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Fatty Liver: How to Fix It

In the USA, and in most Western nations, there has been an explosion of obesity and Type-2 diabetes. Fatty liver is a contributor to both these conditions. There is hope though. With changes in diet you can eliminate Fatty Liver. The choice, of course, is yours.

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The Islamic State of Sweden

Paul Joseph Watson does it again. In this video he blasts Sweden, which is headed toward becoming an Islamic State. It is readily apparent that the politicians of Sweden have no respect for the native population; its culture and traditions.

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Larry King: Time to Repeal the ‘Poorly Written’ Second Amendment

Here we go! After retired Supreme Court Justice Stevens, in a New York Times Opinion piece suggested the 2nd Amendment should be repealed, Mainstream Media, liberal Larry King agreed with Stevens. The full court press is on, now, and it will be interesting to see who joins in on the repeal side. For years the gun-grabbers have said they don’t want to take our guns, or have said they support the 2nd Amendment, but want “gun control”. The mask is

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Herbs For Pain Relief

I had someone ask me about natural herbal pain relief, so I have gathered some videos that give a variety of natural remedies. Herbal pain remedies have far fewer side effects than pharmaceutical medicines, and are non-addictive. Should the SHTF, medicines probably won’t be available. You can store some in your Prep stores, but they don’t last long. Most herbs last for years, if dried. Start to learn what is available for whichever condition you need help with. Your local

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Here is an interesting video from Jack Belgarde,  a young man who produces his own show, The Jack Belgarde Show. He asks a lot of questions about David Hogg, the student activist from the Parkland school in Florida. How is it that David Hogg is all over the news, when there are three thousand students at the school who are not shown? Could it be that his mother works for CNN and his father is at the FBI? A word

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Citibank Promotes ‘Former’ Violent Crack Dealer and ‘Gun Criminal’ while Imposing Restrictions on Law-Abiding

A recent “tweet” by Citibank promotes using its credit card to purchase tickets for “entertainers” Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s OTR II tour. “Oh ok i get it Citi promotes these entertainers that show GUNS, VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, REAL RACISM, VIOLENCE AGAINST LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE DEVIL in their videos but will NOT allow cardholders to buy guns,” Twitter user “Slowride” tweeted in reply. “CITIBANK just signed their own death warrant. #boycottciti.” He’s referring, of course, to Citibank’s unwarranted attack on gun

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Donald J. Trump, Omnibus, and the WALL

By Jacque Guinan   3-28-18 Has Donald J Trump “Betrayed his Base” with the signing of the Omnibus Spending Bill? The answer to that question depends on who you listen to. If you listen to Ann Coulter, Rand Paul and many of the freedom caucus members; the apocalypse has struck and we better find a new candidate to run for 2020; because POTUS has just funded abortion, built an egregiously over-priced tunnel between NY and NJ,  funded border walls in several

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Asking U.S. Residents If They’re American Citizens Is a ‘White Supremacist Agenda’??

An Islamic group, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is claiming that the thought of the Census Bureau asking if you are a US citizen is just a ‘White Supremacist Agenda’. Forgive me as I take a few moments to laugh. The US Census Bureau is charged, in the Constitution, every ten years to take a census of the US as a means to apportion the House of Representatives based on citizen population. That is simple, really. How many US citizens

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Richard Haas, President of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has admitted that the New World Order (NWO) is failing, because of the rise of populism and nationalism. He decries the fact that the “liberal world order” is being abandoned in favor of populism and nationalism, that stand in opposition to globalism, which is the Utopian Dream of the globalists, such as Haas. The Right Media dissects a piece written by Haas, pointing out that the liberal world order (NWO)

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Why the Right is Dominating YouTube!!!

As the Mainstream (Lamestream) Media (MSM) is slowly dying, the Alternative Media is growing. Those who have decided to abandon the Marxist dominated MSM are, it would seem, from the political Right and Libertarian sphere. The Left dominates the MSM, and now the Right is dominating the Alternative Media. I am not ashamed of my heritage; in fact I am very proud of it. I come from humble, hardworking stock, who are kind to their neighbors and respect others. While

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NY Times Op-Ed: “Repeal the Second Amendment” to “Make Schoolchildren Safer”

This article comes from by Paul Joseph Watson A New York Times op-ed published this morning calls for repealing the Second Amendment in its entirety in order to “make our schoolchildren safer”. Written by John Paul Stevens, a retired associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, the article claims that merely calling for age limits on purchasing firearms to be raised is not enough and that gun control activists should “demand a repeal of the Second Amendment.” Asserting

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Edible & Medicinal Herbs

If things fall apart, where will you get medicines? How about from nature? Most pharmaceuticals are derived from natural plants and organisms. Why not go straight to the source? As an added bonus, it will be cheaper. First though, you need to learn where to look, and what parts of the plants to use, and how to use them. Edible & Medicinal Herbs 1 – Part 1 from Edible & Medicinal Herbs 1 – Part 2 from Edible