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FIJA: Long-Term Jury Nullification Campaign Paying off in New Hampshire!

Editor’s Note: I would like to invite every reader here to share the link to this article at the home site of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA). The more

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Can One Man Make a Difference? ~ KrisAnne Hall on Liberty

KrisAnne Hall makes the case for yes, absolutely, one man (or woman) can make a difference. Do our actions need to be as dramatic as the examples she gives us?

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Elias Alias: Jury Selection In Bundy Trial Already Rigged

Jury selection/rejection began today, Wednesday, September 07, 2016, in Portland, Oregon, for the Bundy trial. I am not surprised to read accounts of the judge’s bias against jury nullification. The

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Gary A. Frisina and Elias Alias: Turkey, Nukes, NATO, and the Clinton-Gulen Tandem

I received an email from Gary A. Frisina recently in which he asked why I had not covered the July 2016 attempted coup in Turkey. Gary had seen a few

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FIJA: Get Your FREE Jury Rights Day Event Kit!

Editor’s Note: The current announcement from FIJA is below. Oath Keepers founder and president, Stewart Rhodes, has recommended that Oath Keepers everywhere help promote in the public awareness the powers

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Breaking News: John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Recording Released Showing he WAS a Traitor who Turned Against His Own Country

The “Songbird” Traitor, Doing His Fake Hero Act, Begins His Rise to Power An audio recording has surfaced proving that U.S. Senator John McCain collaborated with the North Vietnamese by

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Fox News: Benghazi: ‘Spinning Up As We Speak’

‘Spinning up as we speak’: Email shows Pentagon was ready to roll as Benghazi attack occurred Just as a reminder: From back in December, 2015, Fox News: As the

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Corbett Report: Meet Fethullah Gulen, Deep State Plotter

Fethullah Gülen Meet Fethullah Gulen, Deep State Plotter James Corbett invites us to look behind the curtain for a peek into Turkish interests during the attempted coup of July 15,
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Clinton Cash: Get Some!

Don't know how long this may be up online, so get it while it shows, eh?  But please, when viewing this always recall that the Bush crime family is just
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An Empire Strikes Home Part Five

Note: This article has been recovered from the Way Back Machine by a Friend to whom I am very grateful. I am parking this final piece in my series on
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An Empire Strikes Home Part Four

EA Note: I published this on the Oath Keepers national website on November 9, 2011.  A Friend found this on the Way Back Machine, so this is an almost exact
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An Empire Strikes Home Part Three

Psychological Warfare and Operations Other Than War July 2011 Packaging The Policy In Part One and Part Two we looked at the phenomenon of rampant use of S.W.A.T. teams across