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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Absoluters vs Absolute Notters

By Chip Murray “The past participle of the Latin verb absolvere is absolutus. It means freed from any restrictions. Modern man wants no ‘absolutes.’ He wants to be loosed from things binding for all times and places.” ~ Fr. James V. Schall, J.T., TCT  “On Absolutes” My goodness Father Schall, you have this remarkable way of getting at the thorn. The Hatfields and Macoys eventually made up, as did the Northern Ireland Catholics and Protestants, as eventually will the Arabs and the Jews,

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Academics, Politicians and Journalists Not Greatest Domestic Threat despite LaPierre Assertion

“It’s up to us to speak up against the three most dangerous voices in America: academic elites, political elites, and media elites,” National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre told attendees at the NRA Annual Meeting Friday. “These are America’s greatest domestic threats.” That they represent real threats cannot be denied. The subversive poisoning of young minds, the corruption and usurpation of power, and the lies of commission – and just as significantly, of omission – are three legs

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Actor Richard Dreyfuss Discusses Civics Education and Freedom of Speech

Updated: Tucker Carlson interviews Richard Dreyfuss about the importance of Civics education in America. A second topic is freedom of speech, especially on college campuses. Published on Apr 28, 2017 “To teach our kids how to run our country, before they are called upon to run our country…if we don’t, someone else will run our country.” – Richard Dreyfuss The Dreyfuss Initiative We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure

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Did Judge Navarro Manipulate The Verdicts?

By Shari Dovale April 27, 2017 The first tier defendants in the Bundy-Bunkerville Protest Trial completed this week with mixed verdicts. The jury found former FBI Informant Greg Burleson guilty on 8 of 10 charges, with brandishing enhancements for the firearms charges. Additionally, the jury found Todd Engel of Boundary County, Idaho, guilty of 2 of the charges against him. But what about the main charges of Conspiracy? Conspiracy to Commit an Offense Against the United States Conspiracy to Impede

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In this video, from OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY, some neighbors help Doug plant some blackberries. They give some tips on growing them. From the description: Had some visitors stop in from the YouTube channel FARM ALARM here is the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOGE… We talk about the Blackberry bush and transplanting and pruning and several other good tips for you folks to know so you can have a successful harvest. They make great jams and they are very healthy for

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Western Civilization On Edge | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux joins Paul Joseph Watson on InfoWars. In this interview they discuss refugees and the upcoming French election, which pits nationalist Marine Le Pen against globalist Macron.

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Berkeley Free Speech Rally – April 27 – Photos

Photos before, during , and after the peaceful, secure, and successful Free Speech Rally in Berkeley, CA on April 27, 2017.                            

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CALL TO ACTION: ALERT! – Help Defend Freedom of Assembly and Free Speech in Harrisburg on April 29th! (Updated 04/30/2017)

Join us for an evening defending peaceful assembly and free speech! Lets’ make sure the people have a safe environment to exercise their rights and make sure the bad guys fail in their effort to disrupt this event. All patriots welcome! Please forward this to your like-minded friends!   President Donald Trump will be in Harrisburg Saturday April 29th to mark his 100th day in office, hosting an event in the New Holland Arena at the Farm Show & Expo Center. Several organizations, including Antifa,

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L.A. Times Interviews Oath Keepers Founder and President, Stewart Rhodes

Paige St. John, from the LA Times, interviews Stewart Rhodes; wonders why Trump supporters have come with body armor. Who are the aggressors when the Antifa clash with Free Speechers? Typical twisting of the truth by left-wing media.

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After Action Report with Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes and John Karriman

Stewart Rhodes and John Karriman give their After Action Report on the April 27 event at Berkeley.

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US murders concentrated in 5 percent of counties

By Perry Chiaramonte Published April 26, 2017 The majority of murders in the U.S. occur in only a small percentage of counties across the country. The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) said in a new report that there is a “geographical concentration” of murders, with 68 percent of killings occurring in just 5 percent of the nation’s counties. The homicides also tend to be concentrated to relatively small pockets of those counties, the report said. “It is stunning how concentrated

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California ‘Catch-22’ on ‘Assault Weapons’ Evokes Fundamental Question for Gun Owners

Earlier separate bans on semiautomatic firearms demonized as “assault weapons” weren’t enough for California gun-grabbers. Despite the Roberti-Roos ban on specific firearm models, and the later Perata ban, a new prohibition went into effect early this year, even though the agency tasked with infringement enforcement admits compliance is impossible. “Assembly Bill 1135 and Senate Bill 880 became effective Jan. 1 of this year and part of the new law requires those who have assault weapons to register them by Jan.