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Newsweek Shows Continued Cluelessness with Call for ‘Action Hero” Gun-Grabbers

“Hollywood liberals can’t stop the NRA,” Newsweek’s “culture and entertainment reporter”  Emily Gaudette advocates. “We need Taylor Swift, country stars, action heroes.” Typically, those who write editorials are distinguished from

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‘Modest Proposal’ Eviscerates Founding Intent on Second Amendment

“There is a reasonable and constitutional compromise that can be made regarding the Second Amendment,” the CNN summary for its “A Modest Proposal on Guns” guest editorial by Jeffrey Sachs

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Hammer Defense of NRA Bump Stock Appeasement Repeats Old Assertion that ‘Good, Honest Americans’ Surrender Rights

“Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Wednesday the Trump administration should move quickly to ban ‘bump stocks’– a device used in the Las Vegas mass shooting that allows semi-automatic weapons to fire more

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Expect Agenda-Advancing Activism from Anti-Gun Judge Reviewing Hillary Clinton Emails

“A federal judge in the nation’s capital will personally review redacted material from emails that discuss Hillary Clinton’s use of unsecure iPads and iPhones during her tenure as secretary of

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Pelosi ‘Slippery Slope’ Enthusiasm after Las Vegas Killings Exposes Old Gun-Grabber Lie

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that she ‘certainly hopes’ a ban on ‘bump stocks’ will open the door to additional gun control actions,” Fox News Insider reports. “They’re

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Unfortunately, Trump Message of Unity Following Las Vegas Massacre is Wishful Thinking

News services are scrambling to uncover what happened in last night’s massacre in Las Vegas, to be first in revealing some unknown dimension to a story that has the attention

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Chicago ‘Anti-Violence’ Advocate’s Reason for Gun Ownership Sounds More Aggressive than Defensive

“Camiella Williams is an anti-violence advocate, who works hard to teach people other ways of dealing with problems, but she’s lost more than two dozen friends and family members to

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Another Gun-Grabbing Criminal Bloomberg Mayor Guilty

“The mayor of Paterson, New Jersey, resigned on Monday, a city official said, after the mayor pleaded guilty last week to a state criminal conspiracy charge that he ordered city

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Refusal to Stand for Flag a Manipulated Widening of National Divide Approved by Unprincipled NFL Leadership

“Being a man who served in the US Army i salute you and am proud of what you did and are doing I served to defend the constitution and your

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Media Continues Perpetuating VPC Machine Gun Deception

“The days are growing colder, and millions of American hunters will soon pursue a time-honored tradition,” Dana Milbank of The Washington Post sneers. “They will load their automatic weapons with

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Substitute Legislation an ‘About-Face’ on OH Gun Notification Bill

[SEE UPDATE ON BUCKEYE FIREARMS ASSOCIATION’S POSITION AT END OF ARTICLE]   “House Bill 142 sponsored by Rep. Scott Wiggam was on its fifth hearing when Representative Glenn Holmes put

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Public May Never Know if Gun-Grabber Ed Murray is really a Boy-Grabber, Too

“Mr. Bond, they have a saying in Chicago: ‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action’,” Ian Fleming’s villain Auric Goldfinger warned the secret agent. In