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There Will Be Blood: Left Prepares For War After Berkeley Beat Down With “Combat Training, Better Equipment, Guns…”

This article comes from by Mac Slavo Last week Trump supporters and leftist social justice warriors met on the political field of battle in Berkeley, California. Words were exchanged,

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CFR: Trump Sabotaging Globalist World Order

As the leading voice of the CFR, Foreign Affairs tendsto set the agenda of the globalists. In this article, G. John Ikenberry lays out the plan to paint the anti-globalist

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3 Ways to Deal with Martial Law

Pastor Joe Fox, from VikingPreparedness, talks about the only three alternatives to Martial Law: submit, flee or resist.

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Confirmed: Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin Publicly Supports Violent Left-Wing ANTIFA Group

This article comes from the Gateway Pundit by Cristina Laila The Mayor of Bekeley, Jesse Arreguin supports the far-left terrorist organization, BAMN according to his Facebook page. Perhaps this is

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An Important Legal Ruling Against the IRS May Have Huge Implications

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen listens while testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, April 6, 2017, before the Senate Finance Committee. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen) This article comes from PJ Media

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SHTF GRID DOWN – How Devastating? One Man’s View

This may be preaching to the choir, but there are some who don’t take preparedness seriously. For them, Freedom Force USA did a video where he (no name mentioned) gave

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Venezuela Seizes General Motors Car Plant

This article comes from While the US has a habit of invading or attacking sovereign nations any time the president’s approval rating dips below a certain threshold, Venezuela has

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Tucker Carlson vs. Socialist Professor Caroline Heldman Who Calls To Tax The Rich At 80 Percent

Tucker Carlson interviewed Socialist Professor Caroline Heldman who wants to raise the income tax rate on the top 1% to 80%. This is typical of socialists, as they want someone

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Democrat Jon Ossoff Doesn’t Live in the District He Is Running For Congress!

Jon Ossoff, the Democrat running for the Georgia 6th District, can’t vote for himself in today’s election, because does NOT reside in the 6th District. Call me crazy, but isn’t

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Free Speech Battle For Berkeley, California!

We have collected some videos from the Free Speech Rally in Berkeley. Thanks to Navy Jack for many of the links. In the first video, Stefan Molyneux interviews Lauren Southern,

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Here is a Live Feed of the Berkeley Rally from Shuttershot45. – Live at Berkeley, AntiFa and Free Speech Rally WeAreChange video  

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Draining The Swamp – A Small Beginning

There are two articles on the Gateway Pundit website concerning criminal actions of former Obama officials. The first case being the arrest of Candace Marie Claiborne, a State Department official.