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At Least 47 Dead, Many Trapped After Powerful Quake Rocks Mexico City

This article comes from Update 2 (4:38 pm ET): The governor of the Mexican state of Morelos said at least 42 people have died in the central Mexican state,

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Sweden’s Fall: The Cost of Altruism

The Roaming Millennial has thoughts on the refugee problems facing Sweden, as their Culture is being overwhelmed and the country’s leadership doesn’t care.

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Violent Protesters in St. Louis Arrested For Rioting, Destroying Property and Assaulting a Police Officer

Black Lives Matter is at it again, promoting violence and intimidation, which is the only two things they are capable of, since they have no rational ideas. – Shorty Dawkins

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A Generation of Idiots: Indoctrination with Political Correctness

Dutchman, Paul Nielsen, of, discusses the insanity of moral relativism, and how it is steadily destroying Western culture. Through indoctrinating our youth with moral relativism, which teaches them that

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EU Threatens Poland, Hungary & Czech Republic

The European Union’s bureaucrats, in Brussels, are putting the pressure on Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland, demanding they accept thousands of “refugees” (actually economic immigrants), or suffer penalties. The

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Terror in London: Passengers Injured as Device Detonates on Tube, Manhunt Underway

This article comes from by Victoria Friedman Metropolitan police confirmed that the explosion on a Parsons Green underground train is being treated as a “terror-related incident” with several burn

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Water to Fuel Converter

Water is composed of 2 hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom. Hydrogen, of course, can be a fuel for various engines, but separating the hydrogen and oxygen is the key.

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Hillary Clinton’s Alternative Take On What “1984” Was All About

This is very telling. It displays for the world to see, that Hillary Clinton looks down upon the people she sought to rule. She believes only in rulers and experts,

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Desperation Mounts in Caribbean Islands: ‘All the Food Is Gone’

This article comes from By AZAM AHMED and KIRK SEMPLE MARIGOT, St. Martin — At dawn, people began to gather, quietly planning for survival after Hurricane Irma. They started

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Remembering 9-11

Today let us remember our fallen from 9-11-2001, including the first responders who lost their lives while running into the buildings at the World Trade Center and up the stairs

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These Videos from Florida Show the Wrath of Hurricane Irma

This article comes from the Organic Prepper by Daisy Luther If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Below you’ll see videos from

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Solemn, personal ceremonies as US commemorates 9/11

This article comes from  AP via NEW YORK (AP) — Holding photos and reading names of loved ones lost 16 years ago, 9/11 victims’ relatives marked the anniversary of