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By Faye Higbee   9/29/2017Operation Bandit is the journey of a service dog that ended up in a kill shelter and then the wrong home, when he was supposed to go to a veteran who was waiting for him. From an organization that unites service dogs with new homes to US Marine veterans, to a Marine veteran Police officer, to an Army veteran, it became a military mission to unite Derek with Bandit. “See, a few weeks ago, someone sent me a link

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Puerto Rico’s Governor Dismantles Media Attacks on Trump’s Response

BY PATRICK POOLE SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 Puerto Rico’s Governor Dismantles Media Attacks on Trump’s Response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria It was clear this weekend that the talking points had gone out to the media: President Trump’s response to both Hurricane Irma earlier this month and Hurricane Maria last week was as disastrous as Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina. [snip] The pushback against the media narrative has come from a surprising source: Puerto Rica Governor Ricardo Rosselló, who served as a Hillary

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Chicago ‘Anti-Violence’ Advocate’s Reason for Gun Ownership Sounds More Aggressive than Defensive

“Camiella Williams is an anti-violence advocate, who works hard to teach people other ways of dealing with problems, but she’s lost more than two dozen friends and family members to Chicago’s gun violence in recent years,” NPR virtue oozes. That’s a lot. Outside of people who served in the military, I don’t know anyone’s whose life has been “lost” that way, and I’ve been around guns and “gun people” for decades.  Would it be unforgivably judgmental and “privileged” to ask

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Raul Labrador Weighs in on Bunkerville Standoff

“THERE IS A STRONG POSSIBILITY THAT A MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE IS BEING COMMITTED.” by Shari Dovale  September 15, 2017 Earlier this month, nearly a third of the current Idaho Legislature had signed on to a letter in support of the Idaho residents currently being persecuted in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Federal government is prosecuting these men for their part in a protest held Bunkerville, NV in 2014. Spearheaded by Rep. Dorothy Moon, the letter was signed by 33 current state legislators and 5

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The Bunkerville Prosecution Panic Attack

AUSA MYHRE AND JUDGE NAVARRO ARE SO CONCERNED ABOUT JURY NULLIFICATION THAT THEY CONTINUE TO WORK THEMSELVES INTO A FRENZY. by Shari Dovale Late night filings by the Bunkerville Prosecution team has shown there will be a repeat performance of an Unconstitutional trial taking place beginning October 10th in Las Vegas. As in the previous two trials, of which the jury acquitted the defendants of the majority of charges, the prosecution has filed a last minute 26-page motion to exclude any type of defense

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Interior’s astonishing deep state: 30 percent ‘not loyal to the flag’

By Cheryl K. Chumley  ANALYSIS/OPINION: Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior Department, said that almost a third of his agency’s employees aren’t exactly President Donald Trump supporters — or fans of the American flag, for that matter. Holy cow. Why are they still there? Talk about a deep state. It’s one thing to work in the federal government for people with whom you politically disagree. It’s another thing entirely to work in the federal government of a country you don’t entirely

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A Marines Letter To The NFL

A Marine wrote a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Nothing more needs to be said. He said it all.

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The Origins of Political Correctness

The Frankfurt School, and its Marxist/Leninist philosophy, sought to infiltrate academia, in particular, (but including all facets of society), in their attempt to destroy the family, the Church, and Western culture. Political correctness was one of their tools. Critical Theory is its core philosophy. “Max Horkheimer defined critical theory as social critique meant to effect sociologic change and realize intellectual emancipation, by way of enlightenment that is not dogmatic in its assumptions.” They believe there is no such thing as

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Catalan Police Ordered To Close And Occupy Polling Stations In Catalonia To Stop Vote Going Ahead

This article comes from The Catalan Police (Mossos) have been ordered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to close and occupy all premises that will or might be used as polling stations in the region to prevent them from being used for Sunday’s independence referendum vote, suspended by the Constitutional Court. The Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to The Spain Report on Wednesday morning that the document and the orders it contains were genuine. Officers must close and cordon off the

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Florida Oath Keepers in Action

Florida Oath Keepers are joined by Founder Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers from other states, and the organization One Nation Under God in disaster relief efforts. At two Naples locations, Oath Keepers  handed out 20 lb. bags of beans and rice, and One Nation Under God had water, diapers, first aid supplies, etc. Oath Keepers are volunteering their time and effort to bring food, water, and other necessities to families hit hard by Hurricane Irma. We would also like to provide fuel cost

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Stewart Rhodes and Bob Brown on Disaster Relief in Florida

Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers and Bob Brown of One Nation Under God discuss their joint volunteer efforts in Florida after the severe damage caused by Hurricane Irma.   Video by Patriot Warrior Media

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Draining The Swamp – Part 1

The process of Draining the Swamp will be a long one, but step-by-step, it has begun. We cannot lose focus, for the Swamp Creatures are both fixated and devious. They have infested our culture over the course of many decades, but the Draining has begun. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner was sentenced to 21 months jail time for his “sexting” of an underage girl. Hopefully the creep will disappear from public view and live the rest of his life in the