CALL TO ACTION: ALERT! You are Needed to Protect Ann Coulter Speech this Thurs, April 27 in Berkeley!

Time to Stand Again in Defense of Free Speech

[NOTE:  This is for those within driving range.  See detailed note below]

Oath Keepers and patriots,


It is now confirmed that Ann Coulter will indeed speak in Berkeley California on Thursday afternoon, April 27.  The exact location and time is still not determined, but we will update when more certain.

The Washington Post reported that she will speak outdoors in Sproul Plaza, but Ann Coulter fired back with this:

She is still pressing the university to provide a room (which would be much safer).  So, still not clear on location or time, but in case it is in or near Sproul Plaza, see this map:

So, what is certain is that Coulter’s speech will take place on Thursday, April 27.   And wherever it is, people will need to be protected.  Even if the event is indoors, people will be vulnerable to attack on the way in and out, as happened at the Milo event.

So, now that we are certain she is going to speak, one way or another, we now have a green light on this operation and we call on you to step up with us and help us once again defend free speech.   Time to stand up, hook up, and shuffle to the door brothers!

We understand this is short notice, but we must be modern “Minute Men” who can respond on short notice in the uncertain world we live in.   Consider it good operational experience and training.

We are sending the same outstanding Oath Keepers team of current and retired LEOs (most of them from CA) and special warfare and infantry veterans who helped make the April 15, 2017 Patriots Day Free Speech Rally a smashing victory for free speech and a total FAIL for the flag burning Anti-fa and the America hating Marxists of BAMN.  On the 15th, the enemies of free speech were unable to touch a hair on the head of any of the speakers, and were unable to prevent the audience from hearing the speeches.   See our After Action Report here:

Oath Keepers Battle of Berkeley April 15 After Report

For the Ann Coulter speech, our local Alameda County, CA Oath Keepers chapter is once again stepping up strong to help, and we will be joined by the superb California patriots of American Civil Defense, Three Percenters, Two Million Bikers, Proud Boys, and other veterans and patriots who stood shoulder-to-shoulder on April 15.

The Oath Keepers tactical team leader will once again be John Karriman (Missouri police academy instructor and our team lead in Ferguson).  John’s second in command will be Brian Krogmann (Army Ranger veteran and retired LEO who was also with us on the 15th).   Brian has extensive experience dealing with riots.   I will also be there, since I never ask you to do anything I am not willing to do myself.

Please join us in Berkeley on Thursday to help defend the Constitution and preserve free speech.    We are not positive on the time, so be prepared to be there anytime after 11am just in case it is earlier rather than later.   We will update when we have more info.

If you cannot make it yourself, please consider making a donation to help those who can make it.  We will use it for travel expenses and protective gear for our men.   (if you come, keep gas receipts and bring them with you, and if we have enough donations come in to cover it, we can give you gas money).

As you likely know, UC Berkeley tried to cancel Ann Coulter’s speech scheduled for April 27, and move it to a time when nobody will be on campus.  She and the Berkeley College Republicans are suing, to try to compel the university to let her speak at Sproul Hall, on the UC Berkeley campus (same place Milo tried to speak).

They filed an emergency injunction on Monday, and are waiting to see if the court will compel the university to let her speak in Sproul Hall on Thurs.   But even if the court doesn’t do that, she will speak somewhere in Berkeley.     She is bound and determined to speak there on that day come hell or high water, even if she has to use a bullhorn standing outside in the plaza (though she is still pressing UC Berkeley for a room).   She is one brave and determined woman.

And we also know that the bad guys, the violent communists of BAMN and Anti-fa, will once again try to shut it down, as they did with Milo, by attacking people who are simply trying to attend a speech.

So, we are honor bound to respond, as we did on the 15th in MLK Park in Berkeley, to protect the attendees as they come to the evet, while they listen, and as they leave, and also to protect the venue.

We call on you to once again join us in defense of the Constitution we all swore an oath to defend.

Free speech is not really free.  It comes at the price of eternal vigilance.   We who have the training and experience have the duty to step up and lead by example, and help provide competent leadership and guidance to all the patriots who will once again flood to the banner of free speech in its defense.

We expect this operation to be even more intense than the last one, since the radical left suffered a humiliating defeat, and is looking to redeem their reputation, and have pledged to shut down Coulter as they did Milo and Horowitz.   Let’s make sure they are defeated again.

Any questions, please email us at:
Note:  Very few of our men ended up having to put hands on anyone at the April 15 event since we were tasked with securing the park, speakers, and attendees, and we did not wade out into the street to take part in the fights that took place there.  We expect this time to be different, with a higher likelihood of having to go “hands on” to keep the bad guys from attacking attendees as they come in to listen to the speech.  At the Milo event, people were beaten in the nearby streets as they came to and from.  We need to stop that from happening again.  We hope the bad guys don’t push their luck with us, but be prepared to put those shields to real use.  You will need to be wearing a helmet, googles to protect your eyes against pepper spray and thrown objects, and gloves and protective clothing and gear.  Watch the footage from the April 15 event to get an idea of what to expect.  See the below list for more details on recommended gear.

