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REASON Magazine: Utah Fusion Center Warns Cops: Watch Out for Don’t-Tread-on-Me Flags

– Original Article Here:  https://reason.com/blog/2016/02/05/utah-fusion-center-warns-cops-watch-out   Utah Fusion Center Warns Cops: Watch Out for Don’t-Tread-on-Me Flags by Jesse Walker|Feb. 5, 2016   Funeral services will be held today in Kanab, Utah, for LaVoy Finicum, the rancher killed last month during the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. In a bulletin distributed this week to cops across the region, the Utah Statewide Information and Analysis Center—one of the dozens of intelligence-sharing “fusion centers” around the country that get funds

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Basic Herbal Preparations: How to Make Infusions, Decoctions, and Tinctures

This article comes from DeliciousObsessions.com by Jessica Espinoza … In this post, I am going to share with you how to make the following basic herbal preparations:… Infusions (like the hibiscus tea above) Decoctions (like the herbal coffee above) Tinctures (like the American Ginseng above) Depending on the herb you are using and what you are hoping to get out of it, there are certain ways that you can prepare it to get the most benefit. Once you know the

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Back in June 12, 2014, the New York State Intelligence Center (NYSIC), a Fusion Center, issued a “Counter Terrorism Bulletin” in which they identified the New York State Oath Keepers organization, as well as other Liberty, Pro-Constitution groups, as a far-right extremist group and/or a threat to law enforcement in New York State.

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FBI Violent Extremist Groups Website Short and One-Sided on Domestic Examples

“Don’t Be a Puppet: Pull Back the Curtain on Violent Extremism,” the Federal Bureau of Investigation advises visitors to its website designed to counter radicalization and recruitment of young people by enemies foreign and domestic. “It’s the FBI’s primary responsibility—working with its many partners—to protect the nation from attacks by violent extremists,” the website overview explains. “One important way to do that is to keep young people—the future of our country—from embracing violent extremist ideologies in the first place. This

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Oregon Militia ‘Report’ another Astroturf-Funded Collectivist Smear of Patriots

“Avoid slogans, name calling, and demonizing members of the Right,” a report by Political Research Associates advocates. “Expose who benefits from right-wing campaigns.” An immediately noticeable disconnect is that “Up in Arms: A Guide to Oregon’s Patriot Movement,” can’t resist ignoring its own “advice.” If you’re concerned about federal land “ownership,” if you believe the Second Amendment means “shall not be infringed,” if you think immigration policy ought to put the interests of “ourselves and our Posterity” first, if you

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Trump Debate Responses on Guns Make Unacceptable Concessions

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump raised eyebrows among rights advocates Monday night in his debate against Democrat pick Hillary Clinton. While the entire exchange lends itself to evaluation against delegated Constitutional authority, two of Trump’s proposals centered on guns stick out. “Now, whether or not in a place like Chicago you do stop and frisk, which worked very well, Mayor Giuliani is here, worked very well in New York,” Trump proclaimed. “It brought the crime rate way down. But you take

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An Empire Strikes Home Part Five

Note: This article has been recovered from the Way Back Machine by a Friend to whom I am very grateful. I am parking this final piece in my series on the murder of a young Marine Veteran in his home at Tucson, Arizona, by a SWAT team, here without having time to activate the embedded and listed links. I will try to get those links active as quickly as possible.  There also will be additional formatting for all five articles
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An Empire Strikes Home Part Four

EA Note: I published this on the Oath Keepers national website on November 9, 2011.  A Friend found this on the Way Back Machine, so this is an almost exact duplicate of the original post — excepting — the jpeg pictures did not make the transition so I may have to track them down or use alternates. The project of rebuilding this article is much simpler, easier, thanks to the Friend. I will do whatever tie-in edits are needed. ___________________
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An Empire Strikes Home Part Three

Psychological Warfare and Operations Other Than War July 2011 Packaging The Policy In Part One and Part Two we looked at the phenomenon of rampant use of S.W.A.T. teams across the nation as they are being deployed in routine police work. We looked closely into the SWAT killing of Jose Guerena in Pima County, Arizona, at Tucson on May 05, 2011. We then looked at the beginnings of the military-police state infrastructure as announced during the 1990s. We looked at
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An Empire Strikes Home Part Two

Militarizing Law Enforcement and Domestic Military Deployment By Elias Alias, May 18 – June 21, 2011 - Profiling The Policy In Part One of “An Empire Strikes Home” we focused on a sad shooting death involving the Pima County, Arizona, Sheriff’s Department regional multi-jurisdictional S.W.A.T. team. We also spotlighted several Arizona news articles in which the Sheriff’s Department issued conflicting stories regarding the S.W.A.T. raid. The published statements began by claiming that the suspect initiated and conducted a “standoff” and
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The Truth Behind The Surge In Conservative “Extremism”

This article was first published at Alt-Market.com by Brandon Smith The definition of “extremist” is a rather ambiguous issue primarily dependent on opinion rather than fact. That is to say, it is generally the people in power and their propaganda mouthpieces that determine who is an extremist and who is not. There is no set or fair standard. If you are a quiet and passive sort of citizen with no political deviations and no thoughts outside of what is considered “mainstream,”

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News Poll Refutes Mark and Gabby Poll on ‘Terror Watch List’ Gun Ban

A poll being pushed by gun-grabbing oath-breakers Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly claims most Nevadans favor banning Americans on the government’s so-called “terror watch list” and “no fly list” from buying guns, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Monday. The effort is part of the Astroturf pile-on now that billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s minions have set loose Question 1 on an electorate largely ignorant of what so-called “background checks” are really intended to do. Not only will that place a prior restraint on