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Join Us At Rally for America! July 29, 2017, Washington D.C. at U.S. Capitol Building

Oath Keepers and supporters, Please join us in Washington D.C. on Saturday, July 29, 2017 at the U.S. Capitol for the Rally for America, from 9am to 4pm.    This will

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Courting Disaster: Supreme Court Decides Against Homeland Security

Court guts presidential authority to prevent the entry of terrorists. July 24, 2017  Michael Cutler Within days of taking office President Trump issued an Executive Order that would, among other

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Bunkerville Retrial – First Week Wrap-Up

by Shari Dovale  July 23, 2017 The retrial of four defendants is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. Eric Parker, Steven Stewart, Scott Drexlar and Ricky Lovelein are fighting for their lives for

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Concealed Handgun Permits Hit New Records, Drawing in More Women, Minorities

July 21, 2017 by Jenn Jacques According to the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), the number of concealed handgun permit holders has soared to an impressive 16.3 million law-abiding citizens! But has that

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House passes bill that includes selling milsurp 1911s through CMP

7/17/17| by Chris Eger The House version of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act was approved and included a plan to transfer the U.S. Army’s remaining stock of .45 ACP M1911A1

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Gingrich: Mueller’s Law Firm ‘Gave 99.81% of Its Donations to Hillary Clinton’

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich thinks something is fishy with Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump’s Russia ties. On the same day that Mueller asked the White House to preserve

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Robert George on US Society: ‘Our Divisions Are Very Deep’

The Princeton professor, a leading voice for civil discourse, discusses the polarized state of America.Matthew E. Bunson As you are one of the country’s leading political philosophers, how would you

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INVASION-21: UN Document Plans People Replacement War Against West

Globalist agenda to overthrow Western society exposed David Knight | – July 22, 2017 A United Nations document from 2000 exposes “The Great People Replacement” as their final solution.

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REMINDER: Free Premiere of MAINSTREAM Part 2 “Corrupting Images” this weekend.

A Critical Look at How the Cultural Marxist-Infested Movie Industry Destroys the Family Unit, Causes Strife Between Men and Women, Confuses Children About Their Sexuality, and Profits off of Violence

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Can We Finish the Mainstream Media?

Do you have cable TV? Did you know you are paying CNN every month as part of your Cable TV package? Do you like that you are supporting the worst

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Report: POTUS Trump Shuts Down CIA Program Arming Syrian Rebels

This article comes from The Gateway Pundit by Cristina Laila President Trump is reportedly shutting down the CIA’s program to arm and train Syrian ‘rebels’ who are fighting the Syrian

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Catherine Austin Fitts – We Need Our $40 Trillion In Stolen Cash Back

Catherine Austin Fitts is interviewed  on Gregg Hunter’s USA Watchdog show. From the video description: Published on Jul 18, 2017 Don’t expect the mainstream propaganda media to give you any

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Unfunded Reality

John, from the Prepared Mind, talks about the world of real things versus the unreal. Promises from governments are not real things. They are only promises. Will the promise be