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Good Guys With Guns will be at MA Flag Day Second Amendment Rally for interviews

Good Guys With Guns is on the road, taking a small film crew to Connecticut, then Massachusetts and then, pending the budget, on to New Hampshire to interview about 10 more

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WeCan.Vote Another Astroturf Attempt by Anti-Gun Advertising Pros to Manipulate Public Opinion

“This site lets kids who can’t vote have a voice on gun control,” a Monday PR piece masked as news by Fast Company advertises. “WeCan.Vote polls kids still under 18

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Bluenose Killjoys Freak Out Over Royals with Toy Guns

“Photos of Prince George playing with toy gun cause controversy,” a Monday headline on Fox News declares. “Several photos of Prince George playing with a toy gun on Sunday sparked

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Good Guys With Guns are the Solution!

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS How an Armed Citizenry Deters Tyranny and Atrocities Are you alarmed by the growing number of mass shootings in schools, churches and public places?  What can

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Alan Korwin of GunLaws.com on Student Gun-Control Bus Tour

Author Alan Korwin of GUNLAWS.COM talks about the upcoming 75-city student gun-control bus tour. He points out that adults are behind the scenes pulling the strings. He also explains why

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‘Former Gun Criminal’ Rush Resurrects Old Plot to Gut Second Amendment

“Two House Democrats [actually, one House Democrat and one Sernate Democrat — DC] on Wednesday introduced legislation that would set up a federal firearms licensing system, and all gun sales

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If City Owes Apology, It’s to Gun Owners, Not ‘Snowflakes’

“We want to apologize for the concern and frustration involved with Mr. Kris Kobach’s parade entry at the Old Shawnee Days Parade on Saturday, June 2, 2018,” a joint press

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14 year old girl proves liberals are pansies

She is 14, weighs 90 pounds, but has no trouble shooting. This girl responds to a liberal claiming he got a sore shoulder and PTSD from shooting an AR-15. Not

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Keeping Our Kids Safe Doing What Works!

by Yale Wishnick Yale Wishnick, Ed.D. has worked closely with public and private sector organizations over the past 40 years and is applying his organizing knowledge and skills to reverse

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Release the SECOND Wooten Memo!

Wooten doubled down on his information writing a second memo with even more revelations. by Shari Dovale Larry Wooten is the whistleblower that came forward during the Bunkerville Standoff trial

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Texas Governor Unveils Plan for Armed Veterans in Schools

  This article comes from Breitbart.com by AWR Hawkins Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) security plan in response to the Santa Fe High School attack includes placing armed veterans in Texas