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Oath Keepers News Alerts Point to Another Area of Needed Member Awareness

“Oath Keepers and Tea Partiers want to turn upstate New York into ‘New Amsterdam’,” a Friday Raw Story headline read. “Oath Keepers Plans Billboard Outside Base,” another Friday headline informed


Attack Thwarted by Servicemen Highlights Futility and Evil of French ‘Gun Control’

“Aleksander Skarlatos, one of three Americans who subdued a heavily armed gunman on a Paris-bound train, will be awarded one of the U.S. Army’s highest honors,” Stars and Stripes reported

All Oath Keepers

Red-Green Axis Spells Out Danger Threatening to Destroy the Republic

I just finished “The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America.” by investigative reporter James Simpson. The monograph, published by the Center for Security Policy, warns how

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Oath Keepers Must Be Force Multipliers to Ensure Truth is Shared

Countless reports on Oath Keepers involvement as guardians at recruiting centers, at mine operations and in strife-torn neighborhoods provide constant reminders that the media is desperate to portray them as domestic

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Threatened Domestic Attack on Service Members and Families by Islamic State a Direct Concern for Oath Keepers

Despite an alert followed by an “all clear,” threats to service members and their families on U.S. soil by Islamist terrorists remain real, at least according to those making them. I

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Media channels SPLC to attack Oath Keepers in Ferguson

“The Southern Poverty Law Center describes the Oath Keepers as a ‘fiercely anti-government, militaristic group,’ Cassandra Vinograd “reported” for NBC News about members of the group assuming protective duties for

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Cornyn Mental Health Bill Promises Protection but Raises Concerns

Despite the text of the bill not even being publicly available yet (at this writing), gun owners are already taking sides on Sen. John Cornyn’s “Mental Health and Safe Communities

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Los Angeles Magazine Ban Invites Ridicule, Defiance and Contempt

The Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance last week banning what it calls “large capacity” [read “standard capacity”] magazines, ordering citizens to surrender them within 60 days. Gun owners

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Defending the Defenders

Into this agenda-mandated leadership void stepped Oath Keepers, a national organization of current and retired military and law enforcement personnel and emergency responders. Under the banner of “Operation Protect the

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Waco Biker Story Brings Out Misconceptions About Oath Keepers

An organization like Oath Keepers can’t exist without attracting opposition, including from people ostensibly on “our side.” I experienced some of that firsthand when I announced on my Facebook page


Fast and Furious Gun in Garland Latest in Long, Unending Line of Government-Enabled Crimes

“Garland shooter bought pistol through ATF’s controversial gun running sting to track drug cartels,” the New York Daily News proclaimed, managing to pack two whoppers into one headline. The first

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What If Another Attack Happens Where There Are No Oath Keepers?

“We don’t stop protecting the protectors just because sell outs in the Pentagon are acting as puppets for Obama and trying to order recruiters to call the cops and report