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Gun-Grabber Falsehood Distracts from What Makes Massacres Possible

“There’s nothing in the constitution that guarantees the carry of firearms in public,” Lori Haas of Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws asserted to the Associated Press on “Lobby Day” at

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Broward County Sheriff Calls for ‘No Guns’ List for ‘Mentally Ill’ after Ft. Lauderdale Airport Murders

Ignoring the inescapable fact that last Friday’s killings at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport happened in a “gun-free zone,” Broward County’s Democrat Sheriff Scott Israel instead called for increasing the number

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Speculation of Civil War over Brexit Leaves Open the Question of ‘How?’

“Will there be civil war if Brexit isn’t delivered?” the UK’s SKY News asks in a Monday Sky Views piece. Senior News Correspondent Michelle Clifford decided to do a human

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Ending ‘Gun-Free School Zones’ Not as Easy as Trump Just Issuing an Order

Gun owners have expectations for Donald Trump once he assumes the presidency, and how well he steps up to address their concerns will set the tone for their still wary

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Obama Takes Parting Shot at Gun Owners with Social Security Disarmament Ruling

Making “good” on a warning issued in this column a year-and-a-half ago, Barack Obama’s Social Security Administration issued its final ruling, reclassifying some of the most vulnerable citizens among us

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Rush by ‘Liberals’ to Buy Guns Refutes ‘Progressive’ Narrative and Raises Hypocrisy Questions

“American gun ownership drops to lowest in nearly 40 years,” Christopher Ingraham wrote last summer in The Washington Post. He was basing that bit of wishful thinking, a.k.a. “fake news,”

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Blumenthal Delusion on Trump and Guns a Ploy for Attention and Disruption

Calling Congress “complicit” for criminal murders using guns, Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal called on President-elect Donald Trump to “do the unpredictable” and support citizen disarmament edicts, PJ Media reports.

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Choosing Stallone for NEA should Alienate Trump-Supporting Gun Owners

“Donald Trump has drawn ‘first blood’ in the search for his incoming administration’s senior arts role – by tapping up Rambo legend Sylvester Stallone,” Daily Mail is reporting. “The likely

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Deadly Hatred Manifested in Post-Election ‘Treason’ Accusations

A threatening sentiment is emerging in the bitter accusations and actions following Donald Trump’s electoral landslide victory. Anyone not joining in the lynch mob being formed against his inauguration is

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Security and Intelligence Insider Says Infringe on Second Amendment to Fight Terrorism

“Former NSA Director Michael Hayden says that changes to the 2nd Amendment may be more effective from a counterterrorism standpoint, than more intrusive surveillance,” The Wall Street Journal noted in

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School ‘Gun Violence’ PSA Overlooks the Most Obvious Warning Sign

“Do you see the chilling warning signs in this PSA about gun violence?” The Washington Post asks in a headline to a “report” posted as “news” rather than as free

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Oath Keepers Racism/Terror Smear Raises Unavoidable Questions as to Which News is Really Fake

“White nationalists plot Election Day terror attacks,” a purported “news” report from an outfit calling itself “World Bulletin” claimed in a beginning-of-the-month hit piece on the patriot community. “The Oath