1. Vitta 29 January, 2015, 06:35

    Hello my name is victor Ramirez I’m an airforce veteran located in Laverne ,ca . Please contact me so my family and I can join what the oath keepers are all about .

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    • John Mills 2 April, 2015, 20:37

      Vitta, you can find your local oathkeepers sites and telephone numbers by locating your state and your contact info for oath keepers there. God bless and keep our oath.

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    • AmericaBeautiful 11 July, 2015, 14:17

      Good for you Victor; also, please join with citizens at They are near you, and doing a lot of good.

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    • Douglas 26 December, 2015, 11:08

      There are only three that I know of Huntington Beach, Victorville and IE. Send email to OK asking for contact info.

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  2. Desert Rat 26 March, 2015, 16:08

    I want to get a message out to those in charge with the Oath keepers.tonight on 3 -26-15 Glenn Beck is having a special program this program is free for tonight so there will be no charge to watch it. The special is going to be about a man Grover Norquist this special needs to be seen by everybody I wish you would get the word out you have time to check about what I’m saying Grover Norquis is a very bad man who has Been involved with the Muslim brother hood for years.he is on many panels one for example the NRA what he does is he gets the Muslim Brotherhood handpicked people into these panels like money laundering except he’s doing it with with Muslim Brotherhood people. Tonight Glenn beck is going to explain how the GOP and Karl Rove are in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood for example Karl Rove gave a check to Grover Norquist and one of his radical organizations 26,400,000.thank you.

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  3. John Mills 2 April, 2015, 20:34

    I am interested in joing oath keepers. I am a former medic and served in Vietnam with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade and later transfered to the 25th Infantry Division. I am aware of the tyranny generally. It is a big step, but I am not willing to live as a slave. God bless you all.

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    • Nancy Larned 20 May, 2015, 05:19

      Hi John,
      To join Oath Keepers, there is a tab labeled “membership” on the main page of . To see if we have a chapter near you, please give me your city and county at

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      • FORCERECONMAN 17 August, 2015, 01:04

        HI NANCY




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        • betsy 21 August, 2015, 17:31

          I can’t find anyone where I live in Norther California either.

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        • Nancy Larned 19 September, 2015, 01:27

          To see if we have a chapter near you, please give me your city and county at

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          • Chopper 4 March, 2016, 02:04

            My family is in Kern county I am in the Asshole of California La Puente. I to want to become a oath keeper. I am a hard working blue collar worker born in Anaheim ca I want our country back and our rights Nancy Larned my phone will not let me email you anything it automatically changes your email address on its own. I really want to find a chapter to join I live in La Puente Los Angeles county my email address is

  4. Grouser 5 May, 2015, 05:00

    BLM has been taking private property, blocking access across old patents, and I now feel directly threatened. This is in Kern County, California. Who will help me?

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  5. Rorschach 7 July, 2015, 14:26


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  6. RedWhiteBlue 21 July, 2015, 00:36

    Name is Scott. I also live in Laverne ca. Family has served but I have not. In light of recent activity I am seriously concerned about my country,religion and family. The ccw rights here are ridiculous. Would like to know what steps need to be taken to get involved.

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  7. liwi11 23 July, 2015, 23:00

    Hello just joined I’m an air force vet and a retired paramedic for 26 years I’m in the sacramento area

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  8. Rickb 8 August, 2015, 19:31

    We need to do this all over the country. And we need to see who, of our our Potential Presidential candidates, will back us without hesitation.
    Sound the alarm and let’s keep drawing that line.

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  9. NYMarine 11 August, 2015, 13:19

    Outstanding job the O.K. are doing. They stand up for those who wont. This country truly needs a wake up call. Its later than we think!

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  10. markbenitez 11 August, 2015, 18:55

    I need more information about oath keepers.
    I was in the services in the Navy and the army in el Salvador…
    Am I qualified?

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    • Karen Rynearson 18 September, 2015, 23:51

      Anyone can join Oath Keepers. Go to the home page and hit the toggle menu. Scroll down to membership and choose your preferred option. If you have questions, please call Karen Rynearson 714-604-3291.

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    • Nancy Larned 19 September, 2015, 01:32

      Please send me an email so we can discuss this. We also have associate memberships for those who have not served. To see if we have a chapter near you, please give me your city and county at

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  11. squidficious 12 August, 2015, 01:31

    I would like to attend a meeting, I am in Fresno Ca. I am retire vet. When and where are meetings held?

