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UPDATE: Oath Keepers on Way to DC to Protect Patriots at Inauguration – Dedicated to WWII Hero Renn Bodecker

“One more jump into DC.”  Dedicated to the memory of WWII Army Airborne Hero, Renn Bodecker As I write this, I am on my way to Washington DC to join with other Oath Keeper military and police veterans to carry out our Operation DefendJ20, to protect American patriots from violent “anarchists” and communists (really the same thing) who have vowed to disrupt the inauguration of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, and to assault attendees.  We held a national leadership

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Live Stream of DC Protest – Refuse Fascism

Refuse Fascism is Bill Ayers’ group. He, of course, was with the Weather Underground, along with his wife, Bernadette Dorn. Obama was tight with Bill Ayers during his Chicago community activist days. At another protest by DisruptJ20, they are heading to Vice-President Elect Mike Pence’s home. Here's another crowd shot of the "queer dance party for Mike Pence" happening now in DC — AJ Metcalf (@AJwatchMD) January 18, 2017

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Bill Ayers ‘Dancing in the Aisles’ Over Obama’s Pardon of FALN Member Oscar López Rivera

18 Jan 2017 – by Aaron Klein Former Weather Underground terrorist group leader Bill Ayers on Tuesday said he was on an airplane “dancing in the aisles” over news that President Obama commuted the sentence of FALN activist Oscar López Rivera, whose group was linked to over 100 bombs placed in U.S. cities in the 1970s and 1980s. Ironically, Ayers, a former associate of Obama’s, was on his way from Havana, where he wrote that he was celebrating the 75th

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Liberty Thought Leader Round Table #2 – Podcast

  Forward Observer Podcast Episode 051 Samuel Culper is the Director of Forward Observer’s Open Source Intelligence service. He was an Army and contract Intelligence analyst with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He lives in Texas. In this week’s episode, I hold a round table discussion with some of the leading thinkers in our movement.  They are listed below: Matthew Bracken – Former Navy SEAL – Concerned American – Western Rifle Shooters Association – Stewart Rhodes –

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10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Black Trump Voter

Project Veritas Action Journalist is harassed while walking silently through the streets of Manhattan wearing a Trump T-shirt and hat. –

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Oath Keepers Call to Action: Help Defend Free Speech from Violent Thugs at Inauguration

Oath Keepers Operation DefendJ20 Calling all Oath Keepers and all other level-headed and capable patriots and groups, We DO NOT expect the radical leftists to be successful in their rather ambitious and absurd plans to disrupt or even stop the Inauguration.  We expect them to fail.  But we are very concerned about the safety of the patriotic good people who will be there to enjoy the Inauguration, whom the leftists are threatening to assault and attack with violence.  Those threats

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Authorities Continue to Investigate Cache of Weapons, Ammunition Found Near Potomac River

Following, we have two closely linked articles. The first comes from Note from Stewart Rhodes: What we have here is three independent weapons caches near American University where the training for DisruptJ20 is occurring. Just a coincidence?   WASHINGTON – U.S. Park Police and the ATF are trying to solve a mystery on who left weapons, including what appear to be several homemade silencers, in a wooded area near a boathouse along the Potomac River. The discovery was initially

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Putin Warns Of “Maidan-Style” Attempt To Delegitimize Trump…

…Doesn’t Believe Trump Used Hookers In Moscow by Tyler Durden Jan 17, 2017 9:17 AM Warning that a “soft coup” is being waged against Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he sees attempts in the United States to “delegitimize” US President-elect Donald Trump using “Maidan-style” methods previously used in Ukraine, where readers will recall president Yanukovich was ousted in 2014 following a violent coup, which many suspect was conducted under the auspices of the US State Department and

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Activist Group: Stink-Bomb Plot Was Meant to Fool James O’Keefe

Following are two articles and a video, all related to the “Stink Bomb Attack” video of a #DisruptJ20 meeting where the participants were discussing “Stink Bombs” and  messing with the sprinkler systems at the National Presds Club, which will be the site of the “Deplorables Ball”, one of the many Balls planned for Inauguration Night. – Shorty Dawkins, Editor This first article comes from the By Benjamin Freed Video appears to show DC Antifascist Coalition plotting smelly attack. A

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Report – Operation Protect the Protectors, Fort Wayne, Indiana

On July 16, 2015, a terrorist attack on an Armed Forces Career Center and a Navy Reserve installation in Chattanooga, Tennessee, left four Marines and a Sailor dead. While the attack was perpetrated by only a single individual, regulations prohibiting Armed Services members from carrying firearms on U. S. bases left the servicemen virtually defenseless. The following day, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a lone armed patriot appeared standing guard in front of the Armed Forces Career Center at Glenbrook Commons.

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VIDEO: 5 Signs Something Might Be Going Down on Inauguration Day

This article comes from We’re less than a week out on Inauguration Day with Donald J. Trump set to take over the Presidency of the United States. Despite calls for Trump and his supporters to accept the will of the people ahead of the election wherein the left assumed Hillary would be the winner, they are now planning a variety of potential disruptions on January 20th. Moreover, there has been a lot of chatter suggesting that The Powers That