1. Ricky 15 October, 2015, 06:18

    I am an honorably discharged wounded Veteran, former Registered Nurse for 13 years with no police record possibly one moving violation 20 years ago. I am a paid up member of Oath keepers. I had a top secret security clearance and had direct control over weather millions would live or die. I am just trying to offer some type of credentials so that Oath Keepers keeps me in mind when help is needed around Alabama area. I think what you are doing is great!!!!

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    • horse 16 October, 2016, 06:50

      Somebody, I’m former Army and keeping a low profile and am trying to get in touch with someone here in Alabama.(I live in central Alabama) In short things are fixing to happen and it time to plan. I’m not a paying Oath Keeper yet but I have skill the can be used, but can’t get a reply from Al. Oath Keepers by email. If anybody can help me just email me at Thank

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  2. Greg 3 November, 2015, 22:58

    Hello, I am a paid up member and veteran , former RN. and have no police record what so ever. Now that I said that, ha ha! I recently saw a law firm that specializes in matters we might need help with. Can you lead me to them?

    If I am needed for security help out in Red River Texas, Contact me at this e-mail. My phone is not working at the moment. Please stay in touch, if good men do nothing we are all screwed! Or should I say if none of us keep our oath we are all screwed.

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  3. vell 23 November, 2015, 15:21

    What does it take to be a member?
    i am female-live in the Dothan area

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  4. Martin 3 December, 2015, 02:37

    Ex-Army, want to get information on chapter in the Tuscaloosa. Want to get involved.

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  5. Jim 5 December, 2015, 19:50

    I listened to Ms Sewell when she first ran for office and decided then and there she was a stupid liberal ding bat. My opinion has not changed. I spent10 years in the U. S. Navy but spent half of that attached to the U. S. Marines. I was a dental corpsman.

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  6. Gatorman 9 December, 2015, 20:22

    Ever since my last entry on here I have nothing else from oath keepers I don’t know what the problem
    is. I guess they don’t want chapters in South Alabama..

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  7. B 20 January, 2016, 17:54

    I feel some frustration their is not much going on in Alabama and should be. I will do my best to get more going. I will start a face book page soon for alabama. The one listed above does not exist. I will let everyone know what it is called later so we can get something going

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  8. Joe 12 March, 2016, 23:08

    I live in Oxford and am looking for a chapter in my area. I am currently working overseas as a contractor. I know how the world works and know this, America is the greatest country in the world, bar none. We need to make the Oath Keepers politically powerful to get America back on track to greatness. Vote for TRUMP and that would be a great start. I would not mind even starting a chapter if I have to in the Oxford area.

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  9. William Duck 19 May, 2016, 08:09

    My apologies for not replying to your messages and phone calls. But I resigned quite awhile back and have requested to have my name and phone number removed from the site. For some reason my request have never been granted. So I’ll once again ask and this time publicly. Please remove my name and contact information from your site and appoint another POC. Thank you.


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    • Rampage 9 August, 2016, 18:57

      Sorry to hear that. I know you must have reasons…..however, we all hang together, or just one at a time….

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  10. foxfire 29 June, 2016, 09:27

    i have just joined, have not received my package yet, but would like to find a chapter near geneva, al

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  11. N/A 30 June, 2016, 17:52

    I’m very interested in joining oathkeepers.Im an army vet,was overseas during desert storm.also have various weapons experience,as well as repairs and installs,and a current auto in the bham/irondale area and would like to meet at some point with active members and go from there.I am sick by where this country is heading,as is my wife and family.We have to stand to defend our own as well as our brothers and sisters and bring this country back to where it needs to be.if there are any meetings soon in this area contact me at and may God bless and keep you

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  12. Brent 14 July, 2016, 21:17

    Are there any ham radio operators interested in starting a Oath Keeper radio net in Alabama? It would be a good way to establish a web of communication in the event of natural disasters or other.

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  13. Snake 29 October, 2016, 07:14

    Infantry, armor schools and combat aviator by trade. North Alabama. Soon as I figure out this site I will contact all of you v

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  14. Phillip 29 October, 2016, 23:39

    New member. Looking for Chapter/Meetings in Anniston AL area. Will travel if necessary. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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  15. Dewside 1 November, 2016, 20:24

    I am interested in the meeting,my mos is 19 D Calvary Scott

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  16. Tinker 4 November, 2016, 20:15

    Andalusia Alabama looking for a chapter to join hopefully a very active chapter i want to learn what i can we are gonna need each other very soon

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  17. Eddy 15 December, 2016, 22:28

    I’m an Oath Keepers member in Bay Minette, Al. is their a chapter near me or are their any other OK members in South Alabama?

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  18. R2G 1 January, 2017, 07:16

    There appears to be plenty of interest in an Alabama chapter. I realize that Mr. Duck resigned as POC for Alabama but surely someone else is willing to pickup the baton and run with it. It’s hard to believe Alabama is not represented.

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    • Nomad 8 January, 2017, 23:09

      I currently live in the Anniston area. I have searched on Facebook and found a few groups and people who have started Preppers groups to help people gain vital training and at minimum learn some basic survival skills and how to get help in a bad situation. I would suggest those interested to take the time and do a little research. I just found a few and I am getting started but the groups I have found have no direct affiliation with the Oathkeepers. May you find strength when wounded, knowledge when confused and may your families be your guiding light.

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