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How to Organize a Survival Group

Southern Prepper 1 gives his ideas on starting a Survival Group; finding key people with the talents that are required to set up a survival group. –

All CPT - Preparedness CPT-Preparedness-Videos Featured

Patriot Nurse – Who Should Be In Your SHTF Group?

This is a video from 2012 where Patriot Nurse talked about who were the sorts of people she wanted in her retreat group. It is just as  important today, as

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Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Have Food Storage

Cory Mikesell lists the top 10 reasons why people don’t have food storage. As you will see, they are pretty ridiculous reasons. Unless you are homeless, or dirt poor, there

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Canadian Prepper – Why Society Fears Preppers

Why does “society” fear preppers? Globalists, mainstream media and governments continue to denigrate preppers. Why? Canadian Prepper gives his reasons. The act of prepping, of being prepared, is a rejection

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Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts, of Solari.com, was interviewed by Gregg Hunter at USA Watchdog. Catherine always has a unique view of politics and the economy, and always makes me think. –

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Of Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs

The following video comes from Ethical Preparedness. What is the role of the sheepdog? Is the sheepdog there to control the sheep, or to protect the sheep from the wolves?

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What Then?

What happens when you reach the end of your stored food? Consider for a moment, that SHTF in a serious way. You have gathered with those you trust; your family

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McCain: “The New World Order Is Under Enormous Strain”

This article comes from zerohedge.com It was a bumper day for John McCain when on Friday Donald Trump’s Republican nemesis gloated as Trump’s “art of the deal” collapsed in the

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How to Harvest Wild Onions

This article comes from honest-food.net by Hank Shaw Ramps, wild onions, wild garlic. These are some of our best wild foods come springtime. More than 100 species of wild alliums call North America

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Oregon Grape

This article comes from wildfoodsandmedicines.com Our modern palate oscillates between the addictive flavors of salty and sweet, but we have lost an essential ingredient to optimal health: bitter plants.  They

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The Amazing Serviceberry

  Where I live, in Northwest Montana, there are lots of serviceberry bushes. They line the roads wherever there is suitable moisture and sunlight, and also can be found lining

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13 Surprising Benefits of Dandelion

  I can remember my father digging dandelion greens a couple of times each summer, which he would boil, like spinach. I disliked boiled dandelions, (boiled spinach, also), but I