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The War on Reality: How Globalists Occupy Your Mind To Control Everything

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, put together a video that shows just how the Globalists, who include politicians, Bankers, Businessmen, Academics, the News Media and Entertainers, manipulate the minds of the population to believe in false realities, through half-truths, deception, distraction and propaganda, using the techniques of Edward Bernays, and others, that are very effective. PC culture, Social Justice, belief in Medical practices that do more harm than good, and many other facets of our lives are the result of

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Western Free Press: NEED TO KNOW NOW!

**URGENT CALL TO ACTION** [Mere] Hours Until Obama Illegally Surrenders Control of Internet Forever   Editor’s Note: The Western Free Press posted about the future of regulation of the Internet on September 28, 2016. I am passing their article on to our readers in hopes of increasing “people-pressure” on the idiots in our national government who haven’t a clue (or who do have a clue, but just don’t care anyway). Please read their article here — Excerpts: On October

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How Much Money Have Humans Created?

The amount of “money” Central Banks have created is staggering. Physical cash in circulation is but a tiny fraction of the total. Most is merely digital money, created out of thin air, and put into the marketplace through debt instruments and the notorious “derivatives”. This video gives you some comparisons that make it easier to grasp just what the total amounts to. It can never be repaid, which is the intent. Rather, we are to be kept in perpetual debt

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Innocents Betrayed – Aaron Zelman

Innocents Betrayed, produced by Aaron Zelman, is a powerful story about the killing of unarmed populations, throughout the 20th Century, by their own governments. Many of you might have seen this video, but everyone should. In this version two other compelling videos are included, along with Aaron speaking his thoughts. Aaron is gone from us, but his legacy remains.

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Gun Writer Feeling Backlash after Choosing Hillary and ‘Immigration’ over RKBA

“He was a contributor to American Rifleman. He is not a current contributor,” Chip Lohman, the Deputy Executive Director of NRA Publications, said about freelance writer Jorge Amselle. He was responding to an inquiry about Amselle’s status after the gun community learned he was supporting Hilary Clinton for president, and viewed “immigration” as an issue of more personal concern than the right to keep and bear arms. How the story developed over the past few days has been documented since

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CPT Structure

NOTE:  This is a rough draft, to be refined, so please keep that in mind.   I just wanted some graphics up for some of our CPT Coordinators to look at.  But we will be revising it over the next couple of weeks, with input from some of our more active and experienced CPT leaders.  Stewart   oathkeepers-cpt-ateam     oathkeepers-cpt-b-team   Here is the SF structure:              

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Madness Swirls at House Judiciary Committee as Comey Attempts to Justify Hillary Innocence

Richard Nixon once said “I am not a criminal”. We know how that turned out. James Comey, FBI Director says he is not a “weasel”. Just as I instantly distrust the man, or woman, who says “trust me”, I am instantly distrustful of a man who claims to not be a weasel. Comey is covering up for Hillary Clinton. It is obvious. Comey should resign. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor This article comes from by Daily Bell Staff Writers

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How The ‘Deplorables’ Can Save America

This article comes from by Brandon Smith In my last article, “The Deplorables – Who We Are And What We Want,” I examined the basic philosophies that define what I call the liberty movement; the same group of Americans that Hillary Clinton admonishes as part of her “basket of deplorables.” It is important to recognize that only foolish progressives actually take Clinton’s claims at face value. Clinton seeks to characterize a large subset of conservatives as narrow minded when she

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Trump Debate Responses on Guns Make Unacceptable Concessions

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump raised eyebrows among rights advocates Monday night in his debate against Democrat pick Hillary Clinton. While the entire exchange lends itself to evaluation against delegated Constitutional authority, two of Trump’s proposals centered on guns stick out. “Now, whether or not in a place like Chicago you do stop and frisk, which worked very well, Mayor Giuliani is here, worked very well in New York,” Trump proclaimed. “It brought the crime rate way down. But you take

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As A Mom: The War On Children

Editor’s Note: I joined a wonderful group of “Moms” several years ago and have remained on their email list. And, No, I am not a “Mom”, nor can I ever be. I’m just an old hermit, an aging man with a long beard. So why on earth would I join a group of “Moms”? (Perhaps a better question would be — Why on earth would a group of excellent “Moms” even let an old coot like me into their organization,

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Sam Culper of Forward Observer Magazine will conclude his public classes for the year in Idaho Falls, Idaho. (Sign-up Button is Below)   This SHTF Intelligence course is a three-day course that prepares students to gather intelligence information for post-SHTF community security. Each training day begins at 0900 and ends approximately 1700 (5pm), with a mid-day lunch break. Schedule Day One (Friday) – Operations Security (OPSEC) & Communications Security (COMSEC) Day Two (Saturday) – Intelligence Gathering & Threat Analysis Day

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I came upon this essay by Jim Quinn, and found it very interesting, for it speaks of the ever-growing distrust the people feel for the “Elite”. There is little doubt that the disdain the Elite feel for the masses is causing a great anger at them, and their institutions, by thise whom Hillary Clinton calls the “deplorables”. Her use of the word shows her disdain for a large segment of the American population. There will be a time of reckoning,