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Blending in, Jade Helm Style: Fake Rental Trucks Reveal Military’s Hidden Spy Rooms

This article was originally published at Truthstream Media Jade Helm’s tagline is “mastering the human domain”. We have been told that, in part, this has to do with special operations outfits from the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines using covert warfare techniques to infiltrate average American neighborhoods (as mock “hostile environments”) and walk “undetected amongst civilian populations” without being noticed by the rest of us. Oh, and it’s for “refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat” (emphasis

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Think Jade Helm’s Bad? Wait Till You Hear About This Police Force Made On The Heels of JadeHelm

The following video comes from Lisa Haven. She is an independent researcher who has found a very curious tie-in between the Jade Helm 15 Exercises, and a new initiative called the President’s Task Force On 21st Century Policing. It is a 40 minute video, but worth the watch. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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Level 9 News on GEOINT and JADE HELM 15

– We will be talking in depth with D. J. of Level 9 News for an extensive look into the quantum computing goals for the people who put our military up to conducting the JADE HELM 2015 exercise this summer. D. J.  is now speaking with me and is happy to lend her knowledge for all Oath Keepers in coming articles. (I did not know, but was delighted to learn that  D. J. is already a member in Oath Keepers.)

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Martial Law Concern About Jade Helm Is “Racist… Because We Have A Black President”

This article was written by Mac Slavo and originally published at Desperate to rebrand conspiratorial concern about the coming Jade Helm training exercises – fears that it could be an attempt to bring martial law to ‘hostile’ Texas – the media is spinning its wheels to portray opponents of the military occupation as racists. Yes, concern about martial law and a military takeover under an emergency pretext is now racist… not because the issue clearly effects everyone, but just

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JADE HELM 2015: Questions And Reflections: Part Four: MAIN CORE

Editor’s Note: I am both pleased and grateful that The Sullen Bell has spared me the task of outlining the content of the first three parts of this series on JADE HELM 2015.  Readers who have not already read the previous installments may quickly refer to The Sullen Bell for an outline synopsis. I will leave this window open for you, so you can click back and forth as you wish. Again I must reiterate that this series of

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JADE HELM and MIDNIGHT RIDE: Sneak Previews With An Update!

–Editor’s Note: Want to help us get this movie made, but you’re in a hurry?  Here is the link for donations for production of our current movie project, MIDNIGHT RIDE by James Jaeger. Thank you sincerely for your help! JADE HELM and MIDNIGHT RIDE: Some Sneak Previews With An Update! With deep gratitude for all who have given your dollars to fund the making of the powerful documentary film, MIDNIGHT RIDE, James Jaeger has been busily piecing together segments

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BREAKING: Pre JADE HELM Explosions Rock Small Town – Citizens Furious

Gary Franchi, at the Next News Network,  has another video worth seeing.  

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JADE HELM 2015: Questions And Reflections Part Three: MindWar

Parts <one> and <two> touched upon these basics:   1) The fact that JADE HELM 2015 is an Unconventional Warfare exercise; 2) The fact that UW includes PSYOP and Civil Affairs activity; 3) The fact that Civil Affairs involves cultural anthropology and social study; 4) The Army’s Unconventional Warfare listing of “INSTRUMENTS OF NATIONAL POWER”; 5) The Globalists’ view of the “Impact of Global Political Awakening” (by we the little people); 6) The economic effects of the military-industrial complex activity

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JADE HELM 2015: Questions And Reflections: Part Two

PART TWO: PART THREE: PART FOUR: * JADE HELM 2015: Questions And Reflections: Part Two     In my first installment on JADE HELM 2015 we looked briefly into Unconventional Warfare, which is the characterizing nature of the design of the JADE HELM 2015 exercises. Because JADE HELM 2015 (JH15) is a military exercise on the surface and a psychological operation beneath its surface, we also looked at the basic notation of Twentieth Century warfare, which

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JADE HELM 2015: Questions And Reflections

[Editor’s Note: The following is an editorial written to express my personal perception of a compilation of various background facts relevant to the arising phenomenon called JADE HELM 15. As such, this should be considered only as my individual take on JH15. This article is not in any way intended to be an official statement by Oath Keepers. This article will issue no recommendations for any activity responsive to the onslaught of Jade Helm 15. This is merely a collection

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– The following video comes from Gary Franchi, at the Next News Network. Jade Helm 15 is of great concern to ALL liberty loving Americans. That the military should be training, not on their bases, (where they have simulated towns), but in ten southwestern States, among the civilian population, and, by their own admission, attempting to “infiltrate” the populations, is not only disgraceful, but blatantly obvious as to their real intent. These are not “training exercises” for soldiers to be