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‘Gunquislings’ Deserve Appropriate Response from Liberty Advocates

“[S]ome gun owners and gun dealers are also background check proponents,” Fox 5 KVVU-TV Las Vegas notes in a report on Michael Bloomberg’s bought-and-paid for campaign to end private sales

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Gun Tax (Extortion) Bill Gets Attention, No Traction, but Still Reveals Totalitarian Mindset

“A new bill would tax gun owners at a rate of $100 per firearm with proceeds going towards anti-violence and mental health programs,” is reporting. “Rep. Nydia Velazquez, D-NY.,

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McAuliffe’s ‘Man Up’ Dismissal of Parker Threat Arrogant and Hypocritical

“Come on, Bill, you’re tougher than that,” Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe chastised Republican Sen. William M. Stanley during a radio appearance. “Man up. Come on. This is ridiculous.” He was


Unequal Protection of Religious Principles Part of Forced Cultural Reshaping of America

“State takes legal action to seize $135K from bakers who refused to make cake for lesbian couple,” The Daily Signal reported. “…Brad Avakian, commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor

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‘Former’ Drug Dealer Wants ‘Gutless … Coward’ Gun Owners Shot

“Want a gun? Take a bullet,” a hate-filled rant on Salon by Coppin State University writing teacher D. Watkins begins. “Take this, gutless NRA cowards — you can have a

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Ellison’s ‘Extremism’ Charge Deflects from Own Subversive Affiliations

“Oath Keepers and Three Percenters [are] extremist anti-government movements,” Rep. Keith Ellison charged in a CNN hit piece we talked about in my last column. I noted then we’d take

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Media Continues Spreading Distortions and Lies about Oath Keepers

CNN has added an update to a lying attack piece by U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison and Dalia Mogahed, a Muslim activist and Obama adviser, against Oath Keepers. That said, the brief statement

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Making Military Less Formidable to Enemy Endangers Lives

The times, they are a-changin’, the Dylan song goes, and they certainly are for the military. The announcement that the Navy is adopting “gender neutral” unisex uniforms is just the

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Strong Cities Network Should Raise Alarms for Liberty Advocates

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice are joining with an international law enforcement coalition for the claimed purpose of “strengthen[ing] community resilience against violent extremism,” a Sept.

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Waffle House No Guns Policy Merits Marketplace Response

“[A] soldier with the National Guard was told to leave his gun outside of the Nicholasville Waffle House or he wouldn’t be served,” NBC’s affiliate reported. Billy Welch opted instead

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Some Vets Demand ‘Gun Control’ in Spite of Oath

“As a Navy veteran, I know how America should implement gun control,” Shawn VanDiver writes in The Huffington Post. “As a former weapons instructor in the U.S. Navy, I own

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Who Speaks for Oath Keepers?

The media, as we see almost daily, has no idea how to report on Oath Keepers. That’s due to a number of considerations, including lack of depth/ignorance on the part