Ark Midnight: J B Wells: AmeriGEDDON With Gary Heavin

Ark Midnight: J B Wells: AmeriGEDDON With Gary Heavin

Jason Van Tatenhove and Stewart Rhodes have harpooned each torpedo the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has fired at Oath Keepers in previous articles. (Click those links for their articles.) Consequently, SPLC is stymied, left with no legs on which to stand.

So why shouldn’t I cut SPLC a bit of slack and give them some more ammo to fire at Oath Keepers, just to show we’re good sports, yes?

A quick way to increase their pulse and blood pressure is simply to publish an article on the mother of all conspiracy-theory movies, AmeriGEDDON. As soon as they see this article, especially on this particular site, SPLC will feel reinvigorated, recommitted to exposing Oath Keepers as a “conspiratorial” “anti-government” “extremist” organization. The way SPLC uses such terms is meant to imply that Oath Keepers bases our “Ten Orders We Shall Not Obey” on far-fetched anti-government fantasies, such as “theories” of a major kidnapping of our American government by conspiratorial globalists. SPLC taunts when we speak of martial law, or a police state, or a surveillance state, or a Technocracy jab backed by the TriLateral Commission, or a military-industrial complex which nurses Wall Street and is backed by the Federal Reserve.  And most recently, SPLC has even published the accusation that Oath Keepers as an organization is guilty of sedition.

As Jason and Stewart have thoroughly debunked all the SPLC’s previous claims (which are packed with defamation, ridicule, libelous lies), I now fear the SPLC may give up with their attacks on Oath Keepers and quit the game and go manufacture their next new victim organization, painting their target with trumped-up charges of “extremism”.  While that would lighten my workload to some degree, it also would take a lot of fun out of my job as editor here. It of course works against our fun in revealing their lies to readers everywhere, so in that odd way I propose to let Mark Potok discover on Oath Keepers’ national website the trailer for the Mike Norris / Gary Heavin film,  AmeriGEDDON.


And for even more fun, here is John B. Wells of Ark-Midnight (sister show with Caravan To Midnight) hosting Gary Heavin, the producer of this Mike Norris film. Mr. Wells is right in there with Mr. Heavin, who lays out *why* he wanted to do this film — and that is going to rub SPLC’s fur against the grain, for sure.  Martial law in the wake of an EMP, with allusions to an authoritarianism of the United Nations which is backed by the military force of government. Mr. Heavin lays a lot of cards on the table for Mr. Wells, so kick back and dig on this peak episode by John B. Wells. Under this video I’ll paste in the info which I found under the YouTube host of this film — it will link to where you can buy your copy of the film as well as where one may sign up with John B. Wells’ radio operation. My opinion of John B. Wells? Easy to answer — he’s the finest late night show host operating in America today. Er, make that read, “tonight”.

Published on Aug 28, 2016

Our guests today:

Gary Heavin

He joins us to discuss the incredible feedback of their movie –

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