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Little-Known Group Aims to End Private Gun Sales (and More) in Ohio (and Beyond)

“Proposed Ohio ballot initiative would require background checks for all gun sales,” NBC4i Columbus reported Thursday. “The newly formed group calling itself ‘Ohioans for Gun Safety’ says they want ‘common

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Virgin Islands Governor Orders Gun Seizures in Advance of Hurricane Irma

*SEE UPDATES AT END OF COLUMN* “U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp signed an emergency order allowing the seizure of private guns, ammunition, explosives and property the National Guard may

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‘Bristling’ Response Merely an Attempt to Counter Lies with Truth

“The Oath Keepers bristle, in posts like this one on their site pertaining to the planned rallies here, at being called a ‘militia’ force or being called ‘anti-government,’” SFist editor-in-chief

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Attorney: FBI Screening Gun Owners against Terror Database without Authority

“FBI admits unauthorized program against American gun owners,” attorney and policy analyst Paloma Capanna charged in an update on Robinson vs. Sessions, a lawsuit on civil rights violations resulting from

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Referendum Seeks to Repeal Oregon’s Due Process-Gutting Gun Ban

“I know that many in Oregon are VERY upset that SB 719 passed,” Republican State Representative Bill Post announced Thursday. “Therefore a group of us are working to repeal it

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Gatekeepers Controlling Narrative Ensure Truth Suppressed from General Population

As part of keeping up with current news reports about topics relevant to my interests, I subscribe to Google Alerts. Every day I get emails based on key words I

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Right Questions Can Help the Uninformed Think Past Anti-Gun Disinformation

It’s time to revisit some basic questions I’ve asked before in columns of mine that have long since disappeared from the internet. It’s time because of the contempt gun owners

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ABA’s Fake Piety Overrides Due Process in ‘Hate Crime’ Gun Ban Resolution

The ABA’s House of Delegates approved a resolution recommending disarming American citizens based on accusations of “hate crimes” and being a threat, the American Bar Association announced Tuesday. Despite due

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Media Spreads Fake News with VPC Silencer Disinformation

“Study Shows Firearm Silencers Threaten Public Safety, “ NJToday “reported” Monday in what could better be described as a press release for the virulently anti-gun Violence Policy Center.  Calling a

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Michigan Adoption Rules Demonstrates Gun-Grabber Preference for Ignorance over Knowledge

“William Johnson and his wife, Jill Johnson, of Ontonagon, were asked to be foster parents to their grandchild, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court,” Michigan Live reported in

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Mueller Backers Should Be Confronted with His Past Hedging on Government Killing American Citizens on U.S. Soil

With the “official” media, Democrats and establishment Republicans forming a protective circle around U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, both he and his backers appear to have conveniently forgotten a past controversy

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Lawsuit Filed Against State Department for Ignoring Fast and Furious Freedom of Information Act Request

“Today we filed suit against the Department of State on behalf of Kent Terry and David Codrea,” Stamboulieh Law, PLLC announced Sunday. The complaint was filed due to State’s inaction