Benghazi Revisited: Gary Franchi on CIA and Clinton Arming ISIS


I have regularly posted for years the alarming fact that assets of the U.S. government were used in the creation of the Mujahideen, al Qaeda, and ISIS. Also, I posted this summer (2015) my own premise that every grave “enemy” which confronted America during the Twentieth Century and thus far in the Twenty-first Century was fabricated, custom-made by powers and forces which are even more powerful than the U.S. Federal government. Those invisible, unelected powers made use of our very own government and its offices and agencies in order to create an “enemy”. It is done for various reasons which include keeping the “industrial” side of the military-industrial complex up and running, pumping out the military hardware of mass destruction as scheduled by the needs of the DOW. It is no longer a secret.

Gary Franchi makes use of a Breitbart article on his show to highlight what that sort of mischief can bring home to the American people — a “foreign policy boomerang” which costs some Americans their lives and all other Americans an unwitting complicity in international war crimes, such as arming terrorists in the middle-east.

In May 2015 I posted the first installment of a four-part series on the very interesting “Unconventional Warfare” military exercise named JADE HELM 15. In that article I wrote the following under a sub-title borrowed from a book title by Gore Vidal: “Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace”

To have a never-ending run of wars, the Intelligence community, re-booted in 1947 after President Truman dissolved the OSS on the heels of WWII, creates America’s enemies so we can all enjoy electric appliances, entertainments, pro sports, large single-family homes in suburbs, nice cars, convenience stores and airplane rides — our whole inorganic lifestyle to which we generally refer as “Western Civilization”. That is what is at stake, and that is why our arms industry continues to create the implements of war even now that there is not one nation on this earth which is wanting to attack us. And although that has been going on for a half-century or more, and no power on earth can safely challenge U.S. hegemony around the globe, the thinkers and planners became animated after the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989-1991) and decided that since the Cold War was ended and no “enemy” existed, yet another new enemy would have to be created. But by the early 1990s the whole world was by then more or less “plugged in”with rapidly broadcast world-wide news, which made matters difficult for planning the next war. Limited UN actions were kept going, such as G.H.W. Bush-41’s trickery with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, but no serious war could be staged without the UN blowing its top.

So they came up with a rollicking borderless War on Terror which could provide a new outlet for the arms industry and an extended excuse to maintain one of the things our Founders cautioned us against — a standing army. I think that they also realized that given proper agitation by our Intelligence community (which works closely with MI-6 of British Intelligence and the MOSSAD from Israel), an endless supply of “enemies” could be perpetually created under the guise of “terrorism”.

Much has been done in secrecy. For example, most readers will not know that the manual for “Jihad” was created at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and sent to Afghanistan and other points of interest as the CIA was paying U.S. Taxpayer dollars to Osama bin Laden’s father’s construction company to build the guerrilla training camps where the Mujahideen would be trained to fight the USSR army in Afghanistan.

Well over two years ago I watched on TV Clare Lopez in Glenn Beck’s studio where she laid out for viewers the route taken from Benghazi to Turkey to Syria; the route by which the CIA was smuggling heavy armaments to al Qaeda in Syria. Clare Lopez is a former CIA agent and a whistle-blower on some of CIA’s nefarious activity, such as smuggling guns to Jihadists in the middle-east. In the same articulate and confident style of speaking used by Edward Snowden, Clare Lopez can deliver significant “intel” as only a CIA insider would be capable.

Here is Gary Franchi