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‘I Am No Longer a Brain Dead Liberal’ David Mamet On His Political Transformation

In a very interesting video, John Stossel interviews playwright David Mamet, where he describes his conversion from being a “brain-dead liberal” to a conservative.

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Patriot Nurse – Free Medicine Growing Under Your Nose!

Patriot Nurse has a short video showing some common plants that have useful medicinal properties that might very well be growing in your backyard. These medicinal plants have been used

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Thoughts On Projection

From Wikipedia: Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in

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Donald Trump Tells Kim Jong-un: Summit Canceled — but Thanks for the Hostages

This article comes from Breitbart.com by Charlie Spiering President Donald J. Trump announced his decision to cancel the June 12 summit with Kim Jong-un in a letter to the North

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James Clapper Admits to ‘Spying’ from Inside the Trump Campaign

From Breitbart.com During a Tuesday appearance on the View, no less than the former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper described what was done by the Obama administration to

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PROPAGANDA: Obamas Sign Multiyear Contract With Netflix To Produce Scripted & Unscripted “Content”

Barack and Michele are going into the film production business. No doubt they will add to more of the propaganda that is produced by Netflix. Just what we need, more

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by Edwin Vieira, Jr. From Stewart Rhodes: In this excellent paper, Dr. Edwin Vieira lays out the very clear constitutional powers of the President, as Commander in Chief, to call

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Oath Keepers: President Trump, Call Out National Guard to Protect Schools!

National Guard Deployed to Airports Nationwide After 9/11.  In the wake of yet another deadly school shooting, we call on President Trump, as Commander in Chief, to declare a national

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2nd Amendment Backlash: Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales Collapse!!!

After the Parkland school shooting, where 17 students and staff were killed, Dick’s Sporting Goods chose to side with the Gun-Grabber Crowd. Their sales have collapsed recently, as many pro-2nd

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Soros Surrenders as His Hungarian Empire Collapses!!!

George Soros, and his Open Society organization, went all out to defeat Viktor Orban in the Hungarian elections. Well, Viktor Orban, and his party, won an overwhelming vistory at the

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Oath Keepers Offers Free Protection to Kaitlin Bennett, AR 10 Toting Kent State Grad, After Death Threats

Kent State Graduate Kaitlin Bennett, Open Carrying an AR10 Moments After Graduating Oath Keepers is offering a free Personal Security Detail (PSD) for Kent State Graduate Kaitlin Bennett, who open

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Good Guy with Gun Intervenes, Shoots Alleged Gunman on High School Campus

This article comes from Breitbart.com by AWR Hawkins A good guy with a gun intervened Wednesday morning and shot an alleged gunman at Illinois’s Dixon High School. WRAL reports that