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Jordan Page Tribute To LaVoy Finicum!

Oath Keeper Minstrel Jordan Page Jordan Page – Ballad of LaVoy Finicum (Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom)     Photo courtesy Jason W Hoyt   Thank you Jordan. LaVoy would be very proud. Salute! Elias Alias, editor Editor’s Note: Oath Keepers is calling for a full and transparent investigation into the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum. Nothing is known until everything is known.

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Shawna Cox Was In The Truck With LaVoy Finicum

– Shawna Cox was in the vehicle driven by LaVoy Finicum. I will edit in link to original interview to give proper credit when I can track it down in this mountain of emails and links under which I’m buried at the moment, but for now, here is the basic interview with Shawna Cox. Editing in at 4:20 pm (MTN) Sunday January 31 2016. This appears to me presently to be the original source:     Rick Koerber and Free

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Ammon Bundy – Malheur Wildlife Refuge Case

– >>This article is on Ammon’s lawyer’s website: Ammon Bundy – Malheur Wildlife Refuge Case 01.28.2016 – AMMON’S STATEMENT (not a transcript) My message still remains. Turn yourselves in and do not use physical force. Use the national platform we have to continue to defend liberty through our constitutional rights in an Article 3 Court with an Article 3 judge. America must understand where we are at. We must make a choice now between freedom or force. Are we

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Malheur SITREP – 1900L 29 JAN 16

Situation Report (SITREP) – 1900L 29 JAN 16 by Sam Culper What follows is my personal account of following the situation of late Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, including talks with sources on the ground and on conference calls with Sergeant Major Joseph Santoro (U.S.A., Ret.), Stewart Rhodes, State Representative Matthew Shea (R-WA), Jason Van Tatenhove, and others.  Much of the following information has been poorly covered by the media or not reported at all. – After the felony

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How Do You Know When Your Society Is In The Midst Of Collapse?

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at As economic turmoil worldwide becomes increasingly apparent, I have been receiving messages from readers expressing some concerns on the public “perception” of collapse. That is to say, there are questions on the average person’s concept of collapse versus the reality of collapse. This is a vital issue that I have discussed briefly in the past, but it deserves a more in-depth analysis. What is collapse? How do we

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Small Arms Sales Skyrocket In Germany In Reaction To Refugee Attacks

This article was originally published at Zero Hedge As we’ve documented on a number of occasions over the past three or so months, Germans have a newfound love for pepper spray. In November, we noted that frightened Germans fearing a “foreign invasion” from the Mid-East, were rushing to stock up on what amounts to migrant-be-gone aerosol just in case a refugee should get any designs on trying to get too close. “There is fear” explains Kai Prase, managing director of

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Canadian Government Orders Residents To Get Rid Of Wood-Burning Stoves

This article was written by Daniel Barker and originally published at Natural News In a blatant attack on those who prefer living as self-sufficiently as possible, citizens of Montreal have been ordered to first register their wood-burning stoves, and then ultimately get rid of them within three years, unless they meet rigid air quality standards. The deadline to register wood-burning stoves and fireplaces in Montreal was December 22, 2015, and the new emissions regulations will be implemented in 2018. Those

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Video of LaVoy Finicum’s death released

**UPDATED WITH ENHANCED VIDEO BELOW** This evening during a press conference Special Agent in Charge of Oregon, Greg Bretzing released ariel footage of the traffic stop. There are two versions of the video an uncut version and and edited for time version Unedited version   Edited:   Update: Here is an enhanced video of the shooting. Sam Culper of Forward Observer Mag said on his personal Facebook page that he thinks Finicum was first shot with his hands in the air.

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Bernie Sanders’ Divide-and-Conquer Gun Stance Relies on Willing Dupes Ignoring Backers

“We need to make sure that certain types of guns used to kill people, exclusively, not for hunting, they should not be sold in the United States of America,” openly socialist presidential wannabe Bernie Sanders told NBC’s “Meet the Press,” InfoWars reported. “Coming from a rural state, I think I can communicate with folks coming from urban states where guns mean different things than they do in Vermont where it’s used for hunting.” It’s a divide-and-conquer strategy familiar to gun

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Pacific Patriots Network – Official Statement for Immediate Release

PRESS RELEASE 26 January 2016 Pacific Patriot Network – Oath Keepers – III% Pacific Patriots Network – Official Statement for Immediate Release On January 26, 2016, Ammon Bundy Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, Brian Cavalier, Ryan Payne and LaVoy Finicum were involved in a traffic stop between the town of Burns and John Day, Oregon. They were on their way to a meeting with local ranchers. Ammon Bundy, as well as the passengers of his vehicle were stopped, arrested, and taken

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BREAKING: Ammon Bundy Taken Into FBI Custody

UPDATE:  Reports of a convoy headed from the Burns Municipal Airport out to the Malheur Refuge, video screenshots below. Expect a cordon to be put into place.                   — This evening, the FBI made a felony stop on a vehicle carrying Ammon Bundy and several other individuals. After gun fire from the FBI, four individuals were reportedly taken into custody, including Ammon Bundy. Two individuals are reported to have been taken to

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BREAKING NEWS…Possible Active Shooter Reported at Naval Medical Center San Diego

UPDATE 11:21 AM MST This Update was originally posted on:   An active shooter who allegedly fired several rounds at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego has reportedly been detained, CBS News said Tuesday. Just after 8 a.m., authorities received a notification call from military police regarding shots fired in the building, according to the San Diego Police Department. The sounds were heard in the basement of Building 26, which houses offices and barracks for wounded sailors and