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Nevada Police Union Leader Prioritizes Bloomberg Disarmament Bill over Member Oaths

“As the leader of the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers – the largest statewide affiliation of law enforcement associations in Nevada, representing more than 1,500 law enforcement professionals –

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Sessions Embracing ‘Project Exile’ a Result of Exclusive NRA Influence with Trump on Guns

“In Richmond, Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he will expand Project Exile nationwide,” the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.  “Project Exile is a widely copied program credited with cutting Richmond’s violent crime

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Gun Hypocrite Snoop Dogg’s ‘Clown Trump’ Assassination Exemplifies Toxic Cultural Pollution

“Snoop Dogg’s new video features mock assassination of a ‘clown’ Donald Trump,” Newsweek and just about every other news outlet are reporting (many approvingly, as if they wouldn’t have demanded heads

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Oath-Breaking Political Turncoat Flores Betrays Gun-Owning Florida Supporters

“In a stunning setback for gun rights supporters, Sen. Anitere Flores, one of the most powerful lawmakers in Tallahassee, declared on the very first day of Florida’s two-month legislative session

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‘Progressive’ Homosexual Activists Say ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ Doesn’t Matter, It’s the Guns

“Don’t Take Your Eyes Off the Issue of Our Time – Gun Control,” The Advocate, self-identifying as a “the world’s leading gay news source” urges. Springboarding off the massacre at

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Birmingham Group’s Demand for Gun ‘Laws’ Shows They Really Have No Clue – About Anything

“Birmingham organization proposes changes to gun laws, named for Gate City shooting victim,” AL.com reports. “Frank Matthews, President of the Outcast Voters League, spoke about the proposed Sheri Williams Mandatory

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Perez DNC Win Over Ellison Spells Bigger Danger

“Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison fell short Saturday in his campaign to run the Democratic National Committee, losing to former Labor Secretary Tom Perez,” NPR News reported. “[T]he next chairman is

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Fourth Circuit Second Amendment Subversion Highlights Critical Need to Vet Judges

On Tuesday, the United States Court Of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, in the matter of Kolbe v. Hogan, upheld Maryland’s so-called “assault weapon” ban. The divided decision dashes hopes

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New Hampshire Adopts ‘Constitutional Carry’

This article comes from PJMedia.com by Michael Walsh Earlier today, the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire became the latest state to effectively eliminate unlawful infringements on the

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NRA’s Wayne LaPierre to Lead The Fight Against Tyranny?

By Jenn Jacques. On Friday, Feb 24, 2017, Wayne LaPierre will lead the fight against the forces conspiring to sabotage President Donald Trump at this year’s CPAC convention (according to

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‘Progressives’ Fantasizing about Civil War like Children Playing with Fire

“Chicago ‘scholar’ claims militias would be ‘toast’ if resisting military coup,” I posted last month. A “progressive journalist” was enamored of a “progressive academic,” both presuming the military is as predominantly

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Oath-Breaking Cops Join Gun-Grabby Gabby to Push for Citizen Disarmament

“Gabby Giffords’ gun-control group gets new law enforcement allies,” USA Today reports.* “[She] and her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, have some new allies in their fight to end gun violence.