Blumenthal Delusion on Trump and Guns a Ploy for Attention and Disruption


Only following orders, right guys? So much for their oath, when they willingly appear with Sen. Richard Blumenthal for a photo op aimed at disarming their countrymen. (Sen. Richard Blumenthal Facebook photo)

Calling Congress “complicit” for criminal murders using guns, Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal called on President-elect Donald Trump to “do the unpredictable” and support citizen disarmament edicts, PJ Media reports.

“It’s a Nixon to China moment for Donald Trump when he can defy the expectation, do the unpredictable – he likes doing the unpredictable – respond to a rally, which he also likes to do, and the rally is the America people who are clamoring and demanding action,” Blumenthal posited at a Capitol Hill rally exploiting families and survivors victimized by violent armed criminals. “Donald Trump has a legacy moment. When he can seize this opportunity, a historic opportunity, do the right thing and adopt these common-sense measures: background checks for every gun purchase, a ban on terrorists buying guns and ending the immunity, the legal immunity, unprecedented, unknown to any other industry for gun manufacturers. These are your ideas, Donald. We’ll give you credit for them.”

In other words, his bright idea is for Trump to betray the constituency that put him in power and embrace rejected policies that lost the election for Hillary Clinton. Blumenthal is suggesting Trump will do his dirty work for him, undermining the Bill of Rights by enacting edicts that are the kiss of political death anywhere but in blue state “progressive” enclaves. That’s what his partner in oath-breaking, Connecticut’s other senator, Chris Murphy unintentionally admitted, all the while trying to put a spin on reality to mask his on-the-ropes desperation.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes candidly assessed Blumenthal’s seemingly delusional plea:

This is the same as saying, “Do the unpredictable and cut your own political throat by violating your oath and your promise to your supporters to defend the Second Amendment, and act exactly the same as if Hillary had won.” What Trump should do instead is call these oath breaking politicians out as the blood dancers they are, who turn a blind eye to the reality that it is criminal street thugs and gang bangers who are killing each other en-mass in Democratic stronghold “sanctuary cities” such as Chicago [or New Haven, CT for that matter], where the gang-bangers have free reign to rule the streets without having to worry about local people taking out the trash (like the people of Mexico are starting to do with armed citizen patrols), since the law-abiding locals in such Democrat controlled cities are forbidden to carry guns for self defense.

The leftist answer is to always blame the law-abiding, decent gun owners for the gang-bangers’ obsession with violence and murder. They don’t blame the gang culture, and the hip-hop culture that idolizes it, but instead blame the rest of us who don’t run around doing drive-by shootings and gang-land assassinations. And it is us they seek to disarm. And we know why – because they have plans for us that require us to be disarmed before they can be effectively carried out.

So both totalitarian wannabes, Blumenthal and Murphy, are from Connecticut, eh?  The place must be a lost cause, right?

Not if gun owners fighting on the front lines there have anything to say about it.  Many times when documenting the latest in-your-face infringements from drunk-on-power politicians, gun owners will weigh in and condemn the entire state. We’ve all seen comments generalizing and applying blame to California, New Jersey or New York.

That works against liberty. I’ve met some fine Connecticut Bill of Rights defenders, including members of our Connecticut Oath Keepers chapter, and they’re as dedicated a group of patriots as any. The ones with their backs against the wall can be the most committed activists, devoting time, treasure and effort while fighting against overwhelming odds. These people have earned our admiration and gratitude for not giving up, and for showing those of us who don’t have it as bad as they do what it means to not give up. They deserve our encouragement and support.

Those front lines are important, because it’s where the abuses are strongest that significant stands for liberty are made. Connecticut is one of the places a friend and colleague to many of us, the late Mike Vanderboegh, led by example, committing acts of civil disobedience when no other means of peaceable recourse were available. Again, quoting Stewart:

I am glad we were able to help Mike with travel expenses on several occasions, so he could speak at important events, such as his speech on the steps of the Connecticut capitol (where he committed his first of many acts of defiance to unjust, unconstitutional anti-gun edicts by oath-breaking politicians), and his speech at the Alamo. I felt it was important to do that, so that people who called themselves “Three Percenters” would know who Mike was, and would listen to his advice and counsel as the founder of that movement on how to do that mission right.

