Ammon Bundy – Martyr or Revolutionary?

Ammon Bundy

by Shorty Dawkins

Ammon Bundy, and some cohorts, have occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, near Burns, Oregon. They have vowed to stay there for years, if necessary. In a video Ammon posted on his Facebook page, he has put out a national call for help. In that video, he is, (to put it honestly), calling for a revolution.

With Ammon are two of his brothers, and what can be described as a group of unthinking hotheads. Also with them is a man many suspect, (including myself), of being an agent provocateur, Ryan Payne.

Oath Keepers, Mike Vanderboegh (of the Three Percenters), and other groups are condemning this action by Ammon and his cohorts. Why? Because it serves no purpose that benefits the Liberty Movement. On the contrary, it harms the Movement. Ammon’s group has become the aggressors, and, by doing so, loses the moral high ground.

At Lexington and Concord, the Minute Men were defending, not aggressing, which rallied their fellow countrymen to their cause. The British were intent on seizing the stores of munitions in Concord, and to grab John Hancock and Sam Adams, with the intent of sending them to England to be tried. Before Lexington and Concord, the Colonists had suffered under a long train of abuses, which were spelled out in the Declaration of Independence. Men are willing to suffer abuses, rather than rebel, but only up to a point. Eventually, the burden of the abuses becomes too great, at which point the rebellion is inevitable.

No doubt for Ammon, the burden of abuses has become unbearable. His family has fought the BLM for years. The Malheur Wildlife Center is run by the BLM. But seizing it serves no purpose, other than as a vehicle for Ammon to vent his anger for the BLM. It is not, yet, ready to become today’s Lexington and Concord. If it becomes another Waco, it is possible to ignite some Patriots, but if it does become another Waco, it will be because Ammon and his cohorts are killed.

In Ammon’s video he talks of being willing to give his life. For Ammon, it is time for the revolution to begin, or to potentially die a martyr. He has decided to make his stand. As he says in his video, we all must make our own decisions. I will not join Ammon. It serves no useful purpose. It is the wrong action at the wrong time. There will come a time when the time is right, but it is not now. It may come sooner than we expect, but it is not now.

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