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  12. navyblue29 12 August, 2015, 17:59

    Can civilians join the oath. Keepers.?

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  13. Ironhead 12 August, 2015, 18:48

    Would like to find a chapter in Lake County and or Mendocino County. Please someone let me know by e-mail.

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  14. Wes 14 August, 2015, 15:35

    I’m a former Marine interested in becoming involved. I live in the Riverside county area. Keep up the good work.

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  15. PopPop 16 August, 2015, 04:42

    Would like to know of any OK’s members in the Encino, CA area!
    Payment pending!

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  16. bobmaccian 24 August, 2015, 02:34

    to all who dont know me yet i am both a army vet 111 mp co cold war vet and retired san francisco patrol special peace officer that takes a stand for liberty and freedom here and have not forgotten my oath nor will i ever

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  17. bobmaccian 24 August, 2015, 02:36

    i currently reside in contra costa county at this time

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  18. Kdc 17 September, 2015, 18:30

    This is amazing. I am looking for local chapter now going to go all in. I offer my services as a Army infantry vet.

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  19. Sheepdawgpooch 28 September, 2015, 04:17

    I’m prior military and intrigued with what this organization stand for. I would like to attain more detail about membership requirements, duties and benefits. Thank you for your time!

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  20. Soulfly 9 October, 2015, 04:29

    Hello fellow Keepers,

    I live in Corona, Ca. I just joined O.K., I couldn’t find a chapter in Riverside. I know the IE is divided in four sections. I don’t see a contact for Ontario area. If someone can point me to the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! #32390

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  21. Woobbie 12 October, 2015, 07:07

    Want to join as civilian. Currently live in Byron. Ca, which is in Contra Costa County. Any chapters nearby?

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    • nomosnome 8 November, 2016, 01:44

      Hi Woobbie
      I live across the river in Isleton sort of so i’m not sure if we’re in central or northern Ca.

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    • Earl 15 January, 2017, 21:25


      Closest chapter to you right now is in Alameda County. We meet in Dublin, monthly. We’re also going to be setting up a San Joaguin chapter in the coming months.

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  22. deviousone 12 March, 2016, 01:23

    We can make a chapter Contra Costa County.Now is the time to stop the criminal government.I was once a person people citizen ,I now live life as a free human being Find your true free living human Cestiu Que Vi Trust Canon Law artical 100 this will help they own you, soul ,body,mind break free.I am one that is about freedom constitution life ,my children will not be cheated and enslaved

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  23. Rattlebone 21 June, 2016, 17:06

    Hello! I am seeking to join, yet want to attend any gathering that may be in the San Francisco Bay area, specifically Santa Clara County, San Jose ,CA. Can you provide any contact info? I could not find on your site! Thank You!

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  24. Surrounded 9 July, 2016, 10:56

    Help, I am surrounded here in Berkeley. Are there any chapters nearby or up north?

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  25. Andrew 23 July, 2016, 11:00

    I sure see a lot of opportunities to send money to Oath Keepers, but not organize, meet or even contacts for local/county chapters. All the comments are I want to support the message but can’t find, talk, email, see anybody about it.
    Engineer and prior city police and military officer. Hope this doesn’t go the way of “the wounded warrior project”……

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  26. SGM 6 November, 2016, 22:57

    Nothing changes for us with the election of Hillary
    We will honor our Oath and act only in self defense
    This is the same duty we have always had
    “Be Prepared and honor your Oath”.
    Author Bill Witten

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  27. Jack 21 November, 2016, 22:45

    Nothing in the Southbay area of Los Angeles?

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  28. Jimmy 5 January, 2017, 18:39

    Any chapters in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley area?

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  29. hawkldm 12 January, 2017, 15:10

    any chapters in or around Eureka, Cal

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  30. Jon 10 February, 2017, 17:27

    Any chapters for riverside ca?

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  31. BigLee 21 April, 2017, 17:46

    I would like to become a member and pay 1 year membership. My old associate membership # was 009501. I live in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Is there a chapter in Yucca Valley? How about the Coachella Valley near Palm Springs, CA.?

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  32. jixer08 28 April, 2017, 13:59

    I’m in Sacramento, would that be the Northern or Central California Chapter?

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  33. Sanf 8 May, 2017, 13:09

    I thank you for your service and support your cause. I believe that our constitution should be protected and upheld above all orders or other documents created.

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  34. Jozsef 21 May, 2017, 12:07

    The Palm Springs area. Riverside County. Is there any interest in forming a chapter in that area?

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