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Oath Keepers Racism/Terror Smear Raises Unavoidable Questions as to Which News is Really Fake

“White nationalists plot Election Day terror attacks,” a purported “news” report from an outfit calling itself “World Bulletin” claimed in a beginning-of-the-month hit piece on the patriot community. “The Oath Keepers, a prominent anti-government force that sent gun-toting members to the 2014 race riots in Ferguson, Missouri, called on members last week to monitor voting sites on election day for any signs of fraud.” That warning never came to pass, of course. Nor did World Bulletin’s crack news team even

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G. Edward Griffin and Stefan Molyneux – Why Globalism Threatens Western Civilization

G. Edward Griffin, the author of The Creature From Jekyll Island, is interviewed by Stefan Molyneux in the following video. Mr. Griffin understands Globalism, and how it is the battle between Individualism and Collectivism. It is not a Republican vs, Democrat, or Right vs. Left battle, for Collectivists exist on the Right as well as the Left, and in both political parties. The Constitution was created to preserve individual Rights; for instance Free Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Religion,

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NavyJack – Is This a Recount or Something Else? (Updated 12/01/2016 9PM EST)

Dr. Stein started an initiative to recount the votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan less than two weeks ago. She stated that a study from the University of Michigan claiming that irregularities in the tabulated results for the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan were her inspiration.  The study and the sworn statements from the professors involved with the study’s development provide absolutely no evidence of fraud, hacking, or inaccuracy of the election results. The study discusses methods by which


With Trust in Media at New Low, Establishment Tries to Shut Out Alternatives

“What worries me the most about fake news, isn’t that it’s fake, it’s that it’s being used by the left to try to silence opposing views,” a column in The Washington Times notes. “Take for example a story reported by the Los Angeles Times that included a professor who put together a Google document of ‘false, misleading, clickbait-y and satirical ‘news sources’’ to help people ‘cleanse their newsfeeds of misinformation.’ The only problem with the list, was it included real

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Wisconsin Denies Request For Recount By Hand As Stein Threatens To Sue

This article comes from Finally, a voice of reason emerges in Wisconsin to combat Jill Stein’s useless recount crusade.  According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin Elections Commission Chairman, Mark Thomsen, who happens to be Democrat, announced earlier that the committee would follow through with Stein’s recount request but denied a request that the recount be conducted by hand.  Thomsen cited a 2011 recount that changed the overall vote margin by 300 votes as evidence that the current recount

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Ohio State Attack Suspect Is Abdul Ali Artan, 20-Year-Old Somali Refugee; Terrorism Investigated

Update: courtesy of NBC’s Tom Winter, we have the alleged Somali refugee suspect’s name, which is Abdul Razak Ali Artan. @Tom_Winter NBC News: Suspect in Ohio State attack is Abdul Razak Ali Artan multiple law enforcement sources tell Pete Williams and @anblanx A Somali man apparently drove his vehicle onto a sidewalk, then exited the car and began slashing bystanders with a butcher knife. It is believed 8 people were injured, with at least one in critical condition. The suspect

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The Truth About Fidel Castro And The Cuban Revolution

Fidel Castro is dead. His memory will be glorified by the leftist media, just as his fellow revolutionary, Che Guevara, was glorified, but the simple truth of the matter is that Fidel Castro was a brutal dictator. Truth can only be hidden if those who know the truth remain silent, leaving liars and perjurers to write history. If Castro’s Cuba was a paradise, as many leftist collectivists would have you believe, then why did so many try to leave paradise?

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James Corbett – What I Learned From the “PropOrNot” Propaganda List

The following video comes from the Corbett Report. In it, James Corbett speaks of the ridiculousness of so-called, “Fake News” lists. He is directly referring to a list put out by PropOrNot, an organization that is clearly promoting the Globalist position that all websites not promoting Globalism are “Fake News sites”. It is all a psyop, aimed, as usual, at the populace in an effort to control perception. It is this effort to “control perception” that is vital to the

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From Populism to Fake News – The Psyop Continues

The Daily Bell is another website the Washington Post has included in their list of “fake news sites”, which shows that it is really the Washington Post that is the “fake mews site”. Only those sites loyal to Globalism, it appears, are “real” news sites, if we are to believe the Washington Post.  – Shorty Dawkins, Editor This article comes from the by DailyBell Staff Merkel Blames Populist Gains on Rise of ‘Fake News’ … This week Merkel blamed

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Washington Post Names Drudge, Zero Hedge, & Ron Paul As Anti-Clinton “Sophisticated Russian Propaganda Tools”

The Globalists are running scared, it would seem, as they pull out their memes of “fake news” and “It’s the Russians”. Both are clearly ridiculous in nature, as they have included alternative news sites that are more popular than their own bought and paid for media. Drudge Report, Zero Hedge, and Ron Paul? Give me a break. Jeff Bezos and his flunkies at the Washington Post are grasping at straws, and will soon see their paper fade away into obscurity.

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Obama Presidential Medal of Freedom Picks Show Opposite Intent

For the last time before he leaves office, President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday, bestowing it on 21 stars of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, sports and rock, who created a glittering assembly even for the White House,” the Los Angeles Times breathlessly reports. “Among the honorees were singers Bruce Springsteen and Diana Ross, actors Tom Hanks and Robert De Niro, philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates, and basketball greats Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.” The complete recipient list

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A Day For Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a purely American holiday. It is a day we set aside to give thanks for what we have. We gather together with friends and family to share a good meal, good conversation and love, thankful they are in our lives. We at Oath Keepers are thankful for all the good men and women who have served their Country and their Community, while placing their lives on the line in various capacities, be they military, police, firefighters or medical