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Health Insurance Cancelled? REAL, Affordable Care

If you haven’t been learning about herbal medicines, the question becomes, Why? As the USA’s Health Care System becomes more and more unaffordable, it is endemic on you to learn

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Backyard Fruit Tree Basics

This video comes from the Dave Wilson Nursery. Tom Spellman gives a bunch of good advice for the backyard or homestead orchard. From the video description: Tom Spellman talks about

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Farmstead Meatsmith Interview

Brandon Sheard, the Farmstead Meatsmith, is interviewed by The Grass-Fed Homestead. Brandon has learned many old ways of butchering and preserving various animals. He shares some of his knowledge on

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All About Dexter Cattle

Dexter cattle are a heritage breed that are smaller, heartier and more docile than many larger breeds. They do fine in summer on just grazing the fields. In this video,

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Using Celery For Curing Meat?

Did you know celery can be used to preserve meat? From the video description: Who would have thought that plants can help preserve meat for long term storage? The colder

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Mountain Lions & Firearms

Zach, at An American Homestead, tells his viewers why he is usually armed when about his 56 homestead. Living in the boonies, where there are mountain lions, bears, rattlesnakes and

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Distilling Water Off Grid On The Homestead

Zach, at An American Homestead, bought a distiller from ClawHammerSupply.com. In the following video, he tries out the distiller to make distilled water. Distilled water is necessary for many batteries

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How We Harvest and Eat Sunflower Seeds – An American Homestead

From the video description: Sunflower seeds are a great source of plant protein and healthy fat. And that translates to energy for your body! Zac loves sunflower seeds and we

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Off Grid Outdoor Kitchen Tour

The folks at An American Homestead built an outdoor off-grid kitchen for use in the hot days of summer, as they cook and can over a wood fire. From the

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Mass Heater For Greenhouse – An American Homestead

The folks at An American Homestead have a large greenhouse where they grow fish and use aquaponics to grow vegetables. They originally had a rocket mass woodstove setup, but it

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Store Has Everything You Need To Live Without Electricity

Justin Rhodes takes us on a tour of the original Lehman’s Store. Most anything you could need to live without electricity can be found at Lehman’s, from wood stoves, to

All CPT-Preparedness-Videos Featured

How to Plant & Grow Healthy Organic Strawberries For Food From Plugs/Roots No Till Raised Bed Garden

Mark, at I Am Organic Gardening, shows how to raise organic strawberries in raised beds, using the no-till method of gardening. – Part 2