Unless you have the ability to legally carry concealed in CA, and wherever she ends up speaking, such as on UC Berkeley, we strongly advise against attempting to do so.  Consider this an unarmed (no firearms) detail except possibly for our retired cops, who can carry concealed under LEOSA.   Any questions, please ask.

Head protection.  A bike helmet, a rock climbing helmet, a PASGAT or MICH helmet, etc.  Whatever you want on your head all day.  Black is the preferred color if you have it, but if not, bring what you have.   You can expect sticks, clubs, frozen soda cans, D-cell batteries, rocks, bricks, and M-80 firecrackers from the bad guys.  A visor on the helmet is best of all, with ballistic goggles underneath.  We only have 15 actual police riot helmets, so bring your own if you have one.

Eye protection.  Googles that will stay on your face and will prevent smoke, fluids, and caustic chemicals from getting to your eyes.   If they can seal against your skin and provide a tight seal, all the better.  Treat them with anti-fog spray if you can or get anti-fog lenses.  ballistic lenses are best.

Ear protection. Some earplugs stashed in a pocket or Peltors if you have them.  The bad guys like to use bullhorns and airhorns at close range as well as M-80 firecrackers, which are VERY loud.

Hand protection.  Some protective gloves that will protect against impact and cutting, and also fire resistant.  Again, expect poles, hard thrown objects, m-80 firecrackers, and possible incendiary devices and burning objects.   Knuckle protection is nice to have too, in case you need to go hands on.

SOFT BODY ARMOR.  If you have it, wear it under your clothes.
HARD BODY ARMOR.  If you have it, bring it.   Will help against blunt trauma and thrown objects too, or against body punches.  Be prepared to keep it in a backpack and out of sight if a lower profile is more warranted.

Groin cup.  An athletic cup is highly recommended.   There were some injuries last time from possible bad guy M-80s or similar.   That hurts, and so do kicks and punches there.  Wear a cup.
N-95 masks or similar to protect against pepper spray in the air.
Kerchief or Shemagh around your neck that can be used to protect your face and neck.   A good idea regardless of whatever else you do.

Long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt.   Preferably NOT nylon, since if it catches fire it will stick to your skin.   A leather jacket is best, but wool, cotton, Nomex or some other fire retardant material is good.
Good boots/shoes.  Steel toe may help, but whatever you are comfortable in for a long time on your feet.

IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit).   Tourniquet, quick clot, pressure bandage, eye wash, etc.   We will have an EMT on the ground with us, who will bring eye wash but if you want to bring some too, by all means do so.

Boo-boo kit. Bandaids, Advil, Alleve, etc and any meds you need.  Sun screen, etc.

Water.  A Camelback or other hydration system so you can take a drink even while your hands are full, if you got it, or whatever else you think best.
RADIO. A FRS/GMRS radio.   A dual band HAM radio, such as one of the cheap Boefengs, can work too since it has it all.  A long antenna if you have it.

A LOUD whistle.  For signaling and calling for aid.

Fire extinguisher.  If you have it, bring it.  We need at least two dedicated fire-fighters this time.  If you have Nomex gloves, bring them.

Small 2.5 ounce pepper spray.
A food bar or two or snickers bar to keep your energy/blood sugar up if you need that.   Ditto for energy drinks.  Whatever you need to keep going.

Oath Keepers shirt or hat if you have them.  By all means, wear your Oath Keepers gear.

A map of the area around the venue.

a flashlight.  Brighter the better just in case things go on into the night or in case you end up indoors in a dark room.  You never know.
Let us know if there is anything we missed that you think needs to be included.

If you are missing something on this list, don’t let that keep you from coming.  Show up and we will make do.   We will get you outfitted one way or another.

We hope the presence of Oath Keepers police and military will pressure the Berkeley PD and UC Berkeley police into doing their duty.  And if so, we will gladly stand down and just enjoy Coulter’s speech and some fellowship (unless we have to come to the rescue of the UC Berkeley PD!).  We sincerely hope it is a peaceful day, but given the pattern of the America hating communists, that is unlikely.

We salute you and look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with you against the domestic enemies of the Constitution.   I have no doubt that all who came before us, from Lexington Green on, who spent their blood founding this Republic, defending it, and then passing it into our hands, are watching to see if we can keep it.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

PS – DETAILED NOTE:  This is intended for those of you within driving range.  If you are out of reasonable driving range, don’t sweat it.  Focus on being ready to defend in your state, because similar violence and threats of violence are coming your way.  We are already getting requests for assistance from people and groups across the nation.  You are most responsible for your own state, and most effective in your own state.  For those of you who are leaders and within travel range, your coming to the Berkeley operation will give you invaluable experience and on the job training in how to effectively handle such situations.  So if you can make it, please do.
But remember that under our CPT model, our goal is to be the mentors, leaders, trainers, and advisors for the community, NOT to be the local “Delta Force” that tries to exclude them and do it all on its own.  As the men in U.S, Army Special Forces are fond of saying, they don’t dominate the environment, they shape it.  Same here.   Focus on shaping the environment around you (especially the human environment), and on getting the locals to step up.   That is real force multiplication.   Help them, lead them, guide them into doing it right, for themselves.  That is the proper spirit.


About Author

Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.