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Capture the Flag and Send a Message to Your Representative

April 19 is, among other things, Patriots’ Day. Of particular significance were the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Whenever this day comes around, it reminds me of a project from

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NJ Sheriff and Former Chief Show Contempt for Oaths with 2nd Amendment Infringements

Extensive quotes from two New Jersey law enforcement officials leave little doubt that they would gladly support any and all citizen disarmament edicts. Opinions expressed by Bergen County Sheriff Michael

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Trump Anti-Gun Nominee to Ninth Circuit Driving Away Core Supporters

“Democrats praise Trump nominee for 9th Circuit,” The Washington Times reported Wednesday. “Republicans raise critical questions on his gun rights, Citizens United views.” “Republicans brought the tough questions for Mark

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Federal Judge Exerts Personal Judicial Tyranny in MA Semi-auto Ban Lawsuit Dismissal

“The AR-15 and its analogs, along with large capacity magazines, are simply not weapons within the original meaning of the individual constitutional rights to ‘bear arms,” U.S. District Judge William

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It’s Getting Harder for Democrats to Deny They’re the Party of Flat-Out Citizen Disarmament

“Karen Carter Peterson, chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party, has distinguished herself as the highest-profile Democrat in the country to outright call for a repeal of the Second Amendment,” The

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Republican Governor’s Betrayal in Vermont Shows How Public Ignorance Lets Practiced Liars Say Anything

1,200 standard capacity 30-round magazines from MAGPUL Industries were supplied free-of-charge courtesy RECOIL magazine to Vermont gun owners in a protest operation appropriately called the “Green Mountain Airlift.” The magazines

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Citibank Promotes ‘Former’ Violent Crack Dealer and ‘Gun Criminal’ while Imposing Restrictions on Law-Abiding

A recent “tweet” by Citibank promotes using its credit card to purchase tickets for “entertainers” Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s OTR II tour. “Oh ok i get it Citi promotes these entertainers

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Sheriff Candidate Jokes about Killing Defiant Gun Owners to Delight of Bloomberg Moms

“On Wednesday March 7, 2018, I was asked to address a group in West Asheville and relay information as it pertains to current gun legislation in NC.,” Buncombe County Sheriff

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Congressional Art Contest a Way for Young People to Send Politicians a Message

“The 2018 Congressional Art Competition has officially begun!” an email from my congressman announces. “This is always such a great opportunity to showcase the artistic talent in the district. “The

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Pima Sheriff Claims ‘Only Ones’ Status to Nix Arming Teachers

“Governor Ducey, in reaction to the recent school shooting in Florida, has declared the need to ‘do something’ in Arizona,” an alert from Arizona Citizens Defense League warns. “Unfortunately, his

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Iranian Tyrant Calls for Disarming Americans

“Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei slammed President Trump and Congress on social media Sunday for not daring to stand up to the gun lobby and introduce a nationwide ban on all

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Class ‘Victory’ Not the End of Gun Owner’s Case

News of a gun-related Supreme Court opinion from last month is making the rounds via emails and forums with gun owners making breathless assumptions about the scope and significance of the