Blumenthal and Murphy are making noise, getting media recognition and appealing to the useful idiots who keep them in power. They’re not really delusional, because they know exactly what they’re doing. They’re saving face and they’re laying the groundwork to make things as disruptive as possible to discourage Trump from keeping campaign promises and to poison public perception when he does.


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David Codrea

David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. Mike November 24 December, 2016, 13:15

    CT OK member here.
    There is no nationally elected official from CT who cares about the Constitution or the oath that they took. Therefore, to them, any new law is fodder for compromise or worse.
    These oath breakers, and many at the state government level, have failed to accomplish their very first responsibility of their positions. “to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.”
    Yet there are those of us who have chosen to draw our line here. We have chosen not to move. We have chosen to fight what we know is wrong and harmful to a sound society. To push back legally and lawfully to restore our Constitutional republic.
    RTI and CPT we must and we do. We also invested in being involved in the election process as all good Americans should. Beginning with involvement or support at town councils, to door knocking, to being delegates, Our members have helped other good Americans to choose who gets on the ballot in this state. And in 6 years or so the state Senate is now evenly split between the parties.…/connecticut-state-senate-split-for-the-first-time-since-1893/ (this link has been removed.)
    And the House of Reps. divide is now a close 79-72 split. It is slow, but it is having its effect. As far as CT voting for national level positions, the % of people voting against the Blumenthal’s of CT has increased. Challengers were soundly defeated up to 6 years ago. 2 years ago, shots went across the bow of the incumbents with first time opponents garnering 30-33% of the votes. That percentage went up in this election cycle. This is a larger longer skirmish that is being waged here.
    CTOK members and other Constitutional groups have “set brush fires of freedom in the minds of men”. I will say that CTOK is having an effect by being seen and heard in public. It gives others permission to do the same. We have brothers and sisters who are relentless in correcting any politician who calls the US a democracy.
    We cannot ignore that common sense is prevailing over the ridiculous rhetoric of those like Blumenthal. Self inflicted wounds on the enemies of freedom are always appreciated.

    CTOK members are (R),(D),(I),(L) but being American is the higher priority.

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  2. Barbara 24 December, 2016, 20:15


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  3. pecosred 24 December, 2016, 22:47

    This is the same idiot that lied about serving in Viet Nam.

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  4. douseeyet 25 December, 2016, 08:30

    Yes, do the unexpected. Invite Blumenthal to the W.H. and then tell him to tone down the rhetoric and that no major anti-gun bills will pass your desk…….ever. Then send him on his way.

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  5. James Stamulis 25 December, 2016, 08:59

    The left is obviously trying to copy what Europe has already done. Every time a terrorist attacks the innocent the left comes out holier than thou and demands guns be taken from the victims in the name of protecting them. Only the idiotic believe them and unfortunately there is no shortage of idiots. In America there is no excuse for any politician to steal our 2nd amendment for they are sworn to protect that right.

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  6. Michael J 25 December, 2016, 09:51

    I can just picture Blumenthal in a NAZI SS Uniform except NAZI’s fought the likes of these elected scum bags (Blumenthal and Murphy) who are actually more Bolshevik. Connecticut is the Un-Constitutional State. Sanctuary Cities. UN Sister Cities, I am sure UN Strong Cities by now. There is a push by groups to make the entire state a “Sanctuary State”. The position of County Sheriff was removed from the State Constitution in 2000. Sheriffs are no longer elected by the people but are 1099 Employees of the State serving evictions, foreclosure notices, and lawsuit papers or the occasional prisoner escapee hunt. The gun laws were very tough, but after Sandy Hook (Which many believe was a FEMA Drill presented as real) they now have gun registration for long guns, license to buy ammo (unless you have a Pistol Permit) 10 round limit on magazines, and you must declare what magazines you have to the state that are over 10 rounds even though you can’t use them. The State defines what an “assault weapon” is and of course they are no longer legal, unless you owned one already. However it can only be sold or transferred to Military or Law Enforcement, thus they actually enacted a soft confiscation. All precious metals sales are controlled and closely monitored electronically. The taxes are very high and always going higher. Connecticut is clearly a fascist Communist State with a growing citizen base that has no understanding of freedom or what tyranny is. My great grand parents came to the USA/CT for a better life. I am now a refugee from this state as I refuse to live under tyranny of control freaks. I moved 06/2013 to escape the tyranny and horrible quality of life and it is obviously only getting worse. This is the model that the NWO Globalists seek to impose on all of the United States. CT is an example of creeping incrementalism. Needless to say I despise my former home state with every fiber of my being. They are a disgrace.

