Amendment being any deterrent against monsters who advocate people should die because they’re not members of the right group.  These are the ones who want your guns, and who are counting on a critical mass of oblivious dolts to deliver the votes they’ll need to enact ever more restrictive disarmament edicts. That is, until such time as they no longer need to pretend that votes are needed…

(Special note: Did you catch the part where the impotent child got agitated? It was like a demon was trying to break out. I’m making the assumption that this video is on the up-and-up, and has not been produced to fool viewers into getting outraged over something that was staged. There’s no reason to suspect that, but then again, there’s no track record of credibility on the part of the anonymous person who posted it that warrants departing from a position of “trust but verify.”)

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