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    • Disarmed Canadian 26 December, 2016, 04:23

      Sorry to see you fled your home state Michael J. When or if you get the chance those traitors to your 2nd amendment should be arrested and charged then have their U.S. citizenship revoked because they would rather live in a communist place like 1920s Russia where they confiscated everything including food.

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  7. Piper Michael 26 December, 2016, 07:26

    It is all more insidious than I first believed, but then, I now recognize that ‘leftism’ is nothing but The Hive Mind, and they are as One Mind. This has infected the VA on many levels. I never believed that they would ‘label’ me as ‘mental’, but I never used them since the days of Vietnam, simply because I didn’t want any ‘gumint doctors’ working on me. I should have stayed with that, but life, has a way of dealing unrecoverable blows, so I was forced to apply for VA ‘Health care’.
    The first doctor I saw, could care less about what was physically wrong with me, ignoring 30 years of medical records I had brought with me, and immediately, started asking questions about my life, and without having a chance to fully explain that yes, I was going through a bad financial patch right now… but… (I was trying to find a new purpose in life, since, my old purpose, being a robotics engineer, had been outsourced, and I was now too old, and ‘over qualified’ for anything… so, employers would rather bring in h1b’s, than pay me what I was worth. (Even a willingness to take pay cuts, doesn’t work, since you are ‘over qualified’.)
    Long story short, after 5 minutes, and no review of my medical history, this asshole that calls himself a doctor, pronounced me ‘chronically depressed’ and referred me to their psychologist for an ‘evaluation’. All my other problems, were ‘in my head’, despite having a disability for a hand grenade accident, and broken pelvis, and… other related issues. None of that matter to him. All he would do for me was ‘two aspirins and call me in three months’.
    Since that time, all they would prescribe is drugs for mental patients, I objected, and asked to see the psychologists evaluation, since, I thought I convinced her I was merely going through a temporary period. Nope, sorry, that’s ‘privileged information’. WTF? Its my info? No dice, their agenda was complete. And is was, an AGENDA, to label vets as mentally incompetent to get a concealed carry permit. So F**k them, this is an open carry state….
    I did, eventually, find blacksmithing, a sort of engineering, that provides much joy. But, despite that, they say I’m mentally damaged, we now find now, through a congressional report, that these leftist assholes(sorry, but a spade is a spade), STOLE, $2.6 BILLION from the VA budget, so that their Dear Leader could fund his Syrian Refugee Program.
    I know I’m not alone… where is the outrage? Because it is only one, of many, and we are all burned out on outrage.
    Go Trump.

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    • Charlie BROWN 30 December, 2016, 14:16

      I am outraged Piper Michael and I don’t even know you!!! Almost unbelievable what these criminal rascals get away with.I recon it is partly our fault for not getting physically pushy enough (if ya know what I mean) but they know and we know what the consequences for that would be and I guess there are just not enough folks that are POed enough yet or the nation is too split. Any way best wishes to ya Michael.

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  8. Awasis 26 December, 2016, 16:41

    If we really were “clamoring” to have guns taken away from us, don’t you think we would… I don’t know…. stop buying them? No instead what we HAVE seen is soaring gun sales. So that says to me that the majority DO, and a small faction of militant politicians are the only ones “clamoring.